I Go Nuts For Wingback Chairs In Dining Areas

Ok, that’s it. This image from Hoteliers Kit and Tim Kemp’s London Townhouse in the April issue of Elle Decor, sealed the deal. I am so going to try this once in my lifetime (and the sooner the better!):

A comfy wing back chair placed right in my busy kitchen. And next to it a pretty lamp (and a side table for that drink!). Hubby is a great cook and I love to hang out with him in the kitchen. He also likes to hang out with me or read close by when I am busy with the pots and pans. What a perfect throne in the kitchen!

I have for quite some time liked the idea of a dining area with a couple of his and hers wing back chairs. But as of today I will, without any hesitation, declare:

More inspiration:

Very pretty. But I am not so sure I would want more than 2 wingback chairs around a dining table. This is borderline to contrived for me.

Anna Spiro’s dining area is way up there on my list of lovely rooms. 

It is time to scout the flea markets for a lovely chair to upholster! I have one pretty find at home that has been screaming for a makeover for a year and a half… Now it is time to find a companion!

Warm hugs to you all.

 Images via: No. 1 (acorn) via Getty Images/Splendid Willow, no. 2 and 9 via Elle Decor, no. 3 via House Beautiful, no. 4  via Life As It Is,  , no. 5 Unknown – sorry!, no. 6 via Decorati, no. 7 via Real estate style, no. 8 via Decorpad, no. 10 via here.

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I Go Nuts For

Going through a couple of February design magazines, I found myself ripping out several pages with loveliness. I can tell you that if I had oodles of extra cash I would, without any hesitation, invest in lovely art pieces, way before I would even consider building  a nice shoe collection! Yes, really.

This butterfly painting by Hunt Slonem is absolutely stunning. And butterflies are so friendly! I love the entire design of this area. The composition and the scale of all the things are simply perfect. Just a few pieces but the fewer items the harder to get it right.

The well respected fabric designe/multimedia artist, Kazumi Yoshida, made this white composition above the fireplace for his Tribeca loft. I have  a very similar white monochromatic art piece above one of my fireplaces. It is my favorite art object in the entire house. If you are interested I will show it in another post.

I find this large photograph of literature so lovely and interesting. I don’t know who the artist is behind it. I might need to contact the talented interior designers — Jim Gauthier & Susan Stacey. They did such an amazing job with the entire loft (a showhouse in conjunction with the Boston Design Center).

The same design duo is also behind this stunning room filled with wonderful artifacts. But what I really go nuts for is that Greek Key pattern ottoman. Drool.

A decorative porcelain Lladro vase (“Canvas”). I bet this is going to be a tomorrow’s antique. It is not exactly cheap at $1800 but it is already a classic. The small decorative blossom cup found at Global Table is also very pretty. Put some makeup brushes/or black or white pencils in it and give as a gift to a friend.

I will be out of commission for a couple of days but will check in with all of my wonderful blog friends shortly.

Warm hugs to all of my readers.

Images via: No.1 (acorn) via Splendid Willow, no, 2, 3 via 5 Elle Decor (scanned from Feb/March 2011 issue), no. 3 + 4 via Lofts & Condos (scanned from the Spring/Summer 2011 issue).

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So My Style – I Want This Room So Badly

Happy new week friends! I just came across this Barcelona home via the lovely Design Elements and I nearly fainted. Oh my! That first image is immediately going into my personal file of favorite rooms. I love everything about this area. The tall windows, the natural light, the colors, the eclectic style, books & art everywhere and the relaxed feel. To me — perfection.

And I am still going back and forth about which chairs to add to my new gray farm table. Remember that post?  These white iconic Panton chairs above? Or the Tolix chairs (see the metal French bistro chair below)? You will see more on them soon (and the new table too!).

Ok, I just have to get back to that first room again — and show it from a different angle. Imagine having a cocktail at that table. Or a cup of tea when glancing through some new magazines. Do you know what also caught my eye? That wall sculpture with the fun character pushing a wheel up the wall! Makes me laugh out loud. I love unexpected art pieces.

Warm hugs to you all!

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I Go Nuts For

Always new, lovely things to drool over. Here are a few things which make my heart beat extra fast right now.

These wide and slightly bleached wooden floor boards. One of these days, my whole house will have these floors. To me — absolute perfection. And they work well in both traditional and contemporary setttings. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Black accents for the home get my full attention right now. Black is so impressive, so elegant. Every room needs at least one black piece of furnishing for some contrast and dramatic impact.

What a great way to turn masses of design magazines into a focal point. And with the dominant black againt the white, the entire area becomes like a piece of art in itself.

I absolutely adore the black and white striped silk curtains against the floral wall paper with hints of black in it.

What a gorgeous black steel table from the the most elegant furnishing store in Stockholm — Svenskt Tenn.

Gray, mandarine and a little bit of black, sigh.

I am thinking something with black stripes will be moving in with me soon. This is the second time I highlight it in this post alone!

I can’t get enough of Michael Berman’s wonderful leather ottomans for Profiles. (The vintage blue leather arm chair is also something to write home about).

I have also fallen hard for Hugo Guinness’s gorgeous drawings. (Via John Derian Company).


Just needed to get this off my chest! Hugs to you all.

Images: No. 1 (acorn) via Splendid Willow. 2-4 via Skona Hem, no 5 + 6 via Haute Design, no. 7 via House Beautiful.

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I Support Blog For Digs

My lovely blog friend Claudia with Stonehouse Love, together with designer Beth Dotolo of  Hello Splendor, recently announced their charity campaign, Blog for Digs, to help support Dwell With Dignity, a wonderful non-profit organization with a mission to help families escape poverty and homelessness through design – one household at a time. Claudia engaged the blog community and, over a few weeks, more than 55 bloggers will help her spread the word about the organization by writing about  their childhood bedrooms.

Yes, that is me! (In the happy 60’s!). Growing up I always had my own bedroom. My brother is nine years older than me and he was all boy. My room was more on the girly side without being over-the-top.

1. I remember picking out these colors myself. Mellow blue wallpaper and a dark pink wall-to-wall carpet! Yep, indeed. (I lived with those colors until I left home).

2. My dear Mom is a strong believer in QUALITY. (I don’t know how many times I have heard her say in my lifetime, “It has to be quality!”). When I was 11 my Mom got a white glass cabinet with book shelves and built-in lighting for my bedroom! (When I look back that was clearly a piece of furniture more suited to the living room, but that is what I had growing up. And it was QUALIIITY!).

 3. At an early age I started to collect mini glass animals. I passed the collection to my girls (and we are continuing to add more pieces). I still get very excited every time we buy one.

4. I have always loved animals. I grew up with a siemese cat called “Pelle”. We had him for 19 years and I used to dress him up in my doll clothes. He always slept in my bed. Today we have 2 spoiled cats as part of our household.

5. I did not have any plastic toys except two barbies. I have not saved many toys from my childhood except a couple of beautiful dolls from Austria (where my Mom is from), a couple of “Steiff” animals, my mini glass animals and a large Babooshka my Dad once gave me. (My girls are now playing with it. The smallest doll is the size of a rice grain).

I grew up in an upper middle class family in a house situated in a nice part of Stockholm. My parents were not super rich, by any means, but I feel I had a priviliged childhood. I went to great schools and got to travel on vacations.  We always had good food on the table and I had my very own room.

It feels good to give back and it is an absolute honor for me to take some of the profits from my newly started business (here) and donate to Dwell With Dignity. I hope that my little contribution can bring some joy to a person trying to start a new life away from hopelessness and misery. Everybody deserves to live with dignity.

Claudia, I salute your campaign effort to raise the awareness.

If you are also interested in offering some support — please visit Dwell With Dignity.

Hop over to Doryn’s Dish tomorrow to read about Doryns’ childhood room.

3 more things:

1) I would also like to thank Claudia for her write-up on my new store. What a nice and unexpected treat. Thank you! You are a gem! Claudia is an interior designer and I have loved her eye for design from the very second I found her blog. I plan to follow her blog for many years!

2) Another gem in blog land is Kelly with Style Attic. This witty, smart, generous, and friendly blogger always takes time for others. Thank you Kelly for your store support. You are a dear and will always have my 110% loyal support!

3) Finally, the winner of my giveaway (also contacted by e-mail) was no. 23, Marianne with Style For Living. CONGRATULATIONS! Send me your address, so that I can have the book + CD shipped to you right away. (A big thank you to all of my readers for your wonderful support).

The next post will be my last one in 2010. In just a matter of days we have entered a new year! How did it happen so fast!!!!

Happy new week to you!

Images: No. 2 and 8 via Splendid Willow. No.  7 via Happy-Moggy.

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