Celebrating Mothers (Some Good Ideas)

I don’t know about other Mamas out there but on Mother’s Days and Birthdays the absolutely last thing I want to do is house chores (which I do all other 363 days of the year and then some…). I don’t need to be spoiled, just “helped & extra appreciated” a little. So for any of you still looking for ideas and gifts for the upcoming Mother’s Day (May 12th) here are some of my personal favorites:

1) “Mama Gets To Savor The Day”

Which means NO, nada, zip cooking, dirty dishes, cleaning, laundry and running in 50 directions. No paperwork, no computer (yes, please drag her away from that screen!), and chauffeuring. Instead think|:|Good dining, sightseeing/local adventure, pampering (facials, massage, manipeds etc). Mama should not lift a finger on Mother’s day — that is my firm opinion!

2) Heartfelt cards.

With personal notes. Handwritten people! I’ll take a good card before any flower. (I don’t even want cut flowers, just cards and a jolly good time!).

For me personally gifts are not important (more than to give, which I love!). I have too much stuff and just want less. But I wouldn’t exactly say not to any of the following….

3) “The Gift Of Nothing” (by Patrick McDonnell)

The Gift of Nothing is the most perfect book for any kid, Mama, sister, girlfriend. I have given away many, many. And my kids have always brought them to school for their teachers to read out loud. Sweet and meaningful.

4) Helen Ficalora jewelry

Helen Ficalora is a popular Seattle jewelry designer, who years ago (before everybody else) became well known for her gold charms with initials. I have three 18K charms with my kids initials but I wouldn’t mind getting her gold chain with diamonds to go with them. Simple understated and very pretty. (She does not show it on-line, you have to ask for it).

I am liking the top necklace.

5) Candle

A really good candle. An over-sized, non toxic and pretty one. I like just about anything by Cire Trudon.

6) A small makeup bag

I am a total small accessories snob. This little fellow I will quickly make room for in my purse. (Gucci).

7) Potted Myrtle Tree

Instead of cut flowers give me a Myrtle tree in a pretty pot and I will kiss your paw!

8) Sun Certificate

A gift certificate to pick out a (reeeeally) nice pair of sun glasses in time for summer!  A brilliant idea if I may say so myself.

Now, if I only can get my hubby to read this post…

From my own store, Splendid Avenue, I already know that these products are popular with the ladies (and Moi!):

9) Josef Frank’s notepad cube

Via the prestigious design store, Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm. He made this pattern in the 20’s. I use mine ALL the time. The most perfect desk companion.

 10) Summer Flip-Flops

We have a very hard time keeping Ilse Jacobsen’s new rubber flip-flops on the shelves. Scandinavian stylish and comfortable.

11) Multifunctional bottle

The colored glass bottles are also popular. They are both vases and candle holders. A functional and pretty gift.

12) Pretty Pie Plate

New is also the “Grandma Pie Plate” with a pretty lace pattern at the bottom, as a surprise when the crumbs have left the plate!

Those are some of my Mother’s Day ideas. Do you have any good ideas to share with all of us?

Happy New Week to you all!

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Happy Hearts Day!

I live in coffee central, Seattle, after all!

From my home to yours.

Sending you extra hugs and good energy on Valentine’s day.

I am happily recycling this picture of our cat Smurfie (a former shelter cat who brings tremendous joy to our household).

When I think of a pretty heart shape, I think of Smurfie’s nose!




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Valentine’s On My Mind

Not a big Valentine’s girl here, I am the first to admit. (Too much red and pink. And too loud…). But of course the kids get to celebrate and a few (very few!) decor items will be/ have been added to our home. You know how I like it — simple, functional and personal.

I came across this cute project. Would be fun to try.

And why have I not thought of this before? This will be served for breakfast on Feb 14th for sure!

As a Valentine’s treat — this looks simply  divine. I think  I might actually try this recipe (even if it will take me a while). So my taste. Chocolate Pavlova with Chestnut cream, Raspberries & Clementines. Oh Mama & Oh Mama…

We did not go Valentine’s crazy at our store but would point to our popular Swedish heart dresses for kids. The softest European velour (like butter) and the most perfect stitched heart. Pair the dress with cotton tights and you will have very unique and happy outfit.

About a year ago I found a moss heart in Sweden for my wonderful sis-friend Michele. Whenever I go back I see them everywhere. Swedes buy them to bring simple green touches to their homes. I love the modern swoosh at the bottom of the heart. And now we carry these moss hearts in our store!

Place them as is in a pretty bowl.

Or decorate and hang on the door as I did.

I am using the smaller ones as displays for baby pictures of my three kids. I will hang them on a long birch branch so the kids can enjoy and to be proud of them! (That will be my only DIY project for Valentine’s. I am getting too old lazy!).

In Sweden I also found the most perfect metal wreath that I have never seen before. Open it up and fill it with moss, small apples, berries — what ever you want. Et voila, you have a very personal heart wreath to use indoor or outdoor. A wreath that can be used over and over again. Now that is Swedish smart!

We have added several sterling silver pretties for Valentine’s (but the Kitty earrings are still my favorite earrings. I use them all the time).

I’d also like to point you to some really nice new candle holders. Read the story about the blindfolded designers!

And brace yourselves. We have also added some things for the men! Yep, it’s about time. And what better brand than “Bjorn Borg”, who is still considered one of the best tennis players of all time. He once said: “If you are afraid of losing, then you darent’ win.” And boy did he win. He was also the first rock-star of tennis (leave it to a Swede!). My big brother Erik actually  played on the same team as Bjorn Borg growing up. Not for very long — but I don’t mind the story! Good enough for me to want to bring some items of Bjorn Borg’s collection to our store.

How about good quality boxer briefs for stylish men to start with. (Bjorn Borg has about 52 fashion stores, mainly in Europe, did you know that? I had no clue.)

Visit our store Splendid Avenue — here — to see all new products.

And finally, a few yards of hand stamped ribbon. Found it on Etsy. Simple and pretty and I can use it all year around!

Hugs to you all.

P.S Any fun Valentine’s traditions you want to share with us?

Images via: no. 1, Hoosier Homemade no. 2 Koo & Poppet, no. 3 Fork Spoon Knife, no. 4, 6, 7, 8 and 10 via Splendid Avenue.

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Happy Holidays, Happy 2013!

Friends, it’s a wrap (and one gigantic embrace) from this little corner of the cyber world.

Thank you, thank you for all for the wonderful support you have given me throughout the year. What a special bunch you are. I treasure each and every one of you.

This lady is finally breathing like a normal cat again. What a crazy busy season this has been for our store; a customer compared us to Cirque De Soleil. We have managed to pull some last minute miracle tricks, but oh how much fun we have had!

I am now going to take a good winter break, recharge my batteries and focus on my family and close friends. I will be back again Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013!

Love To You All,


Images no. 1 unknown (sorry!), no. 2 via Martha Stewart.

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Minimial Holiday Decor At My Home

Busy season folks! How are you all holding up? Not much new happening at my house (the store is taking all my time) but I managed to get some simple holiday decor up this weekend. Perhaps nothing to write home about. And not too much glitter and glam. I am a simple Swede after all….

Last week I found a gray vintage door that I dragged home (Hubby shook his head…) and leaned against a wall. That is where all the holiday cards are going up! (If I only can get mine out in time…). Note: The lighing is pretty bad in these pictures. Trust me, the door looks better in real.

I am using simple green moss balls (from my store) which I added some silver thread to and placed in our stocking pot holders. It took me a whole 4 minutes to put together…

The tree looks pretty much like last year’s. (Forest/wood themed for this animal loving family).

The Winter village is up again. My kids love this simple Holiday display! The wooden house is vintage.

(Only our traditional “Swedish Candy Store” is left to tackle. I will show you soon).

Before I sign off, I want to send some extra big hugs to these talented ladies, bloggers, designers and friends who all plugged my store, Splendid Avenue. Thank you ladies! What unexpected and lovely treats!

Thank you to my dear & mega talented friend, Greet with Belgian Pearls (everybody’s best friend!). She highligted some of my Swedish finds in her blog post, jam packed with holiday inpiration. Don’t forget to check out her brand new business website. Can we all say Magnificent!

Thank you to the lovely Leslie with Trouver Le Soleil.

Leslie hung some of our Boxwood wreaths in her window.  Your holiday decor looks fabulous, girlie! (Read her entire post).

Thank you to Phyllis with Henhurst Interiors (who we all pin like crazy because she is sooo good!). She also featured a wreath from us in a recent blog post.


Thank you to my dear friend-sis Charlotta (“Hej Lilla Loppan”!) with Space For Inspiration (who I did not get to see in Stockholm this time around. Bohhoo! But this summer you can count on me knocking on your door!).  Charlotta highligted Ylva Skarp’s popular artwork which we are the only US store to carry. Charlotta’s post/blog is jam packed with lots of Scandi-design inspiration.

And finally, Linda Merrill with Surroundings who is a really good and loyal friend and who is mega busy with her high-flying design business. She featured our reindeer candlesticks in her latest issue of Surroundings Holiday Style Guide.

Hop over here and read her magazine here!

Make sure you follow all these ladies. I already do. And you know how picky I am! (:

There you have it. Some Decor & Blog Shout-outs. “Gott och Blandat” as we say in Swedish. Happy & Mixed.

Ta Ta!

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