Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Loveliness

Always fun to see what the talented Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams design duo is up to. I have a yellow settee by them in my formal living room which I have had for nine years and can’t see myself ever parting with. Comfort is the key word for the company. They have been driving that design concept successfully for some 20 years.

I have a serious crush on this beautiful leather/steel coffee table. I think it is absolutely stunning.

GW’s classic Chesterfield sofa. Comes in many colors.

This elegant lamp has my name on it!

So, imagine how happy I was to receive a personal invitation to a fun Champagne mingling event at GW’s flagship store in Washington, DC with presentations of elegant and chic tabletop decor (I could use some help in that department) from none other than my close friend Manvi of the stylish blog Mochatini. (I told her it was held  in the wrong WA — or I would have been over in a heartbeat.). She asked for some “hand holding”, which she does not exactly need. The girl is a style rock star and she can hold her own. I am very proud of her. She is co-sharing this event with the the creative LaFabulousVida. I am sure it will be a smashing event!

The event is taking place on Wednesday June 29th. If you are in the area, don’t miss this evening. You will be rubbing shoulders with a lot of  design happy people and will learn many new design tricks. I have heard they are also going to offer some really wonderful goodie bags. I mean really nice. Promise to say hello to Manvi from me if you do attend.

Go here to learn more and to register.

Hugs to everyone!

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I Spy So Many Lovely Things For The Home

Happy new week friends! I spent the weekend relaxing after a very busy week and also took some time to go through a pile of interior design magazines which have been staring at me for a while, wondering if I did not love them anymore. But I do — and I found so many lovely things in them! Here are just  a few (some scanned with less quality) that made me stop in my tracks.

I adore this Charcoal stripe ikat pillow from Madeline Weinrib Atelier. Like an art pice. (Really like the “bleeding” edges). Just wish my wallet was a tad “fatter”.

How cool & unusual is this vintage gymnastics pommel horse as a bench in the foyer. (The legs have been shortened). Why did I not think of that! I must find one! And if any of  you say that you have — I will be so envious! (Just found a vintage one that sells for $3,000 on 1st Dibs. A girl can dream…)

This lovely gray velvet sofa by Jonathan Adler is getting my attention. I am helping my good friend Eva to decorate her living and dining room. And this sofa will be one of my candidates. Classic and current, feminine and masculine. It has sit all. I envision two of these facing each other with the fireplace in between, on the short end.

Here is another is another favorite sofa choice of mine. The always so classy Chesterfield sofa”.

Another Chesterfield sofa, in a library setting. So perfect — for me!

This image works as a great reminder for me that my book shelf/cabinet can work double duty as a bar. Perhaps an idea for your own home during the holidays?

Oh, how I love this bathroom. I don’t like my bathrooms to be sterile and unwelcoming. This one is both elegant, current and inviting. Love the color choices.

A few times now, I have seen pieces of framed fabric identical to the one over the sofa. Someone told me that they are “money holders”. Help? Does anybody know? I don’t even know what to search for! (No, it does not say in the magazine).

Before I let you go, I would like to say Thank You for all the tremendous support and encouragement you offered me before my little design speech at the Nordic Heritage Museum last week. You gave me the self confidence I needed. My presentation was very well recieved ( I did not faint!) and I got quite a few comments afterwards from audience members telling me they felt “inspired” and wanted to go home and make changes to their own homes, which is everything I had hoped for. I owe that to you.

And finally, An Extra Big Thank You to the talented and generous Tina over at the Sweden based blog Komma Hem. Tina featured my home in her Sunday post. It always feels a little surreal to see your own living space through somebody else’s eyes. But I am honored and touched. If you have a moment, pop over and say hello here. (Tina, you are such a sweet heart!)

(Blog friends: I did not visit one, single blog last week. I am quite behind. I am diving in this week and am looking forward to catching up. I know that you have tons of  inspiration up your sleeves!)

A warm hug to you all.

Magazine images: No 1 scanned from Country Living, no. 2 scanned from Elle Decor, no. 3 + 4 + 5 via House Beautiful, no. 5 scanned from House & Home.

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My Kitchen Table Dilemma

This family desperately needs a new kitchen table. Ours is looking more sad by the hour. This is the criteria:

One. a table that is rectangular and seats at least 6 people, two. it needs to be kids friendly & forgiving (think a 3 year old showing off his latest tricks with sharp utensils), three. it can’t cost $3000 ( with 3 young kids and a slew of young visitors, it will be trashed before we know it and I simply can’t justify the cost), four. white and grey are my preferred colors.

One of my all time favorite inspiration pictures is this casual dining area by Vicente Wolf. I have so much respect for this enormously talented designer. He can put rooms together like nobody else and I would love to camp out in his head —  if even for a minute — and learn how he thinks!

Another outstanding room by Vicente Wolf.

My fifth and final criteria is that the table needs to work well with a combination of these two chairs – the classic design icon white Panton chair (it is 50 years old!) and as you can see, also one of Vicente Wolf’s favorites. And the slipcovered Henriksdal from Ikea (looks better than the picture and it so easy to throw the slipcover in the wash after the green peas have been flying).

Now to the tables.

I have a beautiful, antique tavern at home, but it is unfortunately too small. So, on my hunt for the perfect table, I have been all over table land and have even been thinking about having one built ($2500 minimum). But now I have found two that I think might do the trick until the kids (and their parents!) are moving up in age.

First up, this white one from Ikea (Norden). I like the simple lines and the color and well hello (!), the price is only $279. I have been over to Ikea twice to see  first hand what the table is all about. And it is surprisingly sturdy. Now picture this table with the two different chairs.

Just stumbled upon this brand new beauty from Worldmarket/Cost Plus (who would have thought!). And it is not some cheap veener. It is solid oak, folks. It is very sturdy and looks wonderful with its gray color and rustic style. The price is $699.99 but it looks and feels custom made.

Two completely different styles but I think both work well with the two different chairs.

So, which one, in your opinion, is the winning table? (Bring it on, I can take it!) Or do you have any other recommendations? Any help is greatly appreciated. This family will soon consume their meals on the floor!


More about the Panton chair: Verner Panton created it back in 1960, and with the assistance of Vitra developed a version ready for series production (1967). It was the very first fully plastic chair made from a single section. Since its market launch, the Panton Chair has undergone several production phases. Not until today was it possible to produce it in line with Panton’s original idea – namely from consistently dyed, tough plastic with a matte surface. The Panton Chair has won various design prizes world wide and graces the collections of numerous renowned museums. Its expressive shape makes it a true 20th-century design icon.

Images. No. 1 via Weiweisbabies, images 2+3 via Vicente Wolf.


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Dreaming About These 3 Things For My Home

Hello friends! With the air getting cooler and the leaves starting to change colors, I find myself getting more cozy at home.

My family is going to do a lot of nesting in the next few months. So, now more than ever, I am thinking and dreaming about lovely furnishings and updates to our house. Here are a few things that caught my attention in just the last few days.

A cozy dining area. Banquette/bistro style. What a lovely corner this is to relax with friends and family over a good meal! Imagine this nook in the evening with only candles lit. I am not totally hooked on the wired chairs but I agree with some contrast to that upholstered settee. Love all the art. And the rug. And the fact that this area does not feel too styled and frou-frou. (But in my case I might need some more chairs and a larger table!).

I have been wanting to start a pottery collection for a while. All in one color. I kind of started a white collection, which still has some ways to go. Now, I see these black lovely objects on display and it reminds me that it would be really nice to re-start that idea, now when the days are getting darker (and I have nothing better to do! Ha!).

These two rooms are part of Style at Home editor Erin McLaughlin’s sanctuary, filled with midcentury furniture and cherished keepsakes. (That girl has terrific taste).

Ok, we have seen a lot Union Jack design items this past year+. Pillows, rugs, artwork etc. But I have never come across this Union Jack Ottoman before, via Cox & Cox Interiors. Wouldn’t this be lovely in a white room! And I think it would go quite well with my blue painted chest.

Thank you for stopping by today. Live well!

Image credit:  1) Flickr,

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Object Of Desire

I am not a jealous person at heart. Far from it. But I am a tad envious of this fabulous Salvation Army find. This chest of drawers just makes me drool. The lucky owners have the best home for the dresser that nobody saw or wanted.  I am so going to pay a visit to a local consignment shop this weekend. Wish you all could come with me!

Image: Martha Stewart

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