Quiet, Beautiful and Peaceful

Hello friends. No words needed here. I am going to be almost quiet and let you wander in this lovely summer home of Terry John Woods. What an eye for beautiful things. What incredible ability to put together simple and gorgeous rooms he has. Many of the treasures are flea market finds. Take serious notes friends.  For those of you who prefers a more modern look, envision some of these rooms with a just a few added contemporary pieces and accents. That is the beauty of an old style with simple lines and neutral colors. They can be easily mixed.

Against the wall in Terry’s living room rests this old, green door with a window louver attached to the top. Terry uses it to display art. Beautiful. (Donna, my friend, I think of you when I see this).

This is why I love Terry and his design approach:

“I love old prints and having water damage or stains have never stopped me from bringing them forward to be enjoyed. This print I found in Maine for a song and a waltz and it is one of my favorite to date. Perfect things are so boring. Who wants to be perfect. Not me”.

Layered ironstone plates.

I love this room. It feels very old Swedish to me. Look at the washed painter cloth slip covers. Terry painted the mural himself. He wanted a tiny bit of color and a reminder of where he likes to be, by the sea.

I am slightly envious of this metal cupboard. He says it is handmade and comes from a naval ship yard. It was most likely used to store tools.

Terry, you are lucky to be living on the other side of the coast! Because if you lived anly closer to Seattle I would have been stalking you on a regular basis and trying to tag along on your shopping trips, hoping to learn a lot more about design and styling. You are brilliant.

Happy Wedneday to you all!

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Simply Scandinavian

I just purchased Simply Scandinavianby Sara Normann. What a page turner this design book is! I really recommend it. I could scan (didn’t find any of these images on-line) pictures all day long to share with you. Here are a few that made my eyes extra large and teary with joy.

Ok, this is my favorite image in the book. I am borderline jealous (even if I don’t have a jealous bone in my body). The cabinet in the background (be prepared now) was found on a beach in Denmark! It is an old safety box used by swimmers to deposit their valuables! Paired with Arne Jacobsen’s table and chairs, I think I am about to faint. I love it all!

Maybe a little on the boring side to some. But I love bedrooms that are calm and serene. Love the simple details including the striped pillows and box spring and the old portrait and bedside table.

Count the objects in this image? Not very many! But the eye can rest in this room and focus on quality rather than quantity.

Love this room with the two sofas facing each other! Look at those large windows! And the two different light fixtures (one propped up on pile of magazines!).

A calm & neutral room with many old classics gets some added color with a striking wall art piece by Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke. I love big and unexpected art pieces.

When I see all these images – I just want to book a large container and get rid of half of my house. The older I get – the more I appreciate less. Less is so beautiful in my book.

Happy weekend to you all, friends!

Publisher: www.rylandpeters.com

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A Touch Of Pink

Good new week to you, friends!

I am the first to admit that my home decor is not very feminine and romantic. Except in the kids’ quarters. You can most likely envision that with two young girls we get our dose of sweet pinks and soft colors. Maybe it’s because of spring in the air or me simply getting influenced by all the lovely pink shades that I see in the design world right now. But small touches of pink are starting to grow on me and something I can see making a debut in even other areas of my home.

I really like the mix of textures and and colors in this fresh formal dining room. The distressed woods and natural textures together with the warm pink damask wallpaper and crisp white wainscoting is airy and lovely.

And pay attention to the curtains! Simple white drapes from Ikea that look like a million bucks in this room simply by having some green pom-pom trim added. (Note to myself – must try!)

Image via House & Home magazine (not on-line. Self-scanned).

I have a new-found crush on this “Color Field Blush” pillow from Dwell. I can see this as an accent pillow on a chair or bed with pure white fabrics.

This Cherry Ink dinner plate by Paul Timman for Ink dish is also a wonderful way to bring spring home. (But personally I would keep my large white dinner plates and just opt for Cherry blossom dessert plates. Somehow I can’t see a steak on this friendly pattern! But then again, it is probably only me!)

The sun is out in Seattle.Yeah!  Wonderful spring is here for real and I hope that the sun is shining on you too – wherever you are! Much fondness – Monika.

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Christine D’Ornano’s Luxe & Relaxed Home

The April issue of Elle Decor landed in my mail pile and I took some (rare) time out, crashed on the sofa and started to turn the pages. I must say, there are some lovely features in this issue. The article that really made me hyper-ventilate is the one about the London home by the Cosmetics Exceutive Christine D’Ornano (her family is behind Sisley). Lucky woman is all that I have to say! She has created a warm, chic, kids friendly and lived-in haven filled with contemporary art and splashes of antiques.

Forgive me for my crummy (self scanned) images. Elle has not posted theirs on-line yet. (And I could not contain myself!). I will re-fresh these as soon as they are available.

So, let me tell you what I see instead.

I see beautiful colors in this amazing combined library and dining room. I LOVE the light blue upholstered Chesterfield sofa in the background, together with the yellow leather covered chairs (how divine!) with splashes of that purple/read peonie color that I so adore. And plenty of books and art – smashing!

Hard to be unhappy in this living room. LOVE the sofa, the industrial light fixtures by Serge Mouille, the over-sized ottoman and the nonchalantly placed photos on the wall. (The walls have been upholstered in pink linen!).

I investigated further and the arm sconces can be found here at Gueridon in NY.

I see a bright and happy kitchen dining area. The vintage lamps are lovely with the long rustic table and the simple black chairs. And aren’t the flower arrrangements fun!

And here is the lucky owner, herself – Christine d’Ornano. She apparently found this white chair at a flea market in Paris (where was i?). The lovely painting is by Mark Quinn. And as always I love any gray wall.

Christine and her husband have 3 young children together (I know what that feels like!) and she wanted a cozy environment for her family. Mission accomplished, I’d say. And look at the tall, beautiful windows that let all that natural light in. I personally would be very content here!

Oh, and here is her bathroom. Unique and fun! An old worn sofa next to the new bathtub with a small yellow sidetable  for your occasional glass of wine!

Happy new week, friends! Let it be a good one!

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Show Me The Books

Show me the booksand I will tell you who you are! You have heard me saying over and over again that seeing no books in a house makes me somehwat nervous! Please, tell me that you read books. Please tell me that you are curious about the world and everything beyond. Don’t be afraid to show your books (even if they all fit on one tiny shelf) and who you are! (Not to impress, not to be liked – just to share the true you and what makes you tick. And for that you will be admired).

Here are some lovely areas where books take the center stage.

I love that over-sized architectural print. I am thinking I might need to copy that idea!

I have a serious crush on that ladder!

And I am still waiting for an old bust to move in with us!

Happy reading & Happy rest of the week, dear friends!

I am so incredibly happy to have met you all.


Image 1. via We Heart It, image 2. via  We heart it, all other images from Rum

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