I Go Nuts For These Design Ideas & Objects

Oh my, Oh my. So much loveliness out in cyberland. Here are a few things which made me look twice (and it some cases, squeal in utter delight!).

What an inspirational art wall. The Robin’s blue canvas is so unexpected and works so well with the b/w art pieces. Together they take the wall to a whole different level. Must try something similar myself. (Albert Hadley of course).

This image has been sitting in my inspiration folder for a long time. You all know how I love to mix old furnishings & art  with new. If I can only find a big set of old etchings like that when I go back to Sweden… So jealous…

Black silhouettes on eggs. I can still do that before our Easter party! (All it takes is images on black paper and Mod Podge glue).

I finally have a perfect planter for one of my beloved white orchards. I bought this pretty silver trophy from my (everyones!) good friend Tina’s new cyber shop – The Enhanted Home Shop – and it has found its spot on top of my bookshelf ladder. It’s not going anywhere. Very happy with it!

How cool are these plaster busts made by Kathy Dalwood to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics. I would so bring one home if I was attending the festivities. (Check out the Double Decker bus!).

Passport pillows! Need one in Swedish though.

Art glass hanging pots (designed like radishes) for herbs! Come on! How fun! (A great & unique gift for any food lover).

The last four images above are all from my blog friend Di’s blog, Designers’ Block. I met the lovely Di in blog land when I was a newbie in cyber space and after three years of blogging this gal still impresses me royally. If I am looking for unique, funky, witty design items or ideas – her blog always comes first to mind. I don’t visit as often as I should (I have very little time for blog hopping nowadays, period!) – but this girl is one fun lady who never disappoints. (Hi to you Di and Harvey!).

Finally, Asa Daxberg’s popular Chunky Bead + Sterling Silver Necklace now comes in a Light Powder Pink. Love the color! So fresh & pretty for spring. Hop to my store to learn more — Splendid Willow Avenue. (Let me know if you are interested in redeeming a 10% loyal reader discount code).

Happy new week everyone. I have a feeling it will be a good one!

Images: No. 2 via Neo-Traditionalist, no. 3 House of Bliss, no. 4 via: Rook No. 17, no. 6 via Designers’ Block, no. 7 via Designers’ Block, no. 8 via Designers’ Block, no. 1  & 5, 9-11 via Splendid Willow.


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I Go Nuts For

Hi friends. Here are some things that makes me pulse race extra fast!

1. Pretty chairs with dark chocolate brown/cognac colored leather upholstery. I hope this will be the year when a few will move into my home. I think brown chairs are sexier than black!

2. A glass cabinet for my old books. Oh, how I lust for one. I would have so much fun with it. It would be like my own play house!

3. EXTRA over-sized lamps (we are talking giant size). Just a single one. I think they add unexpected drama and fun to a room. The lamp becomes art.

4. Now look closely at all the images – what do they all have in common? Light floors. In hopefully a month or two, our master bedroom will get a major makeover. (This will my big project of the year, folks!). The first thing I want are light colored hardwood floors, Swedish style. I don’t know what that will do to the the resale value of the house though, because Americans seem to appreciate darker floors more. Regardless, I can’t wait to have a light, fresh and airy bedroom where even the dust looks good in the white corners! To all of you “non-Swedes”- would you dare to invest in really light gray-white/raw plank floors?

This Swedish vignette gives me the “goosies”. Absolutely stunning and peaceful. I am saving up for a Swedish Baroque mirror like that. (And the floors….).

There. A few things on my mind. Thank you for letting me share.

Warm hugs to you all.

Photo credits: Image no. 1 via Splendid Willow, no. 2 via Gemma Comas,  no. 3-4, 7 via Tine K Home, no. 5 via Skona Hem, no. 6 via Purple Area Blog, no. 8 via Skona Hem.



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I Go Nuts For These Winter Holiday Decorations


Happy New Week Friends! After spending almost a week in sunny California and enjoying quality time with close family and friends over Thanksgiving, it is now on to the next adventure — Winter Holidays Galore. This is my favorite time of the year — I love the traditions we have created in my own home, the smells, the colors and all the social activity. It can be a very stressful time of the year but I try very hard to not overdo it and instead really focus on simplicity and full enjoyment. (I am really starting to get too old for stress!).

Here are some holiday decoration images I have saved and feel are oh so inspirational.

My favorite is this one. Three simple and different wreaths on a peg board. Stunning with a capital S.

Putting some greenery in my antique empire candle fixture. Must try sometime!

Green wreaths in the windows with white ribbons. Simple is beautiful.

A cluster of candle sticks of different heights. Nice.

Just a tad of greenery on that white table cloth in the dining room. Add some candles and simple white flowers. Not much else is needed.

I like pine cones and pine cone trees. I feel they go hand in hand with the season.

Simple winter holiday cards attached to a long jute string with wooden clothes pins.

And a wreath made with black and white photos of close family members. How perfect for story telling and going down memory lane.

And why do I feel that this leather bag really belongs under the green tree? Also perfect for really young ones to ride on!

If I can only have one flower this time of the year, it will be the Hyacinth. I love everything about this fragrant flowering plant which brings back wonderful childhood memories from Sweden. You will find it in just about every Swedish home during Christmas. Note: These white mugs at Ikea work great as plant holders. Just put some moss on top and tie a red string around the mug. Do I have to say again that simple is beautiful!

If you are interested and if you have a moment, hop over to my store Splendid Willow Avenue, where more toys have been added. Yep, for those of you who have been asking — the Danish Reindeer is now listed!

 Don’t forget to take advantage of my 15% off on all merchandise in my store as seen in the latest issue of House Of Fifty. Simply use the code livesplendid15 at checkout.  (And don’t forget that the code also works over at the wonderful store Live Like You). The offer expires December 10th. 2011.

Warm hugs to you all.


Images: No. 1, via Splendid Willow, no. 2, 7, 8 and 9 via Country Living, no. 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 via Skona Hem and no. 11 via Livet Hemma.

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My New Collection – LOVE THESE!

First of all – thank you so much for the wonderful embrace of the newly added fashion-line to my store. I have been very busy over here! I desperately need more hours in a day…  But in a very good way! 

Now over to something else close to my heart — collecting something you are really passionate about. I can’t say that I “collect” many things. As many of you already know, I collect the beautiful cups by the Swedish designer Asa Lindstrom, showed here at my house. (My children collect naturally heart shaped rocks and mini glass animals).

I also collect vintage well made, hand carved animals. I have a a whole grouping of them. Can’t really say why. I just love animals and I love real wood. (This Dachshound recently moved in with us).

By my latest craze is these (and some of you might fall asleep…) ..

Yep. LOVE THEM! You might recall my post about being really inspired by an artful display of old postcards. Well, on my hunt for something simlar I stumbled upon something completely different than anything I had ever heard of before — these postcards in leather from the early 1900-hundreds.

Turns out that for a few years (around 1901-1906?) postcards in leather were apparently the “new thing” in the US. They were considered “novelty” cards and after just a few years in distribution they were banned by the US Postal Service. (I need to find out why. Perhaps they were tricky to get through the machines…).

These cards were mostly handmade (sometimes machine made) and often carried a comical message. I think they are absolutely wonderful!! Especially now when postcard correspondence has become a dying art. People resort to impersonal e-mails and text messages, which is really quite sad to me. Postcards are uplifting!

(I think this is funny!).

When doing some research, I learned that these cards have very little value. There is no great demand for them and they are, by some, even considered boring due to their lack of vibrant colors. YOU CRAZY PEOPLE! That is exactly why I like them! They are quiet and personal and at times very funny! And the leather aspect is just stunning. Anything BUT boring in my book. I have been bidding on a few leather cards lately and I get so excited every time one shows up in my mailbox!  These beauties go for very little money which amazes me — they are part of history, people!

All the postcards I am showing today are  my recent purchases. I am picky, picky. I want pieces with character and a good vibe. Of course I prefer the handmade ones and I am extra drawn to the ones with a real (1 cent) stamp and address on them.

This beauty of the White House made me pace around the house for a few days before I actually won it on E-bay. I had put in a reserve for $150. That is how much I wanted it. I got if for $9 and 99 cents!!! Crazy! How could I have been the only one bidding on this beauty?! I am shaking my head.

I know exactly what I am going to do with these Amercian beauties.You will see!

Some great sources for these vintage leather postcards are E-Bay and Old Postcards. But I am sure you can come across them at antiques markets.

Speaking of collections. A customer (now friend and actually one of the very first subscribers to sign up for my blog 2.5 years ago!!) from my antiques days just sent me a couple of images of some old European playing cards she came across, really liked and had framed. I LOVE it when people invent their own art! Well done, Ms. W!

And finally I have to share my son William’s (4) collection. He carefully handpicks pretty little leaves and puts them in our freezer! (I find new ones all the time!). When I ask why, his answer is “so they last forever”!  Well, of course! Isn’t that what real collecting is all about.

Now, what about you? Are you collecting anything different you would like to share? We sure would like to learn!

Warm hugs to you all!

Image credit: No 1. via Free Great Image.

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Very Inspired By This!

And you thought it was going to be a decorated pumpkin! Nope.

I came across this in the latest issue (Nov) of Country Living and I swear I must have stared at this image 50 times! The home owner, Sean Scherer, a fabulous antiques dealer in NY, affixed a series of vintage Pompeii postcards (45 of them!) with bookbinder’s glue on a large canvas. In my opinion, it works so well because 1) it is a series and 2) the cards are within the same color scheme. 

It is inspired me so much that I spent literally hours in cyber world trying to find a large lot of vintage cards with a similar feel. No luck. BUT my search led me to something new and different that works even better for me.

As of this weekend I have started a new collection, folks!

Something that I have never seen before! I will not tell you until a few of my bids have gone through — so you guys won’t snap them up before me! I will show you in a few days. Very excited over here!

Happy new week & Happy Halloween!

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