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Hello new week!

Halloween is just around the corner, friends. I have my tree ready, the costumes are ready (1 statue of liberty, 1 Dorothy and 1 firefighter!) and tomorrow I am going to decorate our main entrance. That leaves me with a couple of weeks to come up with some edible Halloween treats and perhaps one more project… I found all these lovely ideas in the latest issue of Country Living. I am saying YES! to all of them!

I am so trying these silhouette cupcakes (the silhouettes are done with rubber stamps and black food coloring pressed onto “fondants”).

Or if I am too optimistic, I can at least make these bat or spider web cup cakes (the webs are so easy!).

Not for this year, but a collection of b/w plates as a back drop for a Halloween table would be fun to have. And these mini brooms as place card holders can be made without too much effort.

I am seriously contemplating making these ghosts to hang in the large drum chandelier over our kitchen table. They are made out of cheesecloth, soaked in fabric stiffener, and draped over small balloons (once dry, the balloons are popped). Aren’t they so friendly and cute!

A great way to decorate pumpkins, if carving is too intimidating, is to use stencils with black paint/marker.

Both decorative and tasty – roasted pumpkin seeds (perhaps seasoned with a salty blend).

First image via Nuska. All decorations and treats via Country Living.

Happy, happy to you all!

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Welcome To My Summer Party – Swedish Style

The very lovely & creative Catherine over at the The Shiny Pebble is throwing a block party today, inviting bloggers to share their ideas and scenes for the perfect party. And here is my little contribution.

Remember this house?  I wrote about it earlier in the week.

Well, I am pretty convinced that my friend Pernilla and her husband will soon be the lucky owners of this lovely (or something very similar) vacation home in Sweden. And I am going to help them throw a fun party! Since Sweden hardly gets an ounce of darkness in the summer, the party will kick-off in the afternoon and go into a warm summer night. So welcome to our:

Dress code: It makes me feel like dancing!

In order to have the perfect touches I am bringing my dear blog friend Erin, from Dandelion & Grey, with me! Erin’s  fabulous blog is focusing primarily on weddings. If I was getting married tomorrow, Erin would be the only wedding planner that I would engage and trust with my my big affair!

A fresh Swedish summer drink is awaiting all the guests.

Of course, we will be dining Al Fresco – under the old, giant oak tree. It is summer!

The guests will enjoy a lovely and generous buffet filled with really creative and tasty food. A mix of Swedish and international dishes. (Here are just a few examples).

In addition to the buffet table we will have three separate food-drink stations. Station no. 1 is all about Beverages.

How clever is this set up with wine barrels and a wooden plank! (Admit that you will copy this idea!)

Yes, homemade Swedish schnapps is a given on the drink table!

Station no. 2 is set up beautifully for International Cheeses. Please, I would hang out here all evening long!

And station no. 3 is all about Splendid Desserts! (Yes, you would  find me lurking here as well!).

When the happy guests are ready to digest all the lovely food they can wander inside and learn more about all the people invited. (All guests were asked in advance to bring 3 photos to hang in the photo garland).

Boule is set up in one shady part of the garden on a well raked path. And the dart board is also inviting guests for some social play & fun!

When the darkness slowly decends upon us, we will light candles in simple mason jars.

Good music and dancing will be an important part of the program. A local, fun jazz quartet will entertain the guests along with a great DJ.

And my only personal song request is “Live Tomorrow” by Swedish Laleh. It is a long time favorite of mine!

Turn on your speakers and take a listen (to the whole song!).

At 2 am, it is starting to get light again. A new, lovely summer day is awaiting us. You can start to hear tweets from song birds and despite the late hour, none of the guests has left! It is one of those rare feel good parties, nobody wants to depart from.

We all need memories like these when winter is hugging us with its cold embrace.

I hope you enjoyed the summer fun and that you perhaps found some inspiration for a party of your own. And Catherine thank you for inviting us all along! What a fun way to kick off the summer!

Images: 1, 5, 10, 12, 13, 16 and 20 via Dandelion & Grey, 2+3 via Hemnet, 4 via Skona Hem, 7 via Simple Blue Print, 6+ 8 via Everything Fabulous, 9 via Allt om Mat , 11 Unknown, 14 via Allt om Mat, 15 via Delishhh, 17 via Flickr, 18 via Flickr, 19 Unknown, 21 via Elle.se, via 23 via Flickr, 24 via Flickr

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