Easter Decorations At My House

Good Monday morning friends! Easter is just around the corner but don’t expect me to go overboard with the decorations. I prefer Easter celebrations & decorations in smaller doses. The children will get their large old-fashioned eggs (well of course!), we will color eggs, host a fun & lively Easter dinner with great friends and the Easter bunny will make a guest appearance. That is pretty much it.

In Sweden at this time of the year you will see all outdoor markets flooded with spring branches decorated with feathers in every color under the sun – literally. Together with the Easter eggs (non plastic) that is pretty much the only decorations you will see in a Swedish home for Easter. (And yes the children will dress up like old witches too and collect candy from home to home, similar to Halloween.)

The feather clad spring branches tradition has still not made it into my home. Don’t ask me why. I love the idea and I have fond childhood memories but it just doesn’t work for me.

This year I decided to create my own unique Easter branch decor. Don’t laugh. And please don’t feel sorry for the book (it was falling apart anyway).

So, I found a lovely large branch on one of the beaches of Bainbridge Island. I put it in the trunk of the car and brought it home.  Once there though I felt it was too dark… For some odd reason one of my old Swedish books caught my attention and I knew I had the solution.  I marched down to Michael’s (Leading US craft store chain) and asked for decoupage glue. (No, not really. I gave them my whole idea and story with vivid gestures until they understood what I was looking for). They handed me acid free Paper Mud Podge. (It is now my new best friend!).

At home, I ripped out the pages from my old book and started to decorate each branch. Every single inch. And Voila! – my dark branch now has a fresh (brighter) look.  I hung my simple  Easter decorations in it and feel quite content with my own little Easter branch tree. (My husband thought I was crazy but I think it is growing on him).

Every Easter I also bring out these lovely handmade sheep that so much remind me of my long summers as a child on Gotland (a fantastic Swedish island in the Baltic Sea). They are made by a local artist in WA state and I absolutely adore them. I found them at a lovely store in Seattle/Bellevue, a visit often, called Common Folk Co.

The only Easter decorations meeting my guests in my hallway is Wheat Grass in a simple pot and a small bird and nest.

Ok, dear friends, any fun decorations you want to share with us? We are all ears & want to learn!

Hugs to you all.

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The Cubby Shelf Has Moved In!

Thank you all for your comments and e-mails! In a previous post, here, I wrote about getting a shelf for my beloved Swedish cups that I collect. You had me convinced and I decided to go with a new cubby storage from Pottery Barn (until maybe an edgy vintage industrial version comes along?). I could not wait any longer, so I dragged the shelf home this weekend and forced poor Hubby to put it up Sunday morning. (He is always such a trooper). Here it is in full display. And I have 25 cubbies to fill up. Yeah! (Sorry I don’t take better pictures!).

The old Italian secretarie and I never got along that great (not my style – or so I thought). But when I put it all together, I really started to appreciate the writing desk and have now decided it will not be in hiding anymore!  I am not even convinced that I will paint the cubby shelf gray anymore (but that remains to be seen…).

Do you see the green pottery egg? It was made by the well known Swedish ceramist Hans Hedberg. Hedberg was known for his outsized fruit and egg ceramic sculptures. He passed away in Cannes, France, in 2007 at the age of 89. He used to swap pottery tips with Picasso, taught Chagall, and was highly successful as an artist in his own right. I have always been drawn to the egg shape. It is such a wonderous and magical shape connected with new beginnings!

A really large egg  by Hans Hedberg is something to dream about. But I am perfectly happy with my little green one!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and that you are re-energized for a new week. Happy Monday, dears!

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Halloween Decorations

Pumpkins and ghosts. We are gearing up for Halloween in our neighborhood. My beautiful girls have kindly asked me “if I could be a little bit more scary with our Halloween props”. Forget that! I am not into skeletons, grave yards and chopped off fingers. But I did invest in 12 new furry rats and 2 large bats!

The leaves outside our home are turning into rich fall colors. I love fall!

Inside the house I do not decorate that much. But we have had this Halloween tree for years. You may call it tacky, yes, go ahead! – but we love it! It is so festive and fun. All the ornaments are handmade.

Call me lazy, but this is all I musted for this year’s Halloween. (Although I pulled out strings of orange mini lights for the boxwood hedges).

No skeleton here folks. Only feathers.

Here are a few of our new furry friends!

Charlie kept me company while I was battling pumpkins, crows and rats.

Now I am ready for all those hords of trick or treaters!

Next year I might try these brilliant Halloween decorations. (Below).

Ghostly portraits. How fun is that!

Felt bats of different sizes covering the front entrance. Simple but dramatic.

The first image and the 2 last are from Country Living.

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