Inspirational Decor For The Holidays

Since I will be in Stockholm, Sweden during Thanksgiving, my mind has traveled straight to Christmas and all the fun decor for the winter Holidays (great ideas whether you celebrate Christmas or not).

While out cold last week (Thank you for all your well wishes. You are a dear bunch.) I comforted myself with several great magazines and page after was was ripped out.

Here are some of my favorite and most inspirational decor ideas:

1. Advent calendar with ornaments

What a nice idea! Make your own calendar and place small, personal ornaments in a large bowl. Let the kids hang one ornament on the home made calendar per day. Beats candy! (The calendar is made from a gray painted board attached to a vintage window frame. White cup hooks hold manila shipping tags, numbered with stickers).

2. One pretty, over-sized wreath on a mirror

= Immediate holiday impact

3. Cocoa Hot Spot

I have never tried but I might just need to for the kiddos and their friends.

4. Vintage sheet music wreath

Make a personal wreath with vintage sheet music. (Roll sheet music into cones. Hot glue the cones to a wreath form that you make from sturdy cardboard).

5. Black + Silver

Silver looks amazing with candles, greenery, simple pine cones and a plate of satsumas!

6. Guest room decor

Our own guests will be able to admire a pretty Rosemary plant (or  small pine tree) in a burlap sack on their bedside tables.

7.  Restraint is key!

Your eye can’t focus on anything if you decorate too much!

8. Tree loveliness

I so wish this tree was mine. (A mix of old, new and handmade ornaments). So very pretty, pretty. And the settee too!

9. Wool blanket and Pomegranates

Ok, this idea I will copy one day. Layer an old wool blanket under the cross stitched linen table cloth (I have that very same one at home! Bought it 6 years ago).

And again, how pretty is this simple decor idea with red, handsome pomegranates, and a tad of greenery in a glass cookie stand. Will copy this idea too!

10. HGTV Magazine – December 2012

For more terrific Holiday decor, hurry out and buy HGTV Magazine’s December issue (out now) and turn to page 130. My dear friend Marianne welcomes readers into her Christmas decorated home. I know her lovely home well and I run over there frequently! So proud of her!!! 7 P.A.G.E.S of  Holiday Decor Inspiration from this designer maven!!! Go, Marianne, go!!

Hugs to you all!

Images scanned via BHG Christmas Idesa (2012) and Country Home Holiday 2012. Last image via HGTV Magazine Dec. 2012.


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Minimal Fall Decoration At My Home & Busy Times At The Shop

Are you holding on to your hats, folks? (In my case a helmet). Speedy season is here. Gas pedal pressed down hard. Woosh!

I don’t know about you, but I have hardly had any time to focus on new fall decor. I am keeping everything pretty much the same as last year. I did manage to carve out a few minutes though to dress up a few vases around my house with cheesecloth, burlap and jute ribbon. I added berry branches from a local grocery store. Not much, but I like the look. Rustic, simple and “fallish”. Then when winter comes I can just replace the branches with thick pine branches. (I am a practical Swede after all!).

My Austrian grandfather, Max, once went on a hike in the Alps and found a pretty and rare Edelweiss flower. He had it dried and mounted into a brosche that he gave to my mother with her name engraved on the back. I added it to the the arrangement and now it has so much more meaning.

I put some mini pumpkins in a candle holder dressed in burlap.

So a little bit of fixing & relaxation at home… (with a little bit of music to work to)…

… and a lot of things happening on the store front.

First, thank you to the chic People Magazine’s Style Watch (in stands through November) for putting our store and the Ilse Jacobsen boots we carry in the limelight.

Second, as a Thank You to all of our followers and readers, we are offering a splendid giveaway. It is a Facebook sweepstakes. It is easy. All you need to do is to like us on Facebook.  One lucky winner will walk away with a $350 gift certificate to spend on anything in our store. Not bad, right, before the big holiday seasons! Sweepstakes ends on Friday October 26th. Enter here.

Fall season means rainy season — at least here in Seattle. We have added Ilse Jacobsen’s latest models and colors to our store. The new 3/4 length coats are selling like mad. (Europe is almost sold out!)

More jewelry has been added. I personally like precious metals but I don’t want my jewelry to be mass produced. Astrid Bjork’s wonderful sterling silver ring is a Swedish design classic. She has been making that ring for 18 years. Timeless and stunning.

Also new in our store are a few pieces by the popular Swedish brand Sahara. I wear the earrings almost daily – and get compliments all the time! (They look even better on than in the picture). Sahara was founded by the talented Swedish gal, Lovisa Wester Bäckström in cooperation with Camilla Läckberg, who is a mega big suspense author in Sweden. To date she has sold over 5 million books. An added bonus since I am a big time Suspense Novel reader!


We are delighted to say that we have added a whole new lighting line to our store! We have picked styles that are current and timeless and lights that are affordable. There are many handsome light fixtures to chose among — and more will be added!

More goods for the kiddos have been added.

And more new items will be unpacked in time for the holidays.

We are happy for one of our great designers, Emma Sjogren, who just had one of her beautiful wall hangings (print on linen) featured in the leading country homes magazine in Sweden (Go, Emma Go!). We are the only store in the US to carry many of Emma’s popular designs.

From walls to floors. We are now carrying Brita Sweden’s immensely popular handwoven plastic rugs. If you are looking for a rug/runner that can handle lots of traffic and spills – this might be your solution. (I have thrown away too many sisal rugs because their natural fibers can’t handle stains!). Brita Sweden uses plastic that contains no heavy metals or toxic softeners.

The birthday tees have been flying off the shelves. More colors have been added. The lovely and talented Stacey with Design Addict Mom just shared images from a photo shoot with her readers. And her adorable son Ian was dressed in one of our tees. Awww, Stacey! Ian is so precious!

A brand new store category Ewa and I are working on right now and that I am personally very excited about is — “Splendid Dining”. I am looking to add unique, good quality tabletop items for my own home for the upcoming Holiday Season. I am (as you know) picky, picky and I gravitate toward forever pieces. You will see what we have added to our store in the next couple of weeks. All I can say is – top notch.

So there. A little insight into my hectic (but fun!) daily life. My post about white wall colors will appear next week. I got a little side tracked! I hope you understand.

Fall hugs to each and every one of you.

Image no. 1 via Handmade Spark, images 2-4 via Splendid Willow.

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Ideas & Inspiration For The 4th Of July

But first… I have been spending as lot of time lately thinking and thinking & thinking some more about what this fall could should hold for me (in a perfect world). You see, all my kids will then be in school full time and I will be able to give whatever I am doing my 100% focus. Going back to a fun corporate job would be one option. I have actually have been interviewing with a really cool company that likes me and where something might bare fruit. An alternative is to (continue) to take charge of my own destination and drive it without fear and with lots of determination & new energy. And that is where (in the last week) I have landed!

I am now working on some really fun and much bigger things for this fall. I am more excited than e.v.e.r and you will all be the first to hear!

Passionate I am, yes. And energy I have. But for those of you who don’t know me personally, I am actually a pretty cautious girl. I don’t easily jump in with both feet without first doing some serious thinking. But once something feels right in my gut — then I am pretty quick to grab the opportunity. So far I have been very fortunate in life. So I guess I am sharing this with you to say:

If I can do it (a little Swedish immigrant equipped with a SwEnglish accent and the wrong body type and eye color – short and green eyed! Ha!) – you can do it too. Follow your gut and your passion. Put the energy out there. Work hard and magical things will happen.

Ok, it is early June and for all of you preparing for fun 4th of July parties, now is a good time to stock up on supplies & ideas.

How about a fun DIY wreath adorned with tiny flag toothpicks from the local craft store? (I like it!).

Moving quickly over to the food buffet. I am not much of a burger girl. A clambake is my perfect 4th of July food!

With fries in white buckets (from Pottery Barn).

And a really good drink such as Blackberry Mojitos. (This I will ABSOLUTELY try). Recipe here.

A great dessert idea.

Or why not a simple, patriotic ice cream treat?

Rattan color is pretty to mix with all that red, blue and white. Fun mini chalkboard placeholders. (From Williams Sonoma).

I also like these simple seagrass napkin rings (from William Sonoma). Perfect for the outdoors.

And remember what I always say — simple is beautiful.

I hope this post brings you some inspiration.

Warm hugs!

Images: No. via 1 8 Ballons, no. 2 via Factory Direct Craft, no. 3 via Martha Stewart Living, no. 4 via Pottery Barn, no. 5+6 via Pinterest (but no source, sorry), no, 7 via Martie Knows, no. 8 + 9 via Williams Sonoma, no. 10 via Acme Party box.





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Happy Spring & Happy Easter!

I am signing off for the week. With Easter festivities in the works and a happy sun sending us warm rays (finally!), I am stepping away from the computer for a few days.

Wishing you all a Happy Spring Week and for those of you celebrating — A Very Happy Easter!

P.S I found the hopping fellow over at at EtsyHe’s made from white and brown organic wool and puts a big smile on my face!


Images: no. 1 Etsy, no. 2 via Pinterest, no. 3 via Ludvig Stolterman.

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Easter Decor Inspiration

I like Easter. It is a fun family holiday for us involving quality play time with close friends and family and lots of good food. As always I tend to be more on the laid-back side with my decorations. But  a few things are definitely a must for Easter. Like the silk carrots in our chandelier.

I love birds nests as part of my tabletop decor.

I always have long rows of wheat grass (adorned with eggs) on the dining table.

These handmade sheep also take center stage every Easter. They are made in Washington state but they feel so lovely and Swedish to me.

Here are some other lovely decorations I have come across.

Ok this I must try on my own buffet table. Fresh veggies, especially carrots, as decor. Better than flowers. They can be used the next day in a meal!

Spring branches are a given for Easter (also at my house).

I have never quite figured out what to do with those mini, yellow fluff chicks you see in every crafts store. But this wreath might be the answer!

Note to myself. I must learn how to fold my linen napkins into bunnies.

For the Easter goodie bags. Just place a bunny tail on a brown paper bag. Simple and cute.

There. Hopefully some easy and inspirational Easter decorations.

I found most of the images on Pinterest. I must be the last person in blog land to have joined the movement. Ha! (I signed up a few weeks ago. Yeah, yeah, I know). I was so opposed to it because I did not want “yet another thing” to do in front of the computer. But it is growing on me. I find it quite handy actually.

For those of my readers who might not know, Pinterest is a rapidly growing social-media base where people research and pin inspirational images (fashion, decor, party ideas, home improvement etc), on virtual pin boards. A good and quick way to get tons of inspiration for yourself and to share with others.

You can follow my personal pin boards with here, if you are interested.

Today you will find me joining these fun parties. Thank you ladies!: The Girl Creative, Skip To My Lou, The Southern Institute, Making The World Cuter, Coastal Charm, A Sroll Thru Life & A Diamond In The Stuff.

Hugs to you all.

Images: 1-4 via Splendid Willow.

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