Swedes And Their Black Design Accents

White, crisp walls, yes. But don’t think that gray is a Swedes favorite accent color to go with all that white (just because I babble about it all the time). Black is always a top choice. Yin and yang. Perfect harmony. I want my summer home to look & feel like this. Fresh, airy, harmonious, current — all embracing simple uncomplicated living.

P.S Admit that you feel tempted to paint a piece of furnishing black.

Images: Via Tidningen Lantliv.

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Gray, Scandinavian Must Have Decor

I can stare at this beautiful vignette from a Danish home all day long. The long, gray old table is the glue between the old and new decor. The image went straight to my personal inspiration folder.

And when I came across this gray throw from the Danish store, Munthe Plus Simonsen, I also quickly added it to my ever growing wish list. Simple and stunning. Look closely at the details.

Every time I buy a pot for a plant I quietly mutter and wish I was back home in Sweden. I swear they have the best flower pots. And of course — mostly with gray patina! (A pain to bring with me every time I fly back though. Yes, I am one of t.h.o.s.e who take up way too much overhead compartment space!).

Colors come and go. But I will always remain faithful to gray.

Happy new week to you all!

Image no. 1 via Blissful blog.

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Scandinavian Holiday Decor Inspiration

(Love the irregular moss hearts. This one is for you Michele!).

When I went to Sweden I bought a ton of design magazines filled with inspiration for the winter Holidays. Do I even have to tell you that I ear marked just about every page? Those Scandinavians — they do know a thing or two about decorating so it looks & feels fresh, inviting, chic effortless, simple and oh so beautiful. Gotta tell you. This gal is very proud of her Swedish genes.

Enjoy the eye candy.

A great spot for gifts. And 2 different mirrors look so pretty together.

On my next outing with Miles I am so picking up sticks so I can make my own mother nature star.

Hyacinths and red tulips are my two favorite flowers for Christmas.

Oh, and I need to make a pinecone & nut heart as well! So simple pretty.


For those of you who are interested in what’s happening at the store. Here goes.

Make sure to order on or before Tuesday 19th, if you want to receive the shipment before Dec. 25th.

And please enjoy a little store treat.

Just use SPLENDIDTIMES at checkout. Enter our store here.

New things are coming in almost daily.

The NEW Danish Bride & Groom rabbits are simply adorable! Well made and unique.

We love the Royal King and Royal Queen in their fabric towers! (Easy to carry around too!).

The lovely Odd Molly Sweaters/cardigans are hopping away fast.

And the Swedish moccasins are getting raves everywhere!


The popular Swedish egg cups are FINALLY back in stock. (And they come in a nice, black gift box)

My own kids’ favorite Holiday book has also been added to the store — “Findus At Christmas” by Sven Nordqvist. Adults and kids laugh out loud! (I will be saving my Nordqvist books for my own grand kids – a long ways down the road…).

We are almost completely sold out of the real reindeer antlers wine stoppers and bottle openers. Very Scandinavian!

Enter our store here.

Alright then. Off to handle business. You will see me in extra good form next week. I am ready for some good Holiday celebration myself.

Happy weekend to you all!

Images (all scanned) via: 1 + 6 Lantliv, no. 2 via Tove Älskade Hem, no. 3 + 5 via Hus & Hem, no. 4 via Underbara Julhem.

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Those Swedes…

The Swedes are the BEST at merging old world with new. They do it effortlessly and beautifully. Simple lines are they key. And it helps to lean on a country with a long, rich history and a huge appetite for new innovations. Swedes also like classic pieces that will last for generations. (No unnecessary Target runs here….).

A room like this is totally interesting to me. Not stuck in a certain category. Just a splendid mix of loveliness.

(Winter break is over here. Did not make it Vancouver though. 2 sick kids in the car. Had to turn around. Boohoo! But my dear sis-friend Kendra came with her cutie-pie Ella and cheered us up when things were back to normal again. I am so happy when friends pull me away from the computer!). 


Image credit: Stardust Decor Style

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I Also Want To Live In An Old, Swedish School

With an old Swedish wood burning stove.

Green glass doors leading to the master bedroom make me just a tad jealous.

I met the owner of this fantastic, Swedish home at the Formex Design Trade show in Stockholm (see earlier post). She is lovely, her products are lovely and I just found out that THIS is her home. Ok, the girl lives with her family in an old, Swedish school in the northern parts of Sweden! Say no more. (Look again – and drool). I will introduce you to her on Monday.

Photo credit (all interiors): Karin Foberg.

Happy Weekend friends!


Images: No. 1 + 3 via here, no 2, 4, 5, and 7 via, no. 6 via, no. 8 via.

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