Trendy Swedish Summer Fashion

Trotting around Stockholm I was quite taken by the lovely and romantic yet modern clothes so many beautiful women of all ages were wearing. Yes, indeed Stockholm is a very trendy and brand conscious city but I did not expect the trend to be quite so feminine, relaxed and Swedish folkloric.

I feel that the Swedish fashion brand (and oh so wonderful) Odd Molly set the tone a few years ago, but now the style is everywhere and even more Swedish vintage looking.

I am now in awe of two, for me, new Swedish brands – Ewa i Walla and Melmelli. Yes, I brought home a few pieces! And wait until you see my new cool Swedish clogs! (Swedish clogs are VERY in right now and go well with the whole look).

What do you think? Anything you would wear?

4 images above: Ewa i Walla

4 images above: Melmelli

Out of this world wonderful clogs from the Swedish designer Åsa Westlund. Traditional Swedish clogs made modern. All handmade with hand painted kurbits flowers from Dalarna (a decorative style of painting that was very popular in Sweden between 1780 and 1870).

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Oh Olby – How Lovely!

When leaving my Mom’s home located in the neighborhood Östermalm in Stockholm, I took a slight detour on my way to the shopping heart of the Stockholm. Boy am I glad that I did! Trotting down “Sturegatan” I stopped in front of the window of the store Olby.  It has been there for 3 years without my knowledge! How on earth could I have missed this! The furniture is so beautiful and well made that they gave me goosebumps. I am now a HUGE fan of the entire furniture line. (Olby just got representation in NY).

The designer and owner Kerstin Olby certainly knows what she is doing. A former student at the prestigious Carl Malmsten school of design (now the Carl Malmsten Centre for Wood Technology & Design at Linköping University), all her furniture is well thought out and masterfully designed. Kerstin started the actual company in the 80’s and has won many prestigious industry awards. All pieces are hand made in Sweden with local, natural materials (there are many customer choices). Kerstin’s timeless quality pieces are represented at Swedish embassies and consulates worldwide as well as the residence of the Swedish prime minister.

This tall cabinet on wheels is now on my wish list. This one in a light gray shade – and I would start weeping for joy every time I passed it in my house!

To see the entire collection, click here.

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Gold Crowns For Little Princesses

I mentioned in one of my posts that I was going to hit the Gift Shop at the Royal Palace Stockholm basically as soon as I landed in Sweden. And I only had one purchase in mind. I should have known my readers better! I immediately got a couple of comments and a few e-mails with you guessing – and you guessing right about my mission.

Yes, it was the little crown charm I was after! It is modeled after the Royal Crown for Sweden made for the coronation of Erik XIV in 1561. The one I picked is made of 18K gold. They also offer one in silver as well as one in gold over silver.

I find these well made charms to be so adorable and I can’t wait to give them to my young daughters for their upcoming birthdays, with the hope that they will always think of Sweden and its wonderful history with great love and appreciation.

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In the latest issue of the Swedish interior design magazine, Skona Hem, I found some images from a lovely home that caught my attention. Especially the first photo. I so like the combination of white walls with a strong color (in this case dark gray) acting like wainscoting. The room is airy but still gets a little bit of drama.

A dining room with personality. Here you want to sit for a while. You feel welcome and at ease. Nothing contrived, nothing too serious.

The owner painted the Italian cabinet herself and replaced the doors with chicken net. A good little summer project perhaps?

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Suzy Hoodless + Ingeborg Lundin

The first time I saw this image from the portfolio of the British designer extraordinaire Suzy Hoodless, I gasped. How incredibly pleasing to the eye. This just makes me want more of less. (See more of Suzy’s portfolio here).

Today I went through some files for a fun project I am working on and saw this lovely image again but this time I also noticed Ingeborg Lundin’s famous apple vase, from the fifties. Now I love Suzy Hoodless even more!

Ingeborg Lundin’s (1921-1992) art glass, produced at Orrefors, catches Scandinavian designs’ central attributes; modest beauty and functional simplicity, also described as the Swedish Grace.

In 1947, Ingeborg Lundin became the first woman designer at Orrefors. She gave a new dynamic aspect to engraved glass. Lundin’s “Apple” illustrates the graceful, daring glass of the 1950’s  and it created a worldwide stir.

The Apple was created for the influential Helsingborg 55 exhibition, and remains as a symbol, not only for that exhibition, but for the golden age of Swedish art glass. This design earned her the title “The Balenciaga of glass”.

This Apple vase used to be high up on my wish list for many, many years, but then I kind of gave up… I am immeditely putting it back on my list – today! In a couple of weeks I am leaving for Stockholm, and I might need to give the fabulous store Jacksons (specializes in the best of Scandinavian vintage design 1900 – 2000) a call. The hand blown apple vase is sitting on top of the lovely cabinet in the back. It screams – bring me home!

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