A Fantastic Jazz CD With Bjork

Hello dear blog friends. I hope you had a lovely weekend!

I want to share one of my favorite music CD’s with you. It was given to me by a friend many years ago, and it is still one of my favorite CDs. It is called Gling Glo and features a very young Bjork (yes the iconic rock artist) singing jazz tunes in Icelandic! I love it when I clean the house and I love it as party background music! It has all the ingredients: It is happy, upbeat, unpredictable (with Bjork’s special voice) and it is filled with just good music. In my humble opinion, this CD is truly fantastic!

(Funny, this is how I like to decorate too. Warm, inviting, classic with an unexpected modern twist!).

Take a listen! (Here’s one of the tunes from the album performed live)

Bjork – 1990

This CD was recorded in 1990, but you can still buy it on Amazon, among other places.

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Fall Is In The Air

…everywhere I look around…

Photos: Flickr – “Wanderlust”

… and I am drooling over all the lovely things that I have come across that will keep me warm & very content while the air is getting crisper and the days much shorter. Imagine me whistling when I am putting together the list of some of my fall FAVES!

Fall = boots! ! A lady needs a nice pair of boots! How about these lovelies from Coclico.

Image via the lovely blog Bliss

I also like these from Cole Haan.

I have a real crush on these boots from Italian Fiorentini & Baker. I can’t obtain a good image, so go to Barney’s if you want to take a real good look. (Check out the image with the cool zipper!)

It won’t keep me warm – but very happy! – this lovely leather and silver bracelet called Jumbo from Hermes. Simple. elegant equestrian.  Not cheap. But I am a hard worker – so, yes, please!

This sweater from Nordstrom would keep me both warm & purring!

And of course anything from Swedish Odd Molly will do. I was a lucky owner of this cardigan below (in a different color) but it magically disappeared from the back of my chair at a fancy bistro… I am still mourning it and am determined to  get a new one. ( I know that Mint Julep, among others, sells them).

This gray dress from Odd Molly together with boots. It would make me pretty happy!

I bought this scarf from the Etsy store Karlita last year. People went nuts over it. It is still one of my favorite scarves.  It looks so good with jeans and a simple shirt or sweater.

I am eyeing this one in rust for fall.

My husband can’t stand strong artificial scents. (What is wrong with him anyway?!!) So, when he is on business trips it is my chance to indulge! I love the elegant Mandarin Tea collection from Aquiesse. Their soy based candles are handmade in the US.

Fall = curled up in a cozy chair right next to the fire place reading a really good book. A nice throw is then a must! I love this one from Swedish Inredning Etc. It is a high quality wool throw made on Gotland, my favorite Swedish island. (The store ships internationally). Let me know if you need any help with the Swedish language.

Also from Inredning Etc are these adorable baby slippers! What a cute gift! (And they are not too expensive).

With my good book and throw I also need a great cup for my green tea. This one from Dean & DeLuca in NY can move in with me anytime.

I recently ran across this tea infuser from the MOMA store in NY. Very slick!

Sheep skins have been on my mind a lot lately. They are warm, cozy, and make so many of the minimalistic chairs so much more comfortable and inviting. (How lovely during cold winter months).  I am saving up for a whole bunch. And I will only get them from my lovely Gotland where sheep farming is a key industry.

Photo: Stellan Herner for Elle Interiör. Stylist: Tina Hellberg.

Photo: Flickr – Scott Dungan

Now I am ready for fall! Are you?

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Ikea Lovelies

Hello. I’ve missed you this past week. Last minute we scooped up the kids and headed to wonderful Bandon Oregon were we spent a week of quality time with close family. The computer Gods decided to not be on my side but in a way I am glad because I got more time to dive in sand dunes and fly kites!

On our way home I had plenty of time to browse through the new Ikea catalog. Here are a few things that caught my eye: (I am most definitely getting the gray Orchid pots this week!)

1. Alvine Flora Pillow. (Check out the latest design with yellow, black and gray flowers – not shown here). $24.99.

2. Drömmar. Horse-shaped (Swedish national symbol. A must for true Swedes!) baking tins. $6.99/set of 2.

3. Mandel plant pot. $4.99/set (pot + saucer).

4. Spraka. Spice mill. $19.99.

5. Engan chest with 2 drawers. $99.99.

6. Gunilla fabric. (Hello girlfriend Gunilla!).  How lovely this fabric would be together with white! $7.99/yards.

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Enjoy Your Summer!

Dear readers, I am so hoping that your summer – wherever you are in the world – is off to a great start!I am taking a few weeks off myself and intend to do nothing but to smell the roses, pick berries, listen to the bull frogs, wiggle my toes and just be with my wonderful family & friends! I will be back on August 1st! Stay safe & happy!

Images from Flickr. (Sigurdhsson, NorthofSweden).

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A “Desire To Inspire” Alert About Splendid Willow

I just wanted to tell you that Desire to Inspire, my every-morning-must-read-design-blog-when-I-drink-my-cup-of-tea, mentioned Splendid Willow in one of their recent posts. See here.

I feel very honored to be recognized by this talented and professional blog duo. I have so much respect for their work and their good design eyes.  You have heard me mention them before but in case you have forgotten, bookmark them here.

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