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Sorry for my absence in blog land lately. Busy, busy with business and new projects. All good and very fun! I will share soon.

Design magazines have been piling up — and quite a few have dog ears in them. Here are some top design contenders that ended up in my personal inspiration folder.

1. Contrasting side tables

This pretty, soft pastel infused London home has made its rounds in blog land. What immediately caught my eye are the pretty side tables. I want them all. 1) A section of a plaster pillar, 2)Marble topped (Heavenly!) iron table (I am thinking perhaps a little DIY project?), 3) Curvy bronze side table. The three together = home run.

2. LOVE the color palette

(and any r.e.l.a.x.i.n.g living room)

Lots of white mixed with warm rust, orange, brown and black. Fresh, crisp and inviting. Wanna put my feet up.

3. Le Corbuiser’s iconic leather chairs

I sigh every time I see them. Designed in the 20′ s folks, and still going mega strong. And you know how nutty I am for Cognac colored (sounds WAAAY more interesting than Cinnamon – cheers!!) leather. One of these days…. They only look better after years of wear.

4. Rustic bench

That’s it! Next time I see a large, pretty, rustic bench at a flea market/auction — I am grabbing it and moving it inside! A functional statement piece.

Hugs to everyone. I have some serious e-mail & blog catching up to do.

Images: no 1. via Splendid Willow, no. 2 via Living Etc., no. 3 + 4 via Skona Hem, no. 5 scanned via Domino Small Spaces Spring 2013.

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I Go Nuts For

Lots of design things I have been going nutty over lately!

1. Tufted banquette

Most of you know that I am totally tufted (see one of my previous posts) and that I am always lusting for a casual (not contrived) bistro style dining area. I see this tufted sofa embracing the dining table and I just sigh. One day… And I want a pretty lantern too.

2. Tabletop Décor With An Impact

I will now be hunting for an old, gigantic wooden bowl – to place some (naturally shed) antlers in. Simple and pretty.

3. B/W shower curtain

Chic with wide black and white stripes. A bit dramatic.

4. Long vintage table turned desk

Brilliant! I want this as my work space! How pretty the wood is with white and black details. A desk like that can serve so many different purposes over time. (I also like that white upholstered stool underneath the table — to use as extra seating or to put feet or stuff on!).

5. White is always right

So fresh and pretty. A LOT more white is moving into my own home.

Just came across this “white” art piece by Canadian Eleanor Doran. Look closely. Being a city girl at heart (I should really be living in NY) I like tall buildings.

6. Design Chic

A must read blog driven by two wonderfully talented and stylish ladies, friends and design mavens! I have followed them from their very early blog days – their blog is filled to the brim with design inspiration. These gals always deliver.

It is an honor for me to be guest posting over at Design Chic, chatting about how to “Decorate Like A True Swede”. Please, hop over and say hello. And make sure to include their blog as a daily read!

Hop to my guest post — here. I hope you enjoy!

Warm hugs to you all.


Images: No. 1 via Splendid Willow, no. 2-5 via House & Home (scanned Sep. 2012), no. 6 + 7 scanned via Style At Home (100 Designer secrets) .

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6 Things I Go Nuts For

I am counting the days till this household is breathing normally again. Talk about T.E.M.P.O over here (or insanity). Kids’ last day is school in on Monday (of all days). Oh boy will I be celebrating with them!

But I took an hour off today in the sun and caught up on some magazine reading. Here are some things I immediately ear marked.

1. Book wall paper

You might recall this Andrew Martin wallpaper that I hung (yes, myself – mighty proud!) in my home office. Still like it a lot.

I have now came across this white beauty by Y & B. First time I see all white books on wallpaper. Very pretty and soothing. But how many wallpapers with books can a gal have?

2. An old b/w photo enlarged on canvas

Yes, we have seen zillions of kids and wedding images enlarged on big canvases but I am very tempted to enlarge a b/w picture of my parents in their younger days together. (My Dad passed away when  I was 14).

3. Worn shutters

I don’t have any old ones at home, and that is a shame. They can be used for so many decoration purposes and they can add a good backdrop for most vignettes. Don’t forget to snap some up if you come across nice ones with good patina at a local auction or flea market! Send me a picture if you do! (Or if you use some today as part of your home decor).

4. DIY lamp

My two girls are begging for separate bedrooms (they have been sharing a room for the last 6 years). I have finally caved in and we will give them separate rooms and create their personal spaces over the summer. I came across this DIY project and immediately pinned it. How pretty is this for a gir’ls room? The creative lady behind this lamp went to work with layers of paper flowers, butterflies and a glue gun! Add a sparkly branch and you will have one pretty and personal rice lamp. MUST TRY. (Learn more here).

5. One Day Design

I am happy to announce that my close friend/sis Marianne is (now also) offering a terrific One Day Design package for Seattle’ites (and those from nearby communities). She will help you with any of your interior design needs — and it will be money well spent. She is so talented. Go here to see what she offers. And say hi from me if you contact her!

6.  Blue tufted headboard

I thought I was going neutral linen for the headboard in our “new” master bedroom but then I stare at this pretty blue and start questioning my own design thinking. Doesn’t this color add so much happiness to a room? A soothing bedroom is a must but soothing does not necessarily mean neutral. I find this color soothing and happy! (Still going with whitewashed hardwood floors though).

Ok, off to climb back on the hamster wheel…  Next time you hear from me I will be much calmer and back to my social myself.

Hugs to everyone.

Images: 1 + 2 via Splendid Willow, 3-5 & 10 scanned via Living Etc. – June 2012,  no. 6 via Glue Arts, no. 7+8 via Marianne Simon Design.


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Obsessing Over This

Did you hear about the close to a million images of New York going back to the mid-1800s that have been made public for the first time on the internet? New York city’s Department of Records (/or go here) recently announced the debut of the photo database. Since NY is one of my favorite cities and I love history, I find this incredibly fascinating.

Among the many historic (and sometimes eerie) photos is this one that I keep coming back to over and over again. It shows Brooklyn Bridge with 10 brave painters (!) posing from suspended wires (perhaps the first time they ever got the attention from a camera). No hard hats or safety ropes in sight!

A friend of mine thought it was a scary and sad image. To me it is totally the opposite! A brutal and unglamorous job back then, I am sure, (and I don’t want to know about how many lost their lives) but I know well paid Wall Street guys who are driven around in safe and fancy cars, who make a ton of money and are a lot more depressed than these guys appear to be! I see humor and pride and freedom in this image. I also feel some sort of camaraderie between those brave men. And then of course the picture itself is stunning. Perhaps it is only me — but I absolutely LOVE this historic NY photograph.

So much that I want it enlarged on a MEGA canvas. I can totally see this take center stage on a wall at my house. I am allowed to enlarge it, right? It is over 50 years old. And as long as it is not for financial gain. I better check the copyright laws with my photographer friends. Or do you know? 

I am also obsessing about artsy ice! Swedes are so good at this and I promise myself every summer that I need to add some berries and herbs to the water for some ice making. But I always forget because our ice comes straight from the refreigerator’s ice machine. Note to myself: Get some good ice trays and add some organic fun to the summer drinks. Easy breezy!

Lastly, I snapped up some chic & pretty, vintage bracelets from my very good & creative friend Michele’s Etsy store.

They will be my summer obsession! Love the look of them all and the sound of the bangles! Will get a lot of use out of them. Just need a great sun tan and a couple of cold drinks (with fancy ice cubes! Ha!). Hop over here and find something pretty for yourself. Vintage jewelry is hot, people!

Hugs to you all.

Images: No. 2 via Matt over Matter, no. 3 unknown (sorry), 2 last images via Splendid Willow.

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I Go Nuts For These Lovely Things For The Home

Just glanced through a “special issue” of House & Home (Best Decorating) and I ripped out many pages of goodness. I hope you find them as inspirational as I do!

Make your own driftwood bookends! Well of course! Just find your own beach treasure and attach it (with a screw or with Crazy Glue) to a base that you have painted. Perhaps it will bring good memories to your bookshelf.  Worth a try.

Another “beachy idea”. Put some old twine and rope in clear glass bowls and bottles for a stylish display.

LOVE this wool rug! I can see it in an all white room paired with a white sofa. Classic & timeless with a little Scandinavian folklore vibe. (Can be found here).

I lust for this photo art by the Canadian artist Joshua Jensen-Nagle. Oh my! I immediately went to his website. This piece features the St. Mark’s Square in Venice and you can only see distant dots that must be people. Love the whole composition and the colors. Works in both traditional and modern rooms. Look again – nice, right?

I have my own little miniature portrait collection going on. (Only four portraits so far, so not much to brag about – but all from the 18th c). If you want to add just a little bit of “old world” to your home that is a great way to go. (They do not take up space, they work in all kinds of rooms and there are always collectors out there on the hunt for good miniature portraits).

Before I end today I must say that I was super pleased to learn that two boots from my store, Splendid Willow Avenueare featured in the US Equestrian Federation Magazine. This is the magazine for horse owners and it will also be given to everyone visiting the prestigious three day Rolex Kentucky Equestrian event (this is a qualifying event for the Olympic Games and World Championships) later this month.

My boots were featured as a good thing to wear in style at the Derby. (Sorry for the badly cropped images).


The classy event is sponsored by Rolex.

And yes William Schatner (actor) is on the cover of the magazine and also featured inside). He is apparently a big time horse lover. (Did you ever watch him in Boston Legal? I was such a fan of the series).

Can’t say that I mind the good company!

Warm hugs to you all!

Images: no 1. via Splendid Willow, no. 2-6 scanned via House and Home (special issue Spring 2012), no. 7, 8, 10, 12 + 13 via USEF, no. 9 + 11 via Splendid Willow Avenue.

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