I Am Dreaming About…

whatever it is you will find out when you hop over to my dear blog friend Nancy with the oh-so-wonderful Marcus Design. (I have a special crush on all these Canadian talents I follow! I married a fantastic man from Vancouver Island, Canada which might have something to do with it).

Go here and read my guest post about something my dream home will have (and I hope it will be more than a dream!).

It begins with the letter…

And it is not a big, bouncy bed (but that would be nice too!).

 Happy new week friends!



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Oh No! Crash Boom – This Made Me So Sad…

Something sad happened over at my house. See that antique, Swedish plaque on the wall (ca 1840) which I bought at an auction in Sweden a few years ago? Well, I love it and treasure it. (And you don’t find too many of them anymore – or they will be snapped up quickly).

Right when we are about to leave for our Vancouver trip (a couple of weekends ago), and the kids are all buckled up in the car, my husband hears this BOOM, CRASH and rushes to see what happened just in time to see the cat (Charlie!) jumping off a table where the plaque was temporary leaning against a wall (how stupid can I get?!).

My dear plaque fell down on the hardwood floor — and look at it now!!! Bohoooo! I cried for a second or two until my husband yells “It is just stuff for God’s sake! Let’s go! The kids are waiting in the car!!!” (And off we went, even though I was quiet for the first 30 minutes).

I have no idea if it can be repaired and if it is even worth repairing. But my good friend Katrine knows a really good quality antiques restorer here in Seattle, so we shall see. Though I think I will have to sell quite a few boots in order to afford it…

On a much happier note, I am honored to have been invited over to my lovely blog friend, Jill’s blog , Live Like You, to showcase 10 things that I like about my bedroom. Far from being a fancy and designed room, at least it has a personal stamp on it.

In that post I am showing an art piece created by myself. You might find it completely hideous — doesn’t bother me one bit! Art is (and should be) very personal and this piece is meaningful to me.

Hop over and read the story here. And say hi to the talented Jill who is a fellow Swede on the US west coast. I met her last summer in blog and I so appreciate her friendship and her great style (and blog!). 

And don’t forget to enter “A Perfect & Splendid Giveaway” over at the lovely A Perfect Gray. You can win a pair of high-end Ilse Jacobsen boots from my store! Go here!

Warm hugs to you all.

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So Much Great Design Reading & Inspiration At The Moment

Hello friends. Today’s post is all about reading material.
First up, my guest post over at the wonderful Space For Inspiration where I am sharing my thoughts and ideas for the fall. (Thank you for the opportunity sweet, Swede Charlotta & splendid blog sis!). Hop over, when you have an extra moment!
And then over to magazines. For a while it felt like every design magazine worth paying attention to was folding and gone without a proper goodbye (Domino, I still mourn you!) . From there it might have been an inspirational disaster/void if not for the creative crowd of bloggers, that is all I can say! Then the  lovely on-line magazine Lonny, popped up and filled some of the space.

And the latest buzz in blog land is the most anticipated magazine – Rue Magazine (I really like the name), by bloggers extraordinaire – Anne ( I once won a giveaway over at her blog that made me giddy for a week) and Crystal. These two girls (with their teams) rock and have so many fun and creative things up their sleeves. Yes, almost every blog I follow has mentioned the launch of this on-line magazine, but since the vast majority of my readers are non bloggers – take it from me and follow this magazine!

Sweet Paul, food & prop stylist/blogger, Prince Paul, just lauched the Fall issue (second issue) of his magazine Sweet Paul Magazine. Another must-read with tons of inspiration. Be prepared to drool — literally.

And then finally. Ms. Grace Bonney (behind the one and only — DesignSponge!)  is getting ready to launch her design inspiration (hard copy) book this fall.  From what I understand this book will be a fabulous mix of design chic meets “real” people. I am so going to pre-order it! I will let you know when it is available.

Photo by Anna Wolf.

So, tons of more fun reading again and excellent on-stop shops for great design inspiration. (And yes, there is room for you all. Just keep on being creative and go your own way!). I could not be any happier!

I am investing in a good pair of new glasses (thick, square Prada, in case you are interested), since my eye doctor says I am going bi-focal.  (Yikes!) Then I will be reading in style again —  and with all of this lovely design material —  like a very content cat.

Hugs & happy reading to you all!

 Image no. 1, via Flickr.

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Give-Away Winners, Guest Post & Quatrefoil Mirror On Sale

The host server has been down due to power outage. I know several of you have had problems accessing my blog. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello all. First of all I have to say that I have been very busy (hope to tell you on what soon!) and I feel absolutely terrible that I have not been more supportive of all my blog friends lately. But whatever you do, don’t take it personally, I love each and everyone of you and I will make an extra effort to respond to all of your lovely comments and e-mails and catch up on your beautiful posts. Just give me a tad more time.

Today, you will find me guest posting over at Gaia’s lovely blog Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This is Gaia with Mr. B. (Gaia, I could not resist!).

I met Gaia in my very early blog days and even if we don’t speak all the time, we have fun when we do. I love her Italian style and attitude and hope to meet with her one of these day (and Federica too, whom I met at the same time)!

Hop over and see what things I Go Nuts For right now – here.

Time to announce the winners of my two giveaways. Thank you for all your support!

Drum roll, please..

The Swedish key cabinet goes to Caroline (Absolutely Unique/Patagonia).

And the 6 Swedish crayfish towels go to Suzanne – Privet & Holly.

Congratulations ladies! Please, send me your addresses so that I can have these items shipped off to you. Enjoy!

Yesterday, I was browsing through Ballard Designs catalog (which I must say just keeps getting better and better). This quatrefoil mirror (an ancient symbol of good luck) made me stop in my tracks.

I think it is very pretty and I love the size. It  is now on sale for a mere $119.99! I am so getting it. And doesn’t it look  great hanging on that book shelf!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Fall hugs from Seattle to each and everyone of you!

Images: no. 1 via Alice’s adventures in wonderland. Image no. 2, acorn, via Splendid Willow/Getty images.

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A Postcard To You Via Design Darling

This will be the last guest postcard for this summer. I hope you have enjoyed the series!

Hi everyone! I’m Mackenzie from Design Darling and I’m thrilled to be covering for the lovely Monika while she gets a little well-deserved rest.
My personal summer postcard to you is sent from:
Nantucket, where my family owns a summer home and where I have vacationed each year since I was born! If you have the chance to see the island, don’t miss a Christmas card picture at Sankaty Lighthouse or an ice cream cone at the Juice Bar (I dream of them year round!).
My way of relaxing this summer is:
Lounging on the beach or hanging around in my air conditioned home reading delightfully long September magazines or catching up on my favorite blogs.
In my opinion, the perfect hostess gift is:
Equal parts personal and practical. How about a monogrammed tray from Dabney Lee to show your friend you care? 
One of my must reads this summer was:
Sixx Design’s Downtown Chic. I know it came out forever ago but I finally had a chance to delve into the gorgeous pictures and inspiring renovation stories. I recommend it wholeheartedly!
This summer, I’m dreaming of:
Vintage scarves from The Lucky Fish. I can’t wait to frame one for my new bedroom!
Monika, thanks for having me here on Splendid Willow today. Enjoy the rest of summer. Fall will be here before you know it!
ox, Mackenzie
(For more on Mackenzie and her fabulous blog go here).
 Images for postcard art via: 1. Flickr, 2. Flickr, 3. Flickr (insert of photo by Splendid Willow).

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