So Much Great Design Reading & Inspiration At The Moment

Hello friends. Today’s post is all about reading material.
First up, my guest post over at the wonderful Space For Inspiration where I am sharing my thoughts and ideas for the fall. (Thank you for the opportunity sweet, Swede Charlotta & splendid blog sis!). Hop over, when you have an extra moment!
And then over to magazines. For a while it felt like every design magazine worth paying attention to was folding and gone without a proper goodbye (Domino, I still mourn you!) . From there it might have been an inspirational disaster/void if not for the creative crowd of bloggers, that is all I can say! Then the  lovely on-line magazine Lonny, popped up and filled some of the space.

And the latest buzz in blog land is the most anticipated magazine – Rue Magazine (I really like the name), by bloggers extraordinaire – Anne ( I once won a giveaway over at her blog that made me giddy for a week) and Crystal. These two girls (with their teams) rock and have so many fun and creative things up their sleeves. Yes, almost every blog I follow has mentioned the launch of this on-line magazine, but since the vast majority of my readers are non bloggers – take it from me and follow this magazine!

Sweet Paul, food & prop stylist/blogger, Prince Paul, just lauched the Fall issue (second issue) of his magazine Sweet Paul Magazine. Another must-read with tons of inspiration. Be prepared to drool — literally.

And then finally. Ms. Grace Bonney (behind the one and only — DesignSponge!)  is getting ready to launch her design inspiration (hard copy) book this fall.  From what I understand this book will be a fabulous mix of design chic meets “real” people. I am so going to pre-order it! I will let you know when it is available.

Photo by Anna Wolf.

So, tons of more fun reading again and excellent on-stop shops for great design inspiration. (And yes, there is room for you all. Just keep on being creative and go your own way!). I could not be any happier!

I am investing in a good pair of new glasses (thick, square Prada, in case you are interested), since my eye doctor says I am going bi-focal.  (Yikes!) Then I will be reading in style again —  and with all of this lovely design material —  like a very content cat.

Hugs & happy reading to you all!

 Image no. 1, via Flickr.

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A Little Crazy, A Little Fun

Hello to you all!

I just came across these images and ended up  raising my eye brows and giggling. I love unexpected and creative design ideas! The first set of images was sent to me by my fun & stylish friend Pernilla. Look closely!

Now the car is visible.

Now the car is not. (And it closes entirely). I am not so sure I would like to get stuck underground, so I assume you jump out of the car before the elevator takes it down. Pretty slick!

If I had a cranky bunch of work colleagues, I would make sure each and everyone came equipped with one of these mugs. Hard to not enjoy their company then!

These witty moustache mugs are by Peter Ibruegger.

Happy new week. Let it be a good one!

Have you entered my giveway? Tomorrow Tuesday is the last day! Enter here. 

Images 1-4 via Tankar fran Tradgardsmastaren. image no. 5 via Inspired Shares

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Back From Sweden With Ilse Jacobsen Rain Boots In My Suitcase

Hello friends. I have missed you all! I am finally back and settled after my whirlwind trip to Stockholm. A very social and fun 10 days that turned into 14 days after I missed my flight back!

Those extra four days gave me a mini vacation outside of Stockholm where I stayed with my close sister-friend Sanne in her lovely home and finally got to breathe somewhat normally after my hectic city program and enjoy the summer in Swedish style (think laying in the hammock and reading Swedish gossip magazines, enjoying long walks by the water and eating wonderful Swedish food).

The plan for my departure was that I was going to go to bed early in the evening before I had to head to the airport at 3:00 in the morning and fly back to the US. That plan was interrupted at 10:30 pm by major thunder and lightning.

We are talking I thought the entire house was going to be whisked away! Only Sanne, her son Ludvig and I were home and the three of us huddled together in our pyjamas near the front door while we listened to sparks in the electrical cables along the floors and saw the house at times light up like a major Christmas tree! Sleep was no longer on the agenda.

(My dear friend Sanne and her son stick together during severe lightning!)

After that major lightening show came the rain. And boy did it pour.

Rain had already been on my mind. I had been looking all over Stockholm for some stylish “city” rain boots to wear in my rainy home town Seattle. I like the Hunter boots but this petite lady has stubbornly muscular calves and can’t get slim fitted boots to fit nicely. Just a couple of days before my departure I settled for some stylish rain boots by the Danish designer Ilse Jacobsen. (She also makes lovely shoes and clothes).

The rubber boots come in all kinds of lovely colors.

I was eyeing the blue ones but came home with a pair in camel color. I love them!

There you have it. My first post after my fun trip. And all I talk about is rain boots! But I have lots more to share with you from my trip.

Before we meet again I would like to thank my beautiful blog friends from Laura Casey Interiors, Belgian Pearls, A Perfect Gray and The Zhush for filling in while I was trotting the streets of Stockholm. You are always the best!

And to all my wonderful readers — enjoy your week and thank you for the lovely comments while I was away. You are all very generous!


Images: No. 1 via Flickr, no. 2 via Flickr, no. 4. via Splendid Willow, no. 5 via Flickr

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Lavender Lemonade & A Song

Hello friends! Busy times here. I am fixing — and fixing some more for my upcoming trip to Sweden. Next week I will be united with family and friends back home. What a fun & lively time that will be! But right now I am enjoying our summer to the fullest here in Seattle.

We have a hillside in our backyard with one section filled with gorgeous lavender that I never know what to do with — until I came across this stunning image! (Note: those are not my lavender fields – just so you don’t think I am trying to mislead you! But we have 44 large bushes, Frida just counted! And they grow fast!)

Lavender lemonade — well of course! How brilliant. Must try before I leave!

I am also obsessing over this Mary B. Blige song (Each Tear), this summer. (My husband is shaking his head to this upbeat pop tune). I love everything about it. The rythm, the lyrics, the message, the voices (including the unexpected raspy voice by the Italian pop singer Tiziano Ferro). I am even using the song to further teach my girls about the importance of learning, staying strong and the art of kindness (to others and yourself). Turn on the speakers and take a listen.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

(I will be back with a post or two before I leave!)

Images 1  via Flickr , 2 + 3 via Everything Fabulous, last image via Flickr

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Celebrating 10 Years With My Love!

Oh no, the last thing you want on a Friday is another personal, sappy love confession. But how could I possibly resist? Today, 10 years ago, my husband and I  pronounced our love for another in the magnificent St. Jacob’s church in Stockholm. Surrounded by friends at family from all over the world I can honestly say that it was the loveliest day in my life.

Today, 10 years (and 3 happy kids + minus a lot hair!) later I feel wholeheartedly that we are the happiest couple I have ever met! My husband, Peter, is my best friend. My husband, my mentor, my lover, my energy and the best father on the planet. I think the world of him. But the absolutely best feeling is knowing that I don’t need him in my life – I want him in my life. (There is a big difference, friends!).

And what ultimately won me over (in parallel with all his lovely qualities and values) is when we just had started dating and he said. ” Monika, I will to be your  planet and just let you spin, spin, spin”. He got me! He was not going to change his lively and energetic wife – he was just going to let me be me. And that is how we walk in life together. With a deep admiration  and respect for each other and with lots of fun and love. I can not wait to grow really old with this man. If my next 50+ years will just be a fraction of what our life together has been so far, then I am in for a most wonderful ride of pure & real love!

Wishing you all a joyous weekend! (And and I apologize again for all the sappiness but I am just a happy, giddy girl!)

Please, check in next week when I am introducing you to a wonderful Swede (who all of you interested in Swedish design need to know). I am also having a fabulous giveaway courtesy of a very talented and generous Swedish jewelry designer. I absolutely love it myself and I don’t think you want to miss it!

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