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Is it this time of the year or is it me? All I long for is tranquility and serenity. I don’t want more stuff (as a matter of fact I want to get rid of half of my house), I don’t want noise. Stress has been kicked out the door (and is not allowed back in again!). All I want is easy living, peace & harmony. And to be able to sit — for real… Preferably in a striped wing-back chair.

Brown cottages and cabins have never been my cup of tea but look how lovely this wood paneled room is with all white slip covered seating. I would be phenomenally content here.

 I find a collection of Staffordshire ironstone and American stoneware calming.

And from now on I think that my kids can sit on simple, old milk chairs! (Admit that you will look for some at your nearest antiques fair!).

Happy 4th to all my American friends!

You will find me at a party — seated — and with my shoes kicked off!

Images: No. 1 via Note to Sarah, 2,4 and 5 scanned via Country Living July/August 2012, no. 3 scanned via House & Home July 2012.

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Intellectual Dining Nook

Dining and art (and/or books) marry so well. Ledges and shelves to display art – and easily move them around – are brilliant. I love the vibe of this eating nook. I love the layered look of the photo art. I immediately saved this image into the inspiration file for my own home.

Hugshugshugs to you all.

P.S Ilse Jacobsen’s flip-flops in BLACK now in my shop. Hardly dare to mention… Many of you keep me insanely busy! Smiles.
Image 1 via Coastal Living.

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Relaxed Rooms With Good Vibes & Lots Of Personality

The older I get (ha!) the less perfect I want. Perfect is boring  to me. My own home is looking & feeling more and more lived in and that feels good in my heart and soul. Showcase rooms have never and will never be for me. I heart relaxed living.

Rooms with a good vibe and lots of personality always get my attention. LOVE this conversation area with an eclectic mix of furniture and lots of books, personal artifacts and interesting art (the yellow canvas should really live in my house). And the room is not so darn staged.

And did you all see this fantastic New Jersey (!) home in the May issue of Elle Decor? Mighty jealous over here. A whole different style but talk about about relaxed, interesting and personal rooms!

Look closely again and envision these rooms with crackling fireplaces and lit candles and lamps. Very cozy and friendly atmospheres. Rooms that encourage good times and conversations. (And how cool with those French style Bouillotte lamps on the dining table!).

Folks, I had to look up the term:

Bouillotte Lamp (French)

** a table lamp of the 18th century, having two or three adjustable candle brackets and a common shade sliding on a central shaft **

So there.

Another busy week over here. Looking forward to a lazy next few days.

 But first some serious blog visits.

Hugs & Happy Weekend to you all.

Images: 1-3 via Skona Hem, no. 4-5 scanned via Elle Decor (May 2012).

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Green Is Really Growing On Me

You would think that I, coming equipped with deep green eyes, would appreciate the color green — not so. Green has been my absolute least favorite color for a very long time. But for the 12 months or so I have slowly started to warm up to the color. And on my last trip to Sweden, I bought not one, but two pairs of green slim fitting jeans (just need to find a way to get into them!).

Now I find myself actually imagining myself looking at a room with greens in it. I don’t look away. I even try to think about how I can incorporate a tiny bit of green in my own house. What a concept! What a change! (And green goes well with gray too, folks).

For all you green lovers out there – I finally get it. I see what you see. I am just a late bloomer.

(In the room below I would only do the green grass cloth wall coverings and skip all the other green accents. I can’t go green all out – yet! But brown and green are so pretty together).

A very pretty dark sage green.


Green wallpaper in the powder room. If done right — very nice.

Very mellow green. The room would not even be the same without it!

Perhaps the most blogged about dining room. But what a statement room! And see how green and gray work great together.

Green and gray again. Me like.

This vignette (an old classic) makes me literally green with envy.

Also an oldie. But if it works it works. Green and gold play well together.

Green, linen shades. Pretty, pretty and so friendly.

I saved my favorite to last. Swedish of course. So fresh and soothing. I LOVE that wall paper with simple Lilies of the Valley. Both a classy and a modern room. And my old 18th c. Swedish chairs (like the one in the picture) can now also function as bedside tables!

What about you? A thumb up for green — or not? I am quite curious.

Images: No. 1, 2, 4-6 via House Beautiful, no. 3 via Elle Decor, no. 7+8 via Apartment Therapy, no. 9 via FFFfound, no. 10-12 via Saucyhelp, no. 13 via Skona Hem.

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Snowed In = Coming Up With Ideas For My Brother’s Pad

Seattle is looking more and more like Sweden! Lots of snow here and I expect the kids will be home for the next few days since the school buses won’t run. You will find me outside throwing snow balls with the neighbors!

My Stockholm based brother (Mr. handsome E), e-mailed me regarding my upcoming trip to old homeland and asked for some design tips of his downtown bachelor’s pad. He wants it to look grand. And now he asks his sis. Now that is heart warming! (: Two images have been floating around in my head lately — I thought I would off-load.

Love absolutely everything about this room. The look, the feel, the colors, the book & art and the brick wall (which my brother does not have). Very, very nice. Both masculine and feminine. Do you agree?

Right before Christmas, Steve from An Urban Cottage stopped by (we were both part of a link party). Why I had not paid attention to his fabulous blog is beyond me. He is very creative and has excellent taste. Look what he did with his empty and sad looking closet space in his dining room.




Yep, he turned it into a permanent wet bar! How smart and chic! And what a conversation piece for guests.  Brilliant, Steve!

Before I end for today, some Thank Yous are in order:

Out of the blue, these fabulous ladies/designers/friends gave my shop some very nice kudos (click on the links). Thank you all! What totally unexpected and heart warming treats. You are something extra, I tell ya! Thank you, again.

Isabella & Max Rooms

Postcards from Colorado

Design Addict MomHello Lovely Inc.

Multi-talented & lovely Michele, who I consider a close friend, also shared that she had added a segment (she is a sought-after writer) about me in Chic Mom Magazine

Chic Mom – wait, Moi!!?! Now that made me blush! Thank you dear, but YOU are really the ultra chic Mama who should be featured here and everywhere. You can read her article here.

Ok, off to crank up the heat and line up the snow suits!

Happy, happy to you all.


Image credits: No. 1 via Reasons For Loving Seasons, n0.2 via Two Ellie, no. 3-5 via An Urban Cottage.

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