William’s Bedroom Makeover Part III – Bed Linen & Lamps

Thank you all for your help so far! You have been absolutely fantastic with the great advice and suggestions. Just a  few more things before we start painting the walls next week (actually a charcoal board and the ceiling will also be added to the paint project. More about that next week).

I have already picked out the bed linen to go with Prince William’s striped headboard. I bought it six months ago and it has been sleeping in William’s closet! I immediately fell in love with this pattern when I first saw it. The dots are not perfectly round but more of an  irregular Ikat pattern and the set can be found at good, old Ikea! Perfect for a happy 3-year old. Hope you approve.

Right now I am internet shopping for a nice bedside lamp. For whatever reason I can’t get the “Accordian” light look out of my mind. There are several models out there and I think one will give the room more of a big boy’s feel. I can kick myself for not having purchased this beauty (below) earlier from Pottery Barn. They no longer carry them! Boohoo!

But there are other models out there and I will keep on hunting (I would prefer one in silver):

Via Ballard Designs below (but it looks like they are out right now! Grrr!)

Via Lamps Plus

Via Micromark

Via Restoration Hardware. I like it! (Below).

Happy weekend & warm hugs to you all!

Image no 1. via Splendid Willow.

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William’s Bedroom Makeover Part II – Chosing Wall Color

The exercise continues. Thank you for all your help finding great (and inexpensive) sources for window treatments. See earlier post here. I am now glad I started that process first. Because, just as I anticipated, this might take a while and I will be working on this simultaneous with everything else for the room. I am now down to two window treatment options and I hope to share them with you next week.

I have also (kind of) decided on the look I am going for. And of course I can’t help going back to my Swedish roots. (Be prepared for many twists and turns before this room is baked).

I live in Seattle and just like in Sweden it gets gray and dark for months at a time. A light room is an absolute must. I also don’t want too busy a room. I want it to have a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. I want a room which promotes long deep thoughts. Does that make sense?

And there will be no theme, people (nautical, jungle etc.) ! I want William’s room to be personal and filled with things we collect and enjoy.

This room keeps coming back into my head all the time. It has the feel I am looking for and I love the colors and the wall map. (Sorry I don’t have a larger image).

I know I can always trust me readers and blog friends to help me along. Wonderful & talented Greet gathered a bunch of lovely images for me. She always finds the best.

Roman shades – yes! That is what I am going for (with blackout lining).

Greet knows my style well and no surprise that the floor pillow and and the colors in this room are so close to the key elements in William’s room! (You will see further down).

And wonderful & witty (!) Leigha sent me this image of a room belonging to “Otto”. No theme here – just personality!

Wall color is now on the agenda. Here are some key elements in the room that will help in the color decision process.

In William’s room we have this beautiful red cabinet were we store a lot of clothes and toys. The doors are actually antique doors from Mexico around which a new cabinet was built. It is such a happy color and the piece is very sturdy.

The striped headboard and bedskirt will be handed down from one of his sisters (he will get a brand new mattress). I love slipcovered headboards. Easy to clean and so comfy when reading. I think the colors will be perfect for his room.

The white washed floors set a very Scandinacian tone, don’t you think? And they are going nowhere.

Remember these antique star charts that I bought on E-bay for a song and had framed? They are finally moving into William’s room.

 I am thinking about getting a large wall map as well. My good friend Janell painted her own wall map in her boy’s room. (Here). I am not that talented so I will have to settle for something ready made. National Geographics has several nice large wall maps but the one I like the most is this map from Ikea (Yep!). I like the size and the colors.

So with all these elements in mind, which wall color should I chose? I see four different candidates but feel free to jump in with your thoughts & suggestions.

1) A creme color (just like image no. 1 with the wall map). Works with all the pieces in the room.

2)A dijon mustard color (not bright yellow but a little bit more rustic and masculine). A good contrast color and it even works with the red cabinet.

3) White. Just because I am from Sweden! (And because in our rather large house we don’t have one single white wall! It is time.)

4) A very light blue color. Gray/blue. Could be nice.

5) Beige is NOT an option! (There was a lot of beige here when we moved in 5 years ago).

What do you think? Give me something to ponder over this weekend.

Next week I am going to start looking at bed lamps and bed linen and to make a decision on the window treatments. The weekend after that my hubby gets to paint the room. (He is actually very good, takes the job seriously and gets the edges perfectly straight!).

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Help! My Boy Needs A Room Makeover!

Do you see the desperate plea? That is my 3 year old son, William, under that blanket. He is a lucky boy. He has is very own room. But as far as decor goes, he has hardly gotten the royal treatment. The wall color is the same as when his older sister had that room. He is still in a hand-me-down crib (!) poor boy. That is what you get for being child no. 3!  And the room lacks boy elements.

This used to be a nice mobile with 8 pretty paper birds. Something happened…

Poor William is making the best of his space by decorating with his own drawings….

Oh, and here is the lamp…

Prince William is a very happy and content boy (he is such a sweetheart!) and he is not complaining much. But I feel that it is time to give his room a little bit of a makeover and make it his very own special  & happy place. I am on a strict budget, though. No big splurges here. I will need your help to be creative with decor, style and budget. I am counting on you to help me get this right.

I am actually going to start with the window treatments because I have a feeling it might take a while before I find what I want and then actually have them installed (but I might be wrong).

Right now all that’s here is some plain white wooden shutters.

The window is rather large (bigger than it looks) with its 76″ width. I would love to install some roman shades, flat. Perhaps something with stripes? (And with black-out lining).

I have been lurking over at Smith & Noble lately but what I am looking at will set me back at least $550 + tax. Is that reasonable? Do you have any other shopping sites you recommend?

Next up: Wall color. I will equip myself with some color swatches over the weekend and trust that you will let me know what you think once I have them posted.

Happy weekend to you all!  I have slowly eased myself into blogging  again after a fun winter holiday. I hope to have even more energy next week!

1-7 via Splendid Willow, 8 via Calico corners, 9 + 10 Unknown (sorry!).

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My Swedish Candy Store

Hello friends. Yesterday it started snowing in Seattle! Just what I needed to get into the winter holiday spirit!

Wonderful & generous designer/blogger extraordinaire Linda Merrill with the Surroundings is clearly ahead of me when it comes to creative ideas & winter holiday inspiration. She invited some of her design and blog friends to share their personal tips and ideas. I was one of them and I am truly honored to be part of a group with so many creative minds. Linda put it all together beautifully in her E-magazine Holiday Issue. Make sure to read the tips here.

In my post for the magazine I mentioned a tradition we have every year at my own house. Right before Christmas I open up the doors to my old Swedish 18th c. secretaire, decorate it nicely and fill it with tons of treats. Let me tell you, there is constant commotion in that part of the house! And the kids have named the cabinet the “Candy Store”.

When will the candy store open for real? That was a burning question at my house last week when I started to decorate for Linda’s article and then abruptly closed the doors to every one’s disappointment!

More sweet homemade treats and real fir wreaths will be added to the cabinet before the doors will officially open!

Store hours: Come back the week after Thanksgiving. Open between 2 pm and 10 pm. Self serving. But leave room for dinner. (A thick red tape will adorn the doors after hours).

Happy new week to you all!

All images of interiors via Splendid Willow.

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A Mom’s Cave (A Place That’s Only Mine)

When the incredibly creative Kate with Centsational Girl invited her blog followers to a link party, I just had to join in. It struck such a cord with me. Kate’s theme was “Mom’s cave”. My house is not exactly small, but even so, there is not one inch of the house that is not being used by hubby, 3 young kids, 2 cats, a fluffy hamster and a ton on visitors — young and old. (OH NO! I just realize that I missed the party by a day! I am an idiot… Oh well, I am posting it anyway).

The only place, and I really mean ONLY, I can claim as my very own is not a room but a small corner in the house. The corner next to my bed side. No one in the family dares to even get close to my sacred spot.

Here I surround myself with things that make me happy and content. I keep things organized and uncluttered. Call me crazy, but it feels heavenly and actually rewarding to have a spot where you can reclaim your power! I whole heartedly recommend it.

There you have it. My “Mom’s corner”. Nothing big, nothing extraordinare. But all mine and very special to me.

(To see what the chest looked like before I painted it – go here).

Now over to something else.

From my corner of the room I have full view of yet another chest. But this one is a good quality empire chest from Paris and it will not get so much as a simple polish! On it, I keep two precious and sentimental things from two special men who taught me what true love means. My father (who passed away when I was 14) and my husband.

The lamp on the chest used to be in my father’s home office. I believe it is from the 50’s. Isn’t it handsome? Just like he was.

Next to the lamp is an Italian lecturn from the 18th century with a framed calligraphy text which my huband presented me with on our 5th anniversary.

Let me just say that I married a really good man. But romantic he is not. So imagine my surprise when I found out that he had commissioned a professional calligraphy expert to artfully hand write our “song”. The very classic jazz tune by legendary Duke Ellington“In a Sentimental Mood”.

This song fills my heart and gives me goose bumps every time I hear it played. If you have a moment, turn on your speakers and take a listen to Ledisi’s jazz version. What a beautiful piece of music.

A little bit of a Mom’s cave and a little bit of sentiment. I hope you don’t mind me sharing.

Hugs to you all and happy rest of the week!

All images via Splendid Willow. Do not use without authorization.

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