Domino Magazine Nostalgia – Part II

More Domino Magazine goodies, ripped out and saved in a large box — until now. You might remember some of these.

How brilliant! Dress up a “manly” file cabinet by making a photo copy of lovely wall paper and glue it on. (This I must try for my own home office).

Create your own, unique office desk by putting a glass top (can be found at Ikea) on a pair of architectural columns. I really, really like this idea!

Decorating on a shoe string budget but you still want something new and fresh. Why not paint  a canvas with a stencil (a few were used here) or simply stretch a pretty fabric over a canvas? Instant and unique art.

Lucky owner who found this mail caddy (that once used to hold mail and keys at a hotel in Paris) and turned it into shoe storage.

I remember saving this image for its composition but also because I loved that little square vase filled with fresh Freesia. I might go to the market for that alone tomorrow!

I am back from lovely Vancouver (we had so much fun!) with the most terrible sinus cold I think I have ever had. I am ready to chop off my head. I will be under the covers for a day while the kids are enjoying a school free day (or two) due to massive snow that just came down. The trees look so magical with thick snow on their branches!

Warm hugs to you all!

All images scanned from old Domino magazines.

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Domino Magazine Nostalgia Part I – Window Treatments

Did we not all cry a little when the design publication Domino Magazine folded a year and a half ago? How were we going to survive? There are several terrific on-line magazines today (my favorites are listed under “Must Reads”) that fill that void to some extent but there is nothing like getting a great magazine in the mailbox. I just spent a week going through tons of Domino issues and ripping out articles I liked — before I plan to get rid of those magazines for good. And I am sitting on a pretty tall pile of goodness!
Since I am all in curtain mode thanks to William’s bedroom makeover (here and here), I thought I would share some brilliant ideas for window treatments.
This is a must try! And I plan to engage hubby. He gets to make a plywood box like this for me. A posh looking valance, don’t you think? Fabric was staple-gunned to the box and ribbon was hot-glued into a criss-cross. The box was attached to the ceiling with small L-shaped metal brackets. I am thinking I want to try this in our guest room. 

Who says curtains have to match? Look at this orange-and-pink combination. It makes the room!

This is such a beautiful room. The cheery “Limoncello” curtains really add a lovely splash of color in the background. (White curtains would have been too predictable). Just a touch of mellow yellow. I like it.

I can not remember exactly who’s lovely apartment this belongs to. Only that the owner is a hip gentleman named Olsen. But I do remember that he took a plain white roller shade and painted black stripes on it! Can’t see the room without that brilliant touch!

Over time I will keep sharing other Domino articles that I have ripped out as inspiration for my own home. They are all classic ideas that never will go out of style.
And yes, I have the Domino book as well — The Book of Decorating. And it has tons of dog ears in it!

Warm hugs to you all!

Images: No. 1 altered via Splendid Willow. All images scanned from old Domino Magazines.

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