Romantic Living In Stockholm

I have never really been much into a romantic and more feminine design style myself. Having said that, I really respect and appreciate the style and I think it makes for really wonderful homes.

Here is a lovely romantic home in Stockholm with many design elements that I appreciate. (How refreshing to see a non contemporary home in this otherwise ueber modern city!)

An old tapestry with peacocks. I like it! Lovely against this gray Swedish demilune table. I personally would mix it up with a modern armchair, but that is just me…

I love old antique busts and I am not quite sure why none have moved into my home yet!

Everyone should own a lovely pair of good quality antique silver candle holders. Simple and beautiful. Always right, whether you are into modern or traditional.

A round dining table is always perfect. No one gets a bad seat. Everybody feels special! This whole room is very friendly and inviting. I can see the walls and the mirror reflect the candle light just beautifully.

I have always loved the feel of dining in a library. I have the same combination at my house and it works very well. It is warm, cozy and let me tell you – it inspires really interesting conversations!

It is always lovely with candle sticks of different heights. Less formal that way.

I have been so much into purple lately that I have forgotten how lovely different kinds of reds are together!

All photos from the Swedish real estate agency Skeppsholmen Makleri.

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Investing In One Good Swedish Antique

I know very little about antiques in general but I do know a little bit about Swedish antiques. I was surrounded by them growing up and I have had my own antique import business. Now I am just an avid collector (hoping for a good lottery win so I can go to my secrets spots in Sweden and buy more!)

My personal design style is to mix very old with very new. I love real contrasts. I can’t think of any other antique style that mixes so well with a contemporary style as the old Swedish – particularly the “simple gray period” 1750 – 1850. Furniture was painted gray before and long after the internationally recognized “Swedish Gustavian” period (1771-1792).

When people ask me what Swedish antique to invest in, I always say start with something simple. I would suggest a good quality sideboard/buffet, a quality bench with upholstery or a quality 3 drawer chest (each preferably with its original paint although they are rare since most of these pieces have been repainted (often many times over) in the 19th century and early 20th centuries). These items are attractive & functional. They are easy to place, easy to sell and  will only go up in value (even if the price tag most often is steep from the beginning).

If you don’t buy them directly from Sweden then there are several professional and really great stores in the US focusing on Swedish antiques. You will want to work with people who live and breathe Swedish antiques and who travel to Sweden to hand pick their pieces (and are, if needed, willing to learn from Swedish experts). Do your research well and you may end up with a really lovely Swedish companion that will be treasured for generations.

Pictures of inventory – (from top):  Lief Almont, Avolli, Evergreen Antiques and Tone-on-Tone.

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Furniture With A Royal Touch From Sweden

My alert friend Kiki A. (yes, I know 5 gals with that name!) who owns Swedish Heirlooms in Seattle, called me about some fun royal news.

Oscar Magnuson, the son of Princess Christina of Sweden, who is a successful industry designer, has launched his first furniture collection together with EM, a leading furniture chain in the Nordic countries. The collection will hit all EM stores in August (only in Sweden and Åland). Each piece is numbered.

In a news article for the Swedish interior design magazine Hus & Hem Oscar Magnuson says that he “feels cooped up” in most regular arm chairs and was looking for a design that was more open and inviting. That is how the Sydney chair came about. The chair comes in several different colors.

Mr. Magnuson says that his goal was a collection that was classic with a contemporary feel. He states that Josef Frank has been a great source of inspiration. The fabrics were chosen in direct contrast to the classic lines. Since Oscar Magnuson is very interested in fashion,  the colors were picked straight from the catwalk.

I find the Sydney sofa very attractive. I hope to sit in it when I go back to Sweden in June. (And I will then be able to give you a better report on quality and comfort). The wooden legs are really beautiful.

Mr. Magnuson says that he found the actual development process incredibly fascinating and educational. Working together with leading Swedish furniture makers he was very hands on, down to the smallest screw.

The next launch will include a cabinet and a table.

I like what I have seen so far. Don’t be shy! What do you think?

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Stockholm Attic Living

I am continuing my research and “window shopping” for a second home in my old city, Stockholm. Here is yet another apartment listed with the real estate agency Skeppsholmen Makleri that I like. It is located in the popular neighborhood “Larkstaden, which is part of the prestigious Ostermalm area.

It gets so dark and gloomy in Stockholm for a long period of the year, so having a bright home is very important. And that is why the majority of all of these fabulous Swedish homes I show you have white walls. Bring in the light people!

The apartment for sale is a newly renovated attic in this beautiful, old building from 1916.

The apartment was built by the Swedish company,  Arcona Concept, specializing in turning attics into attractive living quarters. Here is a classic attic of high international class.

Airy, bright, fresh and, as always in Sweden, equipped with lovely hardwood floors. Wall-to-wall carpets belong to an era that never had its comeback in Sweden (thank goodness). From the long hallway there is access to a small outdoor area.

A big open open living space with the latest materials and light fixtures. Note the old wooden beams.

The architecture is just stunning.

Light, light and more light!

I have yet to find a nice apartment in Stockholm without a state-of-the-art kitchen. It is as basic as a vaccum cleaner!

Nothing missing in this sophisticated and easy to clean kitchen.

Lovely kitchen nook where the old bricks have been exposed for a splendid atmosphere.

Dining area.

Master bedroom. (One out of 2 bedrooms).

Top notch bathroom and shower….

…. and a whirl pool placed right below a charming attic window.

This beautiful walkway takes you to the second shower.

The shower is connected to the private sauna.

On top of the world, overlooking beautiful Stockholm roof tops. Not bad living in Stockholm!

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Swedish Timeless Grandfather Clocks

This contemporary concrete grandfather floor clock from Forsberg Form in Sweden is already considered a classic. It has won a lot of recognition and is represented at many galleries and ambassador residences all over the world.

Each clock is signed and numbered and the total limited edition is 180.  Simple, current and timeless in one great package.

Now the same could be said for this beautiful Swedish painted classical tall case clock, ca 1820, which I found at Tone-On-Tone in Maryland (Swedish Heirlooms in Seattle also offers similar clocks off and on). Simple, stunning & timeless. You can never go wrong with a piece like that.

Which one do I prefer? I am so mixed in my design style that I drive myself crazy at times. To capture myself  I would really need them both! I would place each of them in totally opposite and unexpected environments. At least I am always loyal to a specific color scheme, Swedish gray!

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