My Not So Green Fingers

Happy new week to you all, friends! Hope the sun is shining on you!

I would like to think of myself as a pretty nurturing person. And I convince myself that the proof in the pudding is my great marriage, 3 happy, good hearted kids, 2 content cats and many wonderful and really close friend who stick with me. But when it comes to taking care of plants – I am pretty useless, in fact I would declare myself a complete  idiot (even my husband shakes his head). I just seem to walk right by any plant in my house. I just don’t seem to see them. And they all wilt. It is actually very sad because I deeply love flowers and plants and anything living! Not having taken this matter to the “shrink chair”, I wonder if the actual presentation and placement of plants would make a difference? Maybe I need to find a new way, one that stops me in my tracks and encourages me to admire and nurture then. I don’t want anything complicated. Just something simple that magically opens my flower senses (or perhaps slows down my pace?).

Maybe this could be a start. Just one, simple plant, in a pretty bowl. I can do that, right?

Or some pretty yellow branches placed in a spot that is hard to miss.

Maybe place a planter on a chair? That is different. How could I possible not see this beautiful arrangement?

And everyone (including myself) should have a tall, clear, simple vase for impromptu hand picked branches. So simple. They do wonders for the heart & the soul!

This amazing living room has just the right amount of plants and branches for me to handle. Three uncomplicated displays. How hard can it possibly be to nurture these?

I have shown you this image before, I simply love this plant table. Hard to walk by without wanting to talk to and love these plants in weathered pots. I have even been cyber spacing for a while looking for a vintage  industrial table like that. But they all cost $1500 and up. And until I really know if it would help me get a green’ish thumb, I question if it is even worth it. On the other hand maybe it would give me the push I so desperately need…

I just want to be able to open my eyes (and extend my nurturing side) when it comes to plants and flowers. I really would welcome that. It is such an on-going struggle for me. Any other ideas that you think would help me along? I am open for anything – as long  as it is easy. We are talking the very basic and tiny baby steps for a person with so far not the slightest hint of green on her fingers.

P.S Actually, I am pretty good at displaying and admiring peonies. For the short amount of time they are in season… Maybe I should view that as a start.

Love to you all!

Inspiration via lovely Ellmania. First image via Girl On the Move. Last image via Splendid Willow. All other images via Hans Blomquist.

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