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We have a great magazine in Seattle called just that Seattle Magazine. A thick, flashy, must-read, covering local happenings, art & culture, food, fashion & design.

So fun to see our boots as part of a lovely photo shoot with the headline: “Fashion Forecast. Spring runway spoke to our Pacific Rim sensibilities, with Japanese inspired shapes, graphic brights and stripes that nod to the city’s Scandinavian heritage. (Yep that would be us!).

Furthermore: The tall Ilse Jacobsen rain boots are available in a rainbow of colors from local e-tailer Splendid Avenue, for a dose off style and comfort.

A big thank you to Seattle Magazine and its well respected Style Editor Ali Brownrigg, a Seattle Design Mover & Shaker!

Also easy to like the food at the newly opened local Seattle restaurant Tanglewood Surpreme — a tiny, friendly seafood bistro earning great reviews by picky food critics.

Hubby took me there for my birthday last week and OH MAMA the food was A. M.A. Z.I.N.G. Fresh, local seafood with a modern, unique twist. One local food reviewer said he “did not want to share the name of the restaurant to keep it a local secret for the few. But sadly he felt he had to — the food is that good”.

Finally, I have to laugh at a myself. I can get ridiculously giddy happy over the smallest things. Yes the Arco lamp (see previous post) will be nice and the an updated kitchen will make me so happy but yesterday I found a new little bestie — and this one is for my kitchen drawers. A “Forma” stainless “over the cabinet” hook (no screws) to hang kitchen towels, pot holders, etc.

You see, I tend to not like racks for any kinds of towels. I go bananas if towels are not straight. (Yes I know… some issues there….). Hooks are perfect and towels get to freely hang straight (more forgiving in my opinion). And this hook I can move around in the kitchen. Who knew a $3.99 find could put such a grin on my face. Make for great socking stuffers too. Functional design rocks!

Wishing you a delightful week.


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Lara Melchior Jewelry – Yes, Please

Mon Dieu. Good thing I live far away from Paris, because this jewelry designer would make me go broke… My Mom instilled in me, at a very early age, “only buy good quality jewelry (if needed you can always sell) and less is always more.” I’m still faithful to her wisdom.

I found the works of Lara Melchior over at my good friend Mia’s blog. It was this ring that first caught my attention. Two gold/diamond sets brilliantly linked for a full finger look.

Sophisticated sexy or what!

Simple and beautiful.

More pretty rings.

Honeycomb inspired pieces are part of her unique signature look.

Stunning bracelets. Gold and diamonds.

This is Laura Melchior herself. (Oh no, I could be her Mom!!).

And this is her studio in Paris.

Again. Incroyable! To it all.

Hugs to you all and Happy Long Memorial Weekend to all my US readers. I will see you back on Tuesday!


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A Few Design Trends For 2012

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a fun December break. I took the time to really relax with family and friends and to be in the moment. I definitely have a new spring in my step (literally since I also started running again, more consistently. I have a torn meniscus in my knee and it has taken a long time to heal without some big time surgery). I am really looking forward to a healthy, creative and fun 2012!

All design magazines and experts are now talking about how to organize things better in 2012 or which trends to embrace in the new year. The latter seems more fun to me! This is what I have picked up:

Green is the new black. It is more than a trend and it is here to stay. We will see more furnishings designed by recycling, re-purposing, and reclaiming than ever. But we will see more elegant pieces. Not chunky and rustic all the way. More fine lines combined with a little bit industrial feel.

We will see a lot of retro tones in 2012, screaming nostalgia. Colors like brown, orange, yellow and purple in recurring combinations again will inspire the fashion scene, preferably in glossy satin fabrics or corduroy.  


So, no surprise that Pantone announced Tangerine – the color of 2012. I personally like orange and rust myself and for once I feel I am with the trend! (Last year’s color, Honeysuckle, never did it for me). Rust and orange work so well with gray and navy.

Boisterous interiors will be themed a lot this year encouraging parties and clubbing. Bring out the disco ball in your living room, people!

Typography. The design world’s love affair with typography will continue well into 2012.

A big trend this year will be warm metal colors – brass and gold. Goes well with the retro theme but it also reflects hopes for a better economy. Silver and chrome will fade as a trend.

Isn’t this gold Greek Key ceiling light stunning! I want it for my guest room. (I don’t dare to look at the price tag…). Source here – C Bell.

And when it comes to art, be prepared for more avant-garde art scenes. Harsh art designs (a lot of underground black) paired with organic shapes and the chocking 80´s colours contrast with the shiny metal of the 90´s. I expect many interesting, artistic ambitions in 2012.

Any specific design trends you have picked up on?
Warm hugs to you all. It is good to be back!
Image links: No. 1 via Zazzle,  no. 2 via Hometro, no. 3 unknown (sorry!), no. 4+5 via Trend Fashion Style, no. 6 via Pantone, no. 7 via House And Home, no. 8  via You Say Too, no. 9+10 via Color Sizzle, no. 11 via A Designer Spot, no. 12 unknown (sorry), no. 13 via Freecodesource, no. 14 via This Is Glamarous, no. 15, via House Beautiful (scanned from Feb, 2012 issue), no. 16 via Tate.

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Scandinavian Fashion Beauties

So what about the notion that Swedish women are so beautiful. Is it really true? I certainly think so (perhaps that is why I had to move abroad. Ha!). As a generalization, Swedish women are healthy, fit, young looking, equipped with good skin and into natural beauty (and yes you will find more blond, blue eyed and tall women in Scandinvia than in many other parts of the world). Swedes like to look fresh and to keep it natural. (Aging is beautiful, people!)

The top model Emma Wiklund personifies Swedish beauty to me. She is 42, which is hardly considered old age in Sweden, where 70 year olds look 20 years younger. (It is all those power walks, long vacations (6 weeks/year is the law!), the love connection with Mother Nature, healthy diets and lots of fish oil!). Emma is not only stunning she is also famous for her always upbeat and friendly attitude (the key for true beauty). This busy mother of two recently launched her first skincare line. I look forward to checking in out on my next trip to Stockholm. I find this girl so inspirational!

When it comes to fashion, Sweden acoounts for a whole slew of fashion designers who do very well on the international scene. (For a country of only 9 million + people, Sweden keeps winning a surprising number of prestigious international awards for both fashion and gastronomy). The fashion style is more young looking and relaxed. Simple, uncomplicated cuts and good materials. Understated chic. And a lot of natural colors. (No surprise there!). Here are a few of the leading Swedish fashion brands.

Odd Molly

Filippa K.


(I want that Japanese cut sweater. In light blue).


Acne (famous for its very trendy denim).

Recently, I had fun putting together a couple of fashion boards for the Danish brand Ilse Jacobsen which I sell in my own store (Splendid Willow Avenue). I have to pinch myself every day that I get to work and have fun with such a great brand! (And I am also a lucky owner of that Odd Molly dress).

Stylish In The Rain

Stylish In The Rain by SplendidWillow featuring knit shawls

MURUA High Waist Army Shorts
$67 –
Army shorts »

Love Quotes Eyelash Scarf in Caviar
$86 –
Knit shawls »

Animal Print Border Birdcage
20 GBP –
Umbrellas »

Ilse Jacobsen
$179 –


I am very proud to be a  Scandinavian!  (Even though I am a petite gal with dark hair and green eyes and hardly any legs to write home about…). Warm hugs to you all.


Message for Pernilla: Pernilla Dear — you are the inspiration for this post. Thank you so much for the Swedish magazines. What  a nice surprise. I miss you TONS! And little Ville misses his girlfriend. Enjoy the snow in Stockholm!

Images: No. 1 + 3 via Damernas Varld. no. 2 via Ecco, no. 4 via Gorseller, no. 5 via Le Web Pedagogique.

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