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Hello blog friends! I am back after a few weeks off filled with pure summer bliss. I am rested and happy and I hope the same goes for you. I have missed you all but was often reminded of your wonderful existence through your lovely and kind e-mails. Thank you!

I live in a big house, with many rooms but no single white wall in sight! How is that even possible? I am a true Swede after all and have cocooned in white rooms most of my life. In my house I have chosen muted colors (and a lot of light gray) that all flow nicely together but I really miss a white atmosphere. Especially after my trip to Sweden.

So my goal for the next few weeks is to do my own guest bedroom makeover with white as the prime shade. Who knows where this exercise will take me. I might just keep on going!

Images above from Sköna Hem

2 last images from Livingetc.

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Lucky Kids

Imagine these bedrooms for the kids in the summer home! They would never want to leave! I find these rooms simple, fresh, happy and very charming. Just the way kids should have it! (And of course the hardwood floors are Swedish white). I am so adding these photos to my personal inspiration folder.

Images from Skona Hem.

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A Splendid Swedish Escape

Görvälns Slott (castle) is a newly renovated hotel located in a nature reserve only 30 minutes outside of Stockholm.

What a splendid, unusual treat it is! Swedish classic chateau style living in a beautiful old setting mixed with a totally unexpected chic international rococo design style, combined with Swedish design elements. This is a colorful hotel without being overwhelming. There are plenty of activities and things to do at and around the castle. The food is supposed to be lovely, using only locally picked ingredients.  I might pay a visit on my next trip to Stockholm. If any of you have already had the opportunity – please share your experience with us!

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In the latest issue of the Swedish interior design magazine, Skona Hem, I found some images from a lovely home that caught my attention. Especially the first photo. I so like the combination of white walls with a strong color (in this case dark gray) acting like wainscoting. The room is airy but still gets a little bit of drama.

A dining room with personality. Here you want to sit for a while. You feel welcome and at ease. Nothing contrived, nothing too serious.

The owner painted the Italian cabinet herself and replaced the doors with chicken net. A good little summer project perhaps?

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Romantic Living In Stockholm

I have never really been much into a romantic and more feminine design style myself. Having said that, I really respect and appreciate the style and I think it makes for really wonderful homes.

Here is a lovely romantic home in Stockholm with many design elements that I appreciate. (How refreshing to see a non contemporary home in this otherwise ueber modern city!)

An old tapestry with peacocks. I like it! Lovely against this gray Swedish demilune table. I personally would mix it up with a modern armchair, but that is just me…

I love old antique busts and I am not quite sure why none have moved into my home yet!

Everyone should own a lovely pair of good quality antique silver candle holders. Simple and beautiful. Always right, whether you are into modern or traditional.

A round dining table is always perfect. No one gets a bad seat. Everybody feels special! This whole room is very friendly and inviting. I can see the walls and the mirror reflect the candle light just beautifully.

I have always loved the feel of dining in a library. I have the same combination at my house and it works very well. It is warm, cozy and let me tell you – it inspires really interesting conversations!

It is always lovely with candle sticks of different heights. Less formal that way.

I have been so much into purple lately that I have forgotten how lovely different kinds of reds are together!

All photos from the Swedish real estate agency Skeppsholmen Makleri.

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