I Will Dream About This Kitchen Tonight

Just glanced through the November issue of House Beautiful. Came to this page and almost flipped. This kitchen is totally me. I like every single thing about this stunning room. (In the magazine you see the entire island and the glass refrigerator and everything. This is just a small snippet!). Gray it is of course. And classic elements are mixed with modern touches. The architecture is beautiful. But I also really like the light hardwood floors. We have dark floors in our kitchen and they are pretty but not very practical. I am so glad to see that gray actually pairs very well with the right kind of blond floors. (No dark floors in my future kitchen).

I also absolutely LOVE the backsplash — acid-washed Seagrass limestone from Classic Tile. The prettiest tile I have seen in a long time. Scroll back and look again!

BTW, the “Vintage Toledo Barstools” are from Restoration Hardware. (On sale right now).

If/when (!) Hubby and I say, ok build your dream kitchen, I will show him this. A social, warm, relaxed and gray kitchen with THAT exact backsplash.

The mahogany-topped island really adds warmth to the entire room.

The designers behind this kitchen are the super talented (and witty!) Parrish Chilcoat & Joe Lucas. This is what they said in the magazine about the kitchen:

How did you make that big kitchen look so damn sexy?

PC: The island, cabinetry, backsplash, and stove hood: gray, gray, gray, gray.

What makes gray so great?

PC: It goes with all the electronics in homes these days, and it’s a more interesting backdrop for colorful furniture and accessories.

JL: Gray also has a crispness against white. It’s slightly industrial. And it goes with my hair.

Any downside?

PC: You have to be careful with gray — it has just as many subtle variations as white. You don’t want it to look dirty.


The designers painted the cabinets and island in two different shades of gray: Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe (warmer) on the cabinets and Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Gray on the island.

I recommend that you look at the full spread (page 97, folks!) in the actual magazine (House Beautiful, Nov. issue). The room is much more than this picture shows!

Hugs to you all.

All images (except no. 3 via Life123) via House Beautiful. Photographs by Victoria Pearson.

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Comfort & Pillows

I love this room. What a warm, relaxing and inviting atmosphere. I like the colors, the textures and the furnishings. Comfort is clearly king in this room. And it should be in every room, I believe. Rooms and furniture that are all about looks do not impress me whatsoever. I like rooms where I can be my myself and where family and friends want  to linger. And I like to hang out with furniture that’s friendly to my body and soul (and that can handle small chocolate finger prints and still look good)!

Today you will find me over at Houzz sharing 20 pillows (I am more into pillows than shoes!) — perfect for the fall season. Visit me here, if you have a spare moment.

Warm hugs!

Image no. 1 via House & Home (scanned).

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An Incredible Home Building Journey

At the end of this windy road stands a home in the midst of construction. I have seen a lot of nice homes in my days, but this one is pretty spectacular.


Tina is the lady behind this house/mansion/castle! She is a happy, proud, family oriented  mother of three boys and a super energized blogger who shares her interior design passion with her readers via The Enchanted Home. I can’t claim that I check in all the time (I can’t possibly keep up with all her posts and pictures!) but on Thursdays she shares her house updates and I find them incredibly inspirational and informative (whenever my dear friend Marianne and I get together we talk about this home!).

It is a good thing that I don’t have a jealous bone in my body because everything is pretty amazing. I mean hello! This is what Tina and her husband are building from scratch.


This is where the patio is going in.

Family room in the works.

Living room. Look at the paneling.

This is going to be the kitchen. Love the beams.

Butlers pantry.

Tina generously shares all her materials and design idea (and edits, mishaps, re-orders etc.) like flooring and marbles and tiles.

Potential wall paper in the powder room.

Stunning Versailles parquet floors.

This is the area assigned to Tina’s new tub!

Amazing natural light everywhere.

Talk about a dream home. I can’t wait to see how she actually will decorate all the rooms.

What is even more amazing about Tina’s blog journey is none of this seems to have gone to her head. In the most natural and endearing way she blogs about her runs to Target and small treasures she sees and come across. And she does not take herself too seriously. One of her favorite things to do is to spend quality time with her close ones and to hear her husband laugh out loud during a funny movie. I find that very heart warming and refreshing.

You are in for a real visual treat and tons of architectural and design ideas when you visit Tina and The Enchanted Home — here.

Happy New Week, Friends. My next post will be about a very small and unique house I found in a local backyard!

All images via The Enchanted Home.

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A Little Bit Of Blue In My Life

I have very few dark blue objects in my house (only two, to be exact), yet I have always been drawn to strong hues of blue.

I am sure almost everyone of my readers would be drawn to anything by the French artist Yves Klein (1928-1962) at a leading modern art museum somewhere in the world. He actually patented the heavy pigmented blue he used for his art pieces towards the end of his workmanship – IKB (International Klein Blue).

I would have loved to hang out with Yves Klein. He had a good sense of humor. Once in the fifties he removed all his art pieces from a gallery and painted the walls white and the outside windows in his signature blue. About 3000 people waited patiently outside for the grand opening of the exhibition only to be greeted with a blue drink and all empty white walls with not a single art piece in sight. (How do you think the newspapers covered the event?)

I can only dream about my own Yves Klein art piece. I do however have a monochromatic blue painting by the Swedish painter Gunnar Okner (1920-2009) that I bought the summer before I moved to the US (1995). It is very dear to me. (Identical to the painting below only taller and more rectangular). It hangs over my husband’s nightstand table and nicely compliments the blue chest on my side of the bed.

One day I would like to try a room with all dark blue walls. Not a big room, just a small study or library. Dark blue is very rich and intense.I think dark blue and cognac is such a stunning color combination. This image has been sitting in my inspiration folder for a long time.

Blue/teal and cognac again.

More blue walls.

So you can only imagine how happy I was to find out that I had won a BLUE flower painting (blog giveaway) by my good blog friend Barbara’s (who I can’t wait to meet in person) daughter! She is only 15 (!) and is showcasing her art pieces on Etsy.

With a strong passion for art, a ton of creativity and entrepreneurial skills at this early age, this girl will go far! (If you want to support this young artist (and isn’t that more rewarding than buying anything mass produced for your walls?)  — visit her on Etsy — hereMore dark blue is moving into my home. And I like it!

After a long and happy summer together my kids will hop on the school bus this morning (school in our area starts the day after Labor Day) equipped with big smiles, sun tanned legs and new backpacks. You can count on their emotional Mom running along side the bus and spelling out finger hearts in the air until she trips at the end of the sidewalk. The kids will get back into their routines and I will get back into mine. We shall find out if I like a quiet house or not…

Warm hugs to you all.


Image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8+9, 10 + 11, 12,

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I Am Drawn To This Color Palette

Last week of summer for my children. Next week we are all back to packing nutritious lunch boxes and giving bear hugs at the school bus stop. I am not quite ready for fall yet but I saw these images somewhere and I could not get them out of my mind. Luckily I came across them again today.

Not necessarily rich and deep fall colors but summer-fall transitional colors, perhaps. I really like the combination of the white mixed with the soft and muted grays, blues and mellow golds. It feels like a cocoon and is very inviting to me. A tweaked color palette in a very subtle way. I like it a lot.

The talented Australian design team, Gardener and Marks, are behind these rooms.

They are also behind this wonderful room which has been making its rounds in blog land. I can almost feel that last summer breeze coming through the open windows. Sigh.

Happy new week to you all. Treasure those last summer moments!

Design inspiration via Desire to Inspire. Images: no. 1 via Disoriented, No. 2-6 via via Gardener and Marks.

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