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I can’t believe that I still have not managed to get my act together and get started on one of my own favorite must-do-projects. Well it is a new year and I am so going to to put together an artsy and sentimental wall of framed vinyl records. (Just the ones we truly love)!  There are so many wonderful graphic artists behind some of the classics LPs. Actually there is a whole industry out there called Vinyl Art. Did you know that?

A recent picture in  Hus & Hem, reminded me of one of my old posts. The home owner has framed Talking Heads “True Stories”. (An easy and inexpensive way to add a personal touch to your home).

Personally, I am going for all white frames and a full wall! (White frames have been on my mind a lot lately!). Now I am off to do some research on vinyl cover frames. 

On a much more important note, I earlier today turned a “I-must-do-this-now-or-I-won’t-be-able-to-sleep” thougth into reality.

As relief efforts begin to mobilize,  officials estimate staggering loss of life from Tuesday’s disaster in Haiti. A grim road faces these quake survivors, and even the littliest support from all of us can make a huge difference. There are many help organizations,  I personally chose to donate via UNICEF. If you would like, join me.

Click here for a direct link to UNICEF, where you can donate via mail or phone.

Happy rest of the week, friends!

And Dear Kiki, if you read this. I hope your trip back to Sweden went smoothly. I miss you. All of Seattle misses you!  OX Monika

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I Am In Love

Happy New Year to my wonderful blog friends! I hope you created some fun memories this winter holdiay. I sure have missed you! I am very exited about this year. 2010. I feel it’s going to be a good one – for all of us!

I am starting the new year with one image that has kept me occupied for the last couple of weeks. Seriously, I can’t get it off my mind. I am drooling and drooling and thinking about this picture that I picked up at the oh-so-lovely blog Delight for Design.

To me this it the ultimate way of displaying treasured family photos – and because of it I have now decided to repaint my bedroom all white and adopt the concept myself on one of the walls!

Why I am so obsessed? Because of the large cluster of photos collected in one spot. (I like things organized. And I don’t like things skimpy). The monochromatic all white walls, ledges and frames make a quiet but stunning statement. I like the smaller frame sizes in different constellations. Reminds me of an art gallery. (And everything is hung in perfect eye level postion). I also love that there is no fighting for attention in the room. I would die for a room with just the artsy display and a cocktail table. What a hit! Nothing else is needed.

Yep, this I am so trying! And 2010 is off to a good start!

The sitting areas from that same home are also wonderful. The owner obviously has a great eye for art too.

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Attic Bliss In Stockholm

Here is some eye candy for you. This incredible attic apartment in Stockholm is owned by the interior architect and artist Carouschka Streijffert. I am going to keep quiet for a change and let you go through all the details yourself. Take your time.

Okay, just one comment! Let’s talk about books for a second. I do not know of one home in Sweden (unless they are somehow staged) where books are not prominent. Back home we surround ourselves with books and display them with pride. I get totally nervous when I don’t see books in a home. I am so pleased to be reading more and more about how formal living rooms in the US are fading away. People instead are opting for libraries. Yeah! I hope that trend stays!

Images via Skona Hem

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Silhouettes + David Hicks’ Wallpaper

I found a fantastic (so professional and friendly) lady (Patti) on Etsy who runs the store PR Pictorials. Patti cuts the most beautiful silhouettes by hand. You send her a profile image of anything you want a silhouette of and she will cut away, capturing small details really, really well. I was so pleased with the outcome of my 3 images (each almost 8 inches tall).

But I have to tell you that those poor silhouettes were sitting in an envelope for the longest time because I could not figure out a good way to display them. Not being into “very cutesy things”, I one day decided to mount them on top of a favorite wall paper I already had in my hallway then frame them behind glass. They came out even better than I had hoped!

This way I get to continue a little bit of a theme with that stunning handmade wallpaper “Hexagon” by the famous David Hicks (designed in the 70’s) that I never get tired of. And when we are moving to our next house I will bring some of that gorgeous paper with me!

Say hello to Patti from me if you decide to have some silhouettes done yourself. She also makes personal note cards and ornaments among other things with silhouettes as the featured images. I think they make for really lovely gifts for close family members.

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Nifty & Artsy Wall Organizer

My friend Ingrid is very creative, and she always amazes me with new, simple design solutions for every day needs. One day I was using her computer at home and looked straight at this handy wall organizer. Only Ingrid can come up with something like this. She simply got tired of looking at her bills laying around so she made this version with extra deep pockets so she would not have to see them until they were needed. Instead she gets to look at something pretty and upbeat. How splendid!

She used a simple cork bulletin board (19,5″ x 25,5″) and with the help of some fancy fabric and some good sewing skills et Voila! All pockets are double sewed for sturdiness so no ugly threads can be found. A good little project for all of you handy people, otherwise I can put you together with Ingrid and she can make one to suit your style and color choices. I am putting in an order myself! Makes a great gift too!

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