Giveaway x 2 – With A Swedish Touch

Hello all! We have had an extra long weekend in the US for Labor Day. So our week officially starts today and I am kicking mine off with a giveaway!

I brought 2 things home with me in my suitcase from Sweden. I went for practical things chosen by me —  for you.

First one up is a good, solid, home for your many keys.

I found this handsome key cabinet, by Serholt,  in a store in Stockholm and immediately wanted it for my own home. Made in Sweden, this white wooden cabinet has just the right amount of numbers on its door to make you get a little of the current  “numeral trend” in your own home. But more importantly — you will hopefully be more organized! The cabinet measures 16  x 6 inches and holds 18 set of keys.  Hang it in your hallway, garage, laundry room or perhaps in the summer home.

August/early September is the traditional crayfish (or crawdad) season in Sweden. And the Swedes slurp like there is no tomorrow. The Swedes actually started eating crayfish a long time ago — in the 1200-hundreds as I learned on a recent visit to the Swedish Nordic Museum. But dill plant, which is a key ingredient in the boil, together with salt, sugar, ale and water, came into play much  later — in the 19th century.

Well, any crayfish or seafood party will need good-sized napkins. Little skimpy white paper ones, won’t do.

I handpicked six large kitchen towels in Stockholm for a lucky winner. Use them as napkins as I do. Or use them as towels in your kitchen. These are by the Swedish company Gripsholm.

The towels measure 27 x 20 inches,  are made of 100% cotton and feature some handsome but subtle red crayfish as part of the woven jaquard.

I hope you like what I picked out. And I hope that you are interested in bringing a little bit of Sweden into your home.

The giveaway is open to all my readers. If you are in Iceland or Tibet makes no difference. I will ship to you.

This is how you enter the giveaway:

1) Leave a comment on this post on which you would prefer to win. A Swedish key cabinet or a set of 6 Swedish crayfish napkins/towels.

2) Make sure that your e-mail is included and blog address if you are a blogger.

3) For a tweet = enter 1 additional comment

4) For a blog mention = enter 2 additional comments

If you are interested in receiving my blog posts straight to your e-mail inbox, then subscribe to my feed (for free). You will find the button in the right hand column of my blog. No pressure though.

The giveaway is open until Tuesday September 14 at midnight PST. The lucky winners will be contacted by mail.

Good luck to you all!

Flickr: image no. 1 via we heart it. Photos of key cabinet and towels in home setting via Splendid Willow.

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Congratulations! (Giveaway winner)

Big Smiles For You!

The winner of Splendid Willow’s Giveaway is….

No. 93 – Liza P.

Congratulations!  I hope you enjoy your fabulous necklace by Swedish jewelry designer Asa! (Look for my e-mail about shipping address).

And to the rest of you – thank you so much for participating and for your wonderful support. Maybe you will be the lucky winner next time!

Love to you all.

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Spring Giveaway From Swedish Jewelry Designer

Hello friends! It’s time again for another Splendid Willow Giveaway. The person behind this fabulous giveaway is the very talented jewelry designer Åsa (Aasa) Daxberg.

First you might want to know a little bit about her because her business is thriving and she is starting to make major inroads in many leading department stores and fashion boutiques worldwide.

(Asa outside her studio on her horse farm in Texas).

I know of Asa because we are both close friends of Ingrid’s (The Edgewater Hotel gal, remember?). And whenever Ingrid is wearing something new by Asa, we all drool.

Asa, a Swede based in Texas, has always been interested in fashion and design. After getting educated in fine silver jewelry making she started her jewelry business in 2005.

“It started more as a hobby and I had no idea that five years later my designs would be featured in magazines and worn by people in different parts of the world. I am incredibly thankful and frankly somewhat in shock that my style appeals to so many people. I pinch myself every day”.

Asa’s jewelry is all made by her own hand in sterling silver, brass and different precious stones and beads.

“I always go back to my Swedish roots. I like my designs to be simple, beautiful and meaningful”. (Asa will engrave personal messages on many of her pieces).

Asa is so busy with her designs and shipments that her website has been suffering for quite a while (and most of her customers buy from her directly). But in a month or so, her site will be updated and all her latest collections will be featured.

Now, back to the actual Giveway.

Asa is now generously offering a beautiful necklace from her 2010 Summer collection. This beautiful necklace, which Ingrid gets to show off, is called “Recycled Glass Joy”. Folks, I absolutely love this chunky statement piece and think that it is the perfect accessory for the Summer!

Valued at $130 this necklace is made by recycled Petrol colored glass beads from Africa. The beads are hanging on a hand dyed leather band together with a hand hammered silver medallion.

But wait – it gets even more interesting! If you see anything else on her website that you would rather have to a value of $130 or less, then tell us about it in your comment and you might be the lucky winner of that instead!

How to win:

1) Leave a comment (one entry/person) on this post (the necklace or what else you chose for $130 or less).

2) To increase your chances of winning, you can Tweet about the giveaway or mention it on your blog. Just let me know – and I will bump up your entries accordingly.

(Tweet = 1 extra entry, new follower = 1 extra entry, write-up/link = 2 extra entries)

I hope that you already are a subscriber of my news feeds. No pressure, though. It is just a good way to get my news posts straight to your e-mail so you don’t have to look up my blog every time. (It does not cost anything and I do not share the information with anybody).

The giveaway ends on Wednesday May 12th at midnight PST and is open to anybody. I will ship worldwide.

I hope you enjoy this giveaway as much as I do! Good luck to you all!

And don’t forget to visit Asa’s website here – Asa Jewelry.

I am super busy this week (and I apologize for not being very blog alert) but one of the many, many reasons is a meeting x 2 with Swedish Royalty! I will tell you all about it next week! Cyber hugs to you all!

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Alert – Giveaway (and it is not from me!)

… but I wish it was, because I am going absolutely nuts for this fantastic giveaway.

It is my Willow sister Gina over at Willow Decor that is taking giveaways to a whole new level. (Gina and I are 2 Willows that share a lot in common but also have our own styles that complement each other well. Her blog is oh-so inspirational and packed with great design ideas and sources. And I so appreciate our friendship. If you haven’t been visiting, you better hurry over).

But back to Gina’s giveaway. You all know how I love antiques + books (and that I used to dabble with Swedish antiques). Well, there is one thing I have always wanted to collect but have not had the opportunity to become serious about (I own 3, so nothing to write home about, yet) and those are Vellum books.

Vellum is a fine parchment made from the skin of a lamb, pig or calf. It was primarily used in book binding in the 15th and 16th century.

Apparently the wonderful antiques/design shop 3 Fine Grains has over 600 of these gorgeous books which were all part of collection by a famous actor who owned more than 8oo of these beauties!  (I understand he was the largest collector of Antique Vellum books in the United States). The books range in date from the 15oo’s to the late 1800’s. Most books are written in Italian, French, or Latin.

I mean, Hello! Are these gorgeous or what!????? And because they are so classic I think that they work in both contemporary and antique environments.

Until Sunday, Willow Decor will give her followers the opportunity to be the lucky owner of one of  these Vellum books from 3 Fine Grains. The book is from 1626 in Venice, Italy. Written in Italian, the book retails for over $600.

I know you will hurry over now! Admit it! (And if you end up being the lucky winner – you better let me know!)

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Big Smiles For You!

The 3 winners of Splendid Willow’s Giveaway are….

Drum roll, please……!

1. Kendra – Jonathan Adler’s candle

2. Greet L. – Nate Berkus’ pillow

3. Gaia – Peace signs (8)

Congratulations dear blog readers! I hope you enjoy your items and that you find the perfect spot for them in your lovely homes!

And to the rest of you – thank you so much for participating and for your wonderful support. Maybe you will be one of the lucky winners next time!

Love to you all.

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