I Go Nuts For This Room

I have been going back and forth a zillion times on how to update our guest suite. I know I want the room to be soothing, fresh and classic looking with a good mix of old and new. Just came across this picture and I love everything about this bedroom!


 What I am attracted to (look closely – it is not the best picture):

1) The simplicity of the room.

2) The colors: yellow and black mixed with browns and whites.

2) The tufted headboard (every single bed at our house is upholstered – but not one is tufted!).

3) The contemporary lamp mixed with an antique chest and heavy duty iron urns.

4) The planted trees in the window.

5) A bold rug.

6) Simple, non fuzzy silk panels for a little bit of flair.

The shopping can begin! Some sources to start with:

Headboard at Restoration Hardware.

Artimede Tolomeo table lamp at The Conran Shop. (Comes in 2 sizes).

 Stenciled zebra rug at Live Like You.

Handsome, double lined, well made curtains can, as we all know, cost a fortune. I came across the shop Martha & Ash at Etsy who custom make lovely, lined, panels without the hefty price tag. I might try them this time around.

Now for that yellow throw/blanket/coverlet. It really gives the room a little color pop – and I will look long and hard for something nice and unique. (I will most likely add an upholstered chair with some more of that yellow color).

Coverlet via Crate & Barrel.

Urns and an antique black chest will be the the most fun to shop for! Because that involves going to lots of neat and personal little shops.

I am not sure you like the room as much as I do. (You are probably all yawning!). But to me this room is so calming and also pleasing on the eye without a lot of stuff (to dust!). This one will be my inspiration room for sure.

Happy new week!

 Images: no. 1 via Splendid Willow, no. 2 via Skona Hem.

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Craving Chanterelles


Like any true Swede I go extra nutty this time of the year and just want to spend hours of valuable time hunting for yellow, heavenly tasting chanterelle mushrooms. I used to pick baskets full of them in Sweden. Here — not so much. Not for lack of trying. For three years in a row I have bribed (forced) the family into the deep forests with the goal to find our own secret chanterelle spot.

We always come home empty handed. Instead I have had to humiliate myself and walk into the nearest, local fine food market and buy a good amount so we can save the day and have that CHANTERELLE TOAST I have been craving since the previous season!

1. Clean mushrooms with a dry brush. Do NOT wash them.

(If the chanterelles are large, slice them; otherwise leave them whole).

2. Finely chop some Shallots and a garlic clove (1/2). And a little bit of parsley for garnish.

4. In a pan heat olive oil and butter.

5. Sauté the mushrooms over high heat until browned (3-4 minutes).

6. Add the onions and garlic and cook for another minute or two.

7. Remove from heat and season well with salt and pepper (I like them salty).

3. Grill bread slices (in pan) on both sides lightly, rub one side with garlic, drizzle with olive oil.

8. Top the grilled bread/bruschetta a with the warm chanterelles, sprinkle some parsley on top and serve immediately.

 (Serve with a glass of good white wine!)


In celebration of fall, I now carry Ilse Jacobsen’s fabulous rubber boots in orange (with black laces) in my store. They stick out (just like all chanterelles should – ha!!) and I personally love that about them.


Happy new week friends!

P.S I went to a fun and wild Swedish craw fish party this past weekend (imagine 100+ ABBA grooving Swedes). Thank you Ulrika, Sofia + the entire gang – you are the best! So many friends I had not seen all summer. Very fun!

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 56.

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I Go Nuts For This

The cover of the September issue of Martha Stewart Living made me stop in my tracks. What an INCREDIBLE kitchen! It belongs to Martha Stewart Livings’ editor-in-chief, Pilar Guzman. It is different.  Warm, interesting, inviting and filled with period details mixed with modern furniture. And that tufted banquette…. I know what I will be day dreaming about….

The large prints are by Enzo Mari.

The living and dining areas are filled with Danish Modern classics. Hans Wegner’s Wishbone chairs around the dining table are surprisingly comfortable and will never go out of style.

I immediately ripped out this page when I saw the image. I must try it! A  swipe of vibrant paint (orange) on the EDGE of a door. What an easy trick to make a huge design impact!  Admit that you will try it too!

Warm hugs to you all!

Before I let you go: Don’t forget to enter the Haute, Right and Splendid Willow Giveaway!

It ends this Friday. Someone out there will win a pair of Ilse Jacobsen’s high-end boots (visit From The Right Bank here) and a stunning necklace (visit Haute Design here)  from my store, Splendid Willow Avenue.

Images: No. 1 via Splendid Willow/Getty images, no. 2-4 + 6 via Martha Stewart Living (Photographs by: Matthew Hranek and Jonny Valiant).

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I Heart Corbusier’s Petit Armchair

Say Le Corbusier and all I can think of are his classic armchairs which I have been wanting for years (no decades!). I am specifically talking about the LC2 Petit Leather Armchair.

Talk about a classic of the classics. The Petit Armchair was designed by Le Corbusier (his real name is actually Charles-Edouard Jeanneret) in 1928 as a modernist response to the traditional club chair. It is part of the permanent design collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

I have a hard time justifying the price of $4000+/each at the moment (and I do not want a reproduction). But one day. One day these beauties will move in with us. They are not only wickedly handsome, they are also very comfortable.

I have always liked the classic dark brown and cognac colors.

But am I the only one who did not know that they also come in vibrant colors? All news to me.

I saw this living room in the July issue of Homes & Gardens and almost flipped. LC2 chairs in orange with black steel frames!!!

I love this entire room. Fresh, comfortable and interesting. I also love rust/orange as an accent color. I use it quite a bit at my own house. I am  just missing one (max two) antiques for added warmth.

My beloved antique chess table (ca 1830) which I bought at a small castle in the southern parts of Sweden would fit right in. It fits in any kind of room (and nope, I am not selling it!) — traditional or modern.

True design classics never go out of style.

Hope you are enjoying the summer! We have more or less moved outside. My vitamin D-levels sometimes tend to be alarmingly low — I am really making up for it now!

Happy week!

Images: No. 1 via World Stop Brands, no. 2 via Dannmihalake, no. 3 via Nordiska Galleriet, no. 4 via Casa Sugar, no. 5 via Splendid Willow.

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I Go Nuts For This – A Summer Herb Bench

Only one main image today friends — but I find it tremendously inspirational. A must try for me for sure!

Well of course! Why did I not think of that! I got very inspired when I saw this. Look closely – a simple bench to display planted herbs and a few veggies. A little corner to tend for some organic plants with aromatic goodies to be used in summer cooking. I am pretty hopeless with anything green but I have learned that if I gather plants/flowers in one collective area — then I tend to not forget them. (I need to see a forest in order to see anything it seems…).

So to me this is a brilliant idea!  Friendly, functional and so pleasing on the eye too. And it works in both large backyards and on tiny balconies.

For a little bit of organization these chalkboard plant markers from Crate & Barrel might come in handy.

Or why not a chalkboard rock project together with kids or friends?

Admit it, these are pretty tempting summer projects — even for you!

Inspiration for this post via Purple Area. Images: no. 1 via Purple Area, no. 2 via Crate and Barrel, no. 3 via Just Organize Yourself.

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