The Best DIY Projects (new series)

I am so excited to share my new series — The Best DIY Minds (on the planet!) with you all. And I am doing this for selfish reasons! I want the best DIY (Do It Yourself) projects collected on my own blog, so I don’t have to hop all over blog land for inspiration and tutorials. You will find the DIY portfolio button on my front page and I hope to fill it with tons of inspirational projects that we all can tap into and actually tackle ourselves.

Let me introduce you to Janell with Isabella & Max Rooms. I have known this generous lady for quite a while in blog land and I can so relate to both her design style and her life attitude. This talented girl shares amazing DIY projects (mainly out of her own home) on her blog and she both inspires and pushes me (and I am sure all her readers!) to be much more creative with my head and hands!

This is how Janell sees her style: “If I had to describe my decorating style I would classify it as transitional with an eclectic edge. And interestingly, I am happiest with the rooms in my home that have a masculine aspect to the design.”

Janell’s blog is jam packed with wonderful projects but the one that stands out the most for me (perhaps because I need one myself) is her headboard project.

She took this.

… and this

To this.


I absolutely love what she did! And it inspires me to get my husband involved and tackle this project together.  Seriously, this I must try!

For the full tutorial, go here.

And this is Janell’s favorite project (so far).

“The lamp makeover project is a favorite of mine. I had been looking high and low for a pair of ivory gourd lamps at a decent price. I kept finding lamps I loved, but at a price I couldn’t justify. Then I went to HomeGoods. The pair I found were a bright blue, but the shape and size perfect! I knew spray paint could easily fix the color issue and the gloss finish gave the lamps the high end look I was after. The finishing touch was to cover the lampshades with a Chinoiserie fabric and contrasting trim. I couldn’t be happier with the fun yet sophisticated result.”



The lamp in its full glory!
For a tutorial of the lamp project go here. (And yes, the red chalkboard dresser is also a project of hers).
Amazing projects, right! Admit that you, just like me, want to roll up your sleeves and start working away!

Thank you, Janell for taking part in this series.

I Salute You And Your Incredible Design Mind!

All images via Isabella & Max Rooms. DIY Design button via Splendid Willow.

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My Weekend Halloween Project

Hello new week!

A busy but fun weekend (I miss you Kendra!) over at our household (incl. 4 family members hit with a nasty bug) but I still had a little bit of time to finish a humble project in preparation for Halloween. I was totally inspired by this image from the Pottery Barn catalog.

Do you remember my Easter Project, when I (to my husband’s confusion) wrapped an entire branch in pages from an old book? (Decoupage). I have gotten so much use out of that large branch!

So, inspired by Pottery Barn (and perhaps also by lovely Erin’s chandelier!) I ripped out some more pages of that, by now, well used book and went to work equipped with stencils, stickers, ribbons etc. and created my very own personal Halloween ornaments.

I used a special tag stencil for this ornament. And glued the book paper on each side.

Perhaps not the fanciest Hallowee tree in town, but personal and made with a lot of love! And I had fun doing it. The cat stencil is my favorite of them all! ( I used a black marker to fill in the color). Make sure to re-enforce the hole where the ribbon goes through, so it won’t rip.

A handsome snow owl from one of my favorite gift shops in Seattle — Common Folk Co.

I found the crows on sale at a party supply store for $1.99/each. The glass vase is very tall and I plan to fill it with more mini pumpkins.

Hope you enjoyed it! What about you — are you working on any fun Halloween projects?

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Shall I Paint This Antique Chest?

Shall I paint my antique chest or not? I am thinking yes! My husband says no and that I will regret it. What’s to regret? We are talking about a piece of furniture from the mid or latter 1800-hundreds in Sweden that you see in droves and that most people in Sweden wouldn’t give a second look.

So, this is my inspiration piece. A family room designed by Mr. Handsome Nate Berkus himself, and featured in Elle Decor not a long time ago. (Most of you have probably seen it). That same dark, royal blue color on the walls can also be found on a lovely, contemporary painting in my master bedroom. (I will show it to you in an upcoming post).

And here is my chest – looking all sad and lonely as it has been in hiding. I have now moved into the light for further inspection. I think it is “not-so-handsome” right now and only changing the hardware doesn’t do the job for me. And trust me we are not exactly talking high quality either (otherwise the thought would never have crossed my mind). But the carved details are quite lovely and in my book, the chest has potential.

What do you think about the idea of having it professionally painted in a high-gloss royal blue color, very much like the door in the living room above? I personally think that the carved lion heads would be even more stately and visible.

I would also have all the  hardware replaced (and some even removed) with some lovely Lion Pull Heads like this from Paxton Hardware.

Now that, to me, would be a lovely statement piece that I would want as my new bedside table. I would welcome that added drama and glamor! I would proudly show it off.

Since I am at it, I am also thinking of painting this lovely vintage mirror (actually of very good quality) that I found at a consignment store for – hold on to your hats! -$ 27!!! (I ran out of the store with it carefully protected in my arms). I am thinking perhaps white or light gray? I so adore the lines. Both classic and modern. (The mirror is larger than it looks in the photo).

Yes, no, maybe? Bring it on! I can take it! If I don’t get too many no’s I will get to it right away. I am not exactly famous for being a procrastinator(!). And my husband, you say? Well, I will just have to blame the verdict on you! Haha! (He is a usually a very good sport my wonderful husband!)

Thank you all for being in my life. You are the best!

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The Cubby Shelf Has Moved In!

Thank you all for your comments and e-mails! In a previous post, here, I wrote about getting a shelf for my beloved Swedish cups that I collect. You had me convinced and I decided to go with a new cubby storage from Pottery Barn (until maybe an edgy vintage industrial version comes along?). I could not wait any longer, so I dragged the shelf home this weekend and forced poor Hubby to put it up Sunday morning. (He is always such a trooper). Here it is in full display. And I have 25 cubbies to fill up. Yeah! (Sorry I don’t take better pictures!).

The old Italian secretarie and I never got along that great (not my style – or so I thought). But when I put it all together, I really started to appreciate the writing desk and have now decided it will not be in hiding anymore!  I am not even convinced that I will paint the cubby shelf gray anymore (but that remains to be seen…).

Do you see the green pottery egg? It was made by the well known Swedish ceramist Hans Hedberg. Hedberg was known for his outsized fruit and egg ceramic sculptures. He passed away in Cannes, France, in 2007 at the age of 89. He used to swap pottery tips with Picasso, taught Chagall, and was highly successful as an artist in his own right. I have always been drawn to the egg shape. It is such a wonderous and magical shape connected with new beginnings!

A really large egg  by Hans Hedberg is something to dream about. But I am perfectly happy with my little green one!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and that you are re-energized for a new week. Happy Monday, dears!

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Perfect DIY Projects For Me (and maybe you)

Image via Flickr

Happy Tuesday to you wonderful friends! (I took Monday off due to President’s day. All we did was to enjoy the sun which is not always out in lovely Seattle!).

I don’t know about you, but in these times of economic down turn, we are paying more attention to our budget than ever before. No unneccesary purchases. I am so tired of things anyway. I want less – not more. I want to surround myself with good quality objects and things I really LOVE. And for the first time I am so ready to take on some Do-It-Yourself projects not only for budget reasons but also to bring even more personality and heart into my home.

There are 3 things that I would love to start and hopefully also get finished in March. (Am I too ambitious?). And this is where I was going to show you a close-up image of my $37 (!) consignment wing back chair before it will get a makeover (and I know it is going to look fabulous once its done! Maybe like below).

Wherever I look – I see fabulous wingback chairs….

Image via House Beautiful

Image via Coco &  Kelly

I was also going to show you a fabulous mirror (found at the same store) that I am going to paint. But you see, Prince William (2.5 years) took off with the camera on Valentine’s day – and it is nowhere to be found! I have turned the whole house upside down. Zip, nix, nada. Camera is in hiding.

So here is a 1 year old image of the chair and me (with the criminal!). You can’t see much but at least it will give you an idea. (I will bring you more pics as soon as the camera has resurfaced! The chair has wonderful bones and is so comfortable. It is just in need of some love and a good upholstery makeover.

Camera thief – Prince William!

Here is another project that I saw over at A Perfect Gray. And now I want this in my home too! The talented home owner/blogger (yes, that is her lovely living room!) put together those wall panels with mirrors. Hello!! She had two of these lovely antique French panels. And on them she attached vintage  Sunburt mirrors. (I might visit my local antique restorer and have him make a pair of panels for me). How lovely! How personal! How Splendid! (And her white wingback chair looks like mine – pre-makeover.)

Any DIY projects you are extra proud of and would like to share with us? Please step forward, friends! We all want to learn some new tricks!

Image via Flickr

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