Back From Stockhom With Tons Of Inspiration

Hi friends. I am back from my whirlwind trip to Stockholm equipped with new design inspiration and ideas. (Thank you to so many of you for your kind messages regarding  my Mom. She is doing very well).

In my usual , energize-bunny-hopping way, I went straight from landing at the airport in Stockholm to the Formex Design Exhibition — the largest design meeting place in The Nordic. I had only four hours before they were going to shut the doors on this 4-day event and I had missed an entire night of sleep — but that did not stop me.

During those four hours I came across two FANTASTIC designers that I had teamed up with for my store. I will introduce you to them later in the week.

I also had a really fun chat with this handsome, witty and oh-so creative stylist — Jimmy Schonning. He has become a mega designer household name in Sweden thanks to his popular TV show about interiors and his endless design creativity.

(Yep, this is what I look like after a very long flight and no sleep. And you would have too!).

Jimmy’s happening kitchen.

 At the trade show, Jimmy’s wonderful, oversized bamboo pendants drew a lot of attention. Part of the lamps’ profits goes to an orphanage north of Bangkok for HIV effected children. 

Sweden is jam packed with fabulous design. I am totally blown away, every time I go back.

Hello – even fire extinguishers for the home, now come in great designs! No longer any need to keep it hidden in the closet. (Jimmy Schonning designed one as well).

It is good to be back. I have lots of things to share and I am looking forward to seeing what my many blog friends are up to!

Warm hugs.

Images: No. 1 via Skarp, no. 2, 4, 6 via Jimmy Schonning, no. 3 + 5 via Splendid Willow, no. 7 via Allt Om Bostad

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Ikea’s Latest Photo Shoot Rocks

Happy new week! (I am sorry for my absence in blog land last week, but now I am back with more energy!). This past Friday I went to a fun evening event with a bunch of lovely ladies (Thank you Ms. Eva Delishhh!) and at 1:00 am (!) Ikea came up as a topic. The hostess’s laptop was quickly turned on and I shared some photos from one of Ikea’ s latest photo shoots (courtesy of my close & creative friend Mia from Solid Frog). And now I am sharing them with all of you.

This is Ikea, people! I think the images are absolutely gorgeous. And the stylists hit the mark by incorporating the industrial vintage trend that is so hot right now.

BRAVO Ikea! I am totally inspired by each and every image and I am so heading to that Swedish mega store this week! Maybe I will run into you there!

Inspiration + images via Solid Frog.

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Welcome To My Summer Party – Swedish Style

The very lovely & creative Catherine over at the The Shiny Pebble is throwing a block party today, inviting bloggers to share their ideas and scenes for the perfect party. And here is my little contribution.

Remember this house?  I wrote about it earlier in the week.

Well, I am pretty convinced that my friend Pernilla and her husband will soon be the lucky owners of this lovely (or something very similar) vacation home in Sweden. And I am going to help them throw a fun party! Since Sweden hardly gets an ounce of darkness in the summer, the party will kick-off in the afternoon and go into a warm summer night. So welcome to our:

Dress code: It makes me feel like dancing!

In order to have the perfect touches I am bringing my dear blog friend Erin, from Dandelion & Grey, with me! Erin’s  fabulous blog is focusing primarily on weddings. If I was getting married tomorrow, Erin would be the only wedding planner that I would engage and trust with my my big affair!

A fresh Swedish summer drink is awaiting all the guests.

Of course, we will be dining Al Fresco – under the old, giant oak tree. It is summer!

The guests will enjoy a lovely and generous buffet filled with really creative and tasty food. A mix of Swedish and international dishes. (Here are just a few examples).

In addition to the buffet table we will have three separate food-drink stations. Station no. 1 is all about Beverages.

How clever is this set up with wine barrels and a wooden plank! (Admit that you will copy this idea!)

Yes, homemade Swedish schnapps is a given on the drink table!

Station no. 2 is set up beautifully for International Cheeses. Please, I would hang out here all evening long!

And station no. 3 is all about Splendid Desserts! (Yes, you would  find me lurking here as well!).

When the happy guests are ready to digest all the lovely food they can wander inside and learn more about all the people invited. (All guests were asked in advance to bring 3 photos to hang in the photo garland).

Boule is set up in one shady part of the garden on a well raked path. And the dart board is also inviting guests for some social play & fun!

When the darkness slowly decends upon us, we will light candles in simple mason jars.

Good music and dancing will be an important part of the program. A local, fun jazz quartet will entertain the guests along with a great DJ.

And my only personal song request is “Live Tomorrow” by Swedish Laleh. It is a long time favorite of mine!

Turn on your speakers and take a listen (to the whole song!).

At 2 am, it is starting to get light again. A new, lovely summer day is awaiting us. You can start to hear tweets from song birds and despite the late hour, none of the guests has left! It is one of those rare feel good parties, nobody wants to depart from.

We all need memories like these when winter is hugging us with its cold embrace.

I hope you enjoyed the summer fun and that you perhaps found some inspiration for a party of your own. And Catherine thank you for inviting us all along! What a fun way to kick off the summer!

Images: 1, 5, 10, 12, 13, 16 and 20 via Dandelion & Grey, 2+3 via Hemnet, 4 via Skona Hem, 7 via Simple Blue Print, 6+ 8 via Everything Fabulous, 9 via Allt om Mat , 11 Unknown, 14 via Allt om Mat, 15 via Delishhh, 17 via Flickr, 18 via Flickr, 19 Unknown, 21 via Elle.se, via 23 via Flickr, 24 via Flickr

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Quite Simply Swedish

When I need to declutter my mind and find some peace in & harmony I often gravitate towards my old home country. Swedish interiors can at times be considered cold but when done right and with some heart, I find those rooms calm, serene and easy to breathe in. They are often filled with less stuff but instead things with a purpose. Let me introduce you to such a home in beautiful Sweden.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Anna-Malin is a friend who I have met in wonderful blog land. We have been sharing e-mails cross the Atlantic about  life issues and thoughts on design. Not only is Anna-Malin a wonderful person but she is also highly creative and talented. Her home is so inspiring and so is her Swedish blog Helt Enkelt. Take a deep breath – this is not staged, this is how she actually lives. Lovely or what?

Anna-Malin loves mixing Scandinavian design classics with heirloom pieces and vintage finds. She is an expert at taking flea market finds and turning them into must-have objects.

Just take a look at this vintage chair (Anna-Malin is well aware that I have a very serious crush on that particular chair!). She found the chair at a Swedish flea market, nobody wanted it (where was I!!), she paid about $40 dollars and voila. Hello?! Can a chair get much lovelier?

And now that chair lives here. In her kitchen. With sheep skins and everything. Oh no, that was 2 weeks ago! Anna-Malin changes furniture around on a daily basis and the kitchen of the week now looks like this!

                                                                                                                                                                                     She constantly moves things around and prefers to try new ideas before she would even consider going out and buying anything new.

As with most Swedes, Anna-Malin finds inspiration from nature. She is drawn to simple lines, organic materials and neutral colors. And she like to be good to mother nature by reusing things. She says: ” Being from the very North of Sweden, I get good energy from white and cripsy snow, complete quiet and branches from simple, wispy trees”.

Who said you need a whole roll of wall paper to make an impact? Just a little piece will take you a  long way!

My friend is a resourceful lady who is not afraid to use a hammer and nail on any given day. This sofa table is one of Anna-Malins own creations, put together on a weekend. (Maybe Hubby was involved in that project too, I can’t remember).

Another dining/work area in the family room.

All over the house you will find cozy and calm areas to relax and just be.

The rooms of her two boys are no exceptions.

I hope this gave you some good food for thought. Just writing this post got me so inspired that I am heading to a nearby consignment store – today! Thank you Anna-Malin for your friendship and all your wonderful ideas & inspiration! Happy Monday blog friends!

All images, curtesy of Anna-Malin @ Helt Enkelt.

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Swedish White Rooms

Happy Monday lovely blog friends! Are you crazy busy like myself this time of the year? (I find myself running around in circles). A dose of Swedish might just be what we all need. Here are some lovely Swedish white rooms to keep you calm and collected this busy season!

This apartment is for sale (wish I could buy it today as our retreat when we go to Sweden on a yearly basis) and it is located in the vibrant neighborhood “Vasastaden” in Gothenburg (the second largest city in Sweden). My very first own apartment was located in Vasastaden in Stockholm (same vibrant neighborhood, same look and feel). Maybe this wasn’t such a good post after all. Now I get all emotional and home sick…!

Post inspiration via Designfragment

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