I Heart Corbusier’s Petit Armchair

Say Le Corbusier and all I can think of are his classic armchairs which I have been wanting for years (no decades!). I am specifically talking about the LC2 Petit Leather Armchair.

Talk about a classic of the classics. The Petit Armchair was designed by Le Corbusier (his real name is actually Charles-Edouard Jeanneret) in 1928 as a modernist response to the traditional club chair. It is part of the permanent design collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

I have a hard time justifying the price of $4000+/each at the moment (and I do not want a reproduction). But one day. One day these beauties will move in with us. They are not only wickedly handsome, they are also very comfortable.

I have always liked the classic dark brown and cognac colors.

But am I the only one who did not know that they also come in vibrant colors? All news to me.

I saw this living room in the July issue of Homes & Gardens and almost flipped. LC2 chairs in orange with black steel frames!!!

I love this entire room. Fresh, comfortable and interesting. I also love rust/orange as an accent color. I use it quite a bit at my own house. I am  just missing one (max two) antiques for added warmth.

My beloved antique chess table (ca 1830) which I bought at a small castle in the southern parts of Sweden would fit right in. It fits in any kind of room (and nope, I am not selling it!) — traditional or modern.

True design classics never go out of style.

Hope you are enjoying the summer! We have more or less moved outside. My vitamin D-levels sometimes tend to be alarmingly low — I am really making up for it now!

Happy week!

Images: No. 1 via World Stop Brands, no. 2 via Dannmihalake, no. 3 via Nordiska Galleriet, no. 4 via Casa Sugar, no. 5 via Splendid Willow.

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My Annual Valentine’s Craft


Turn on your speakers and listen to this beautiful recording by Shaka Khan. What an incredible voice!!!

While the rest of the nation is tuned to large TV screens following the Super Bowl (I could care less about football — only soccer and hockey with Swedes involved get my attention!), I am at home in an unusually quiet house working on my annual Valentine’s crafts. I really enjoy making these matchbox treats and the kids love giving them to their friends and teachers.

I buy large quantities of simple matchboxes, decorate them and fill them with personal messages from the kids, stickers or wrapped Dove chocolate hearts. I know that they are always appreciated.

As you can see, no shortage of matches here! (And yet I never seem to find the bag when I need it!).

Some twenty more to go…

I just received an e-mail from one of my best friends in the world, Anna  L. She is coming with her family all the way from Stockholm to visit with us this Summer. Wihoooo!!!!! Now I am making crafts and smiling from my heart!

Warm hugs to you all.


Images: No 1. (close-up of matches in boxes) via Flickr. All other images via Splendid Willow.

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Brilliant Idea For Saving Childrens’ Artwork

I think most parents at some point will ask themselves “what do we do with all those art masterpieces our little ones so happily shower us with?” Keep, throw away, keep some, frame, use as fire wood, send to Grandma??? And multiply those drawings/paintings by (in my case) three children x 16 years+ and you will need an entire room dedicated to kids’ art.

My close friend Bianca sent me this art solution, yesterday — and I think that it is absolutely brilliant!

New York City-based designer Jan Eleni, creates gallery-worthy custom collages using images of your child’s artwork. She takes good detailed photographs of all the art pieces and has them re-sized, cut and professionally framed behind glass. (Miniature artworks).

One of those frames in my house and all young family members will feel equally important and loved! I think this is worth trying myself. “There you have it kids – 112 of your own adorable artworks, museum style. And as parents we could not be any more proud.”

Images: No. 1 via Steve Jerman, no. 2 via Remodelista.

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William’s Bedroom Makeover Part II – Chosing Wall Color

The exercise continues. Thank you for all your help finding great (and inexpensive) sources for window treatments. See earlier post here. I am now glad I started that process first. Because, just as I anticipated, this might take a while and I will be working on this simultaneous with everything else for the room. I am now down to two window treatment options and I hope to share them with you next week.

I have also (kind of) decided on the look I am going for. And of course I can’t help going back to my Swedish roots. (Be prepared for many twists and turns before this room is baked).

I live in Seattle and just like in Sweden it gets gray and dark for months at a time. A light room is an absolute must. I also don’t want too busy a room. I want it to have a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. I want a room which promotes long deep thoughts. Does that make sense?

And there will be no theme, people (nautical, jungle etc.) ! I want William’s room to be personal and filled with things we collect and enjoy.

This room keeps coming back into my head all the time. It has the feel I am looking for and I love the colors and the wall map. (Sorry I don’t have a larger image).

I know I can always trust me readers and blog friends to help me along. Wonderful & talented Greet gathered a bunch of lovely images for me. She always finds the best.

Roman shades – yes! That is what I am going for (with blackout lining).

Greet knows my style well and no surprise that the floor pillow and and the colors in this room are so close to the key elements in William’s room! (You will see further down).

And wonderful & witty (!) Leigha sent me this image of a room belonging to “Otto”. No theme here – just personality!

Wall color is now on the agenda. Here are some key elements in the room that will help in the color decision process.

In William’s room we have this beautiful red cabinet were we store a lot of clothes and toys. The doors are actually antique doors from Mexico around which a new cabinet was built. It is such a happy color and the piece is very sturdy.

The striped headboard and bedskirt will be handed down from one of his sisters (he will get a brand new mattress). I love slipcovered headboards. Easy to clean and so comfy when reading. I think the colors will be perfect for his room.

The white washed floors set a very Scandinacian tone, don’t you think? And they are going nowhere.

Remember these antique star charts that I bought on E-bay for a song and had framed? They are finally moving into William’s room.

 I am thinking about getting a large wall map as well. My good friend Janell painted her own wall map in her boy’s room. (Here). I am not that talented so I will have to settle for something ready made. National Geographics has several nice large wall maps but the one I like the most is this map from Ikea (Yep!). I like the size and the colors.

So with all these elements in mind, which wall color should I chose? I see four different candidates but feel free to jump in with your thoughts & suggestions.

1) A creme color (just like image no. 1 with the wall map). Works with all the pieces in the room.

2)A dijon mustard color (not bright yellow but a little bit more rustic and masculine). A good contrast color and it even works with the red cabinet.

3) White. Just because I am from Sweden! (And because in our rather large house we don’t have one single white wall! It is time.)

4) A very light blue color. Gray/blue. Could be nice.

5) Beige is NOT an option! (There was a lot of beige here when we moved in 5 years ago).

What do you think? Give me something to ponder over this weekend.

Next week I am going to start looking at bed lamps and bed linen and to make a decision on the window treatments. The weekend after that my hubby gets to paint the room. (He is actually very good, takes the job seriously and gets the edges perfectly straight!).

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Thanksgiving Ideas & Inspiration

10 days left to Thanksgiving and I’m just starting to prepare a tiny bit. Usually we fly to California and hang out with Peter’s huge family (think 50 happy people!) but this year we are staying close to home. Low-key it will be — but the food will be gourmet (my husband is cooking!).

Here are are few things going on in my house (and in my head) before the big day. Yes, we have the fine china and the crystal and all of that. But I’ll tell you, if I had to pick just a couple things for the table, the iron squirrels (my husband refers to the kids a his squirrels), for placement cards, (I always make my own) and the old gravy boat from Sweden my Mom once gave me. Nothing expensive and fancy — just sentimental.

And a must for every major holiday is linen napkins. No skimping there, regardless of the number of guests. And for a little presentation, I found these feather bouquets at Michael’s ($2.99/each). They are padded in the back and I think they are going to last for years. I just tied a simple leather string around the arrangement. Nothing complicated nor phony. (I have never really cared for napkin rings. What do you think?).

For the dining table I fill a couple of large glass hurricanes with fresh chestnuts and just a few bud vases with flowers spread over the long table. I usually skip a flower center piece entirely. (Everyone should get some flowers in front of them!).

Some other ideas brewing in my head:

Gourds are always beautiful to use as decoration. I almost like them more than pumpkins.

Perhaps a little bit of decoration on the mantel. I can do that.

Some new additions to the traditional menu.

How about some truffled potatoes instead of that mandatory mash? Simple & good with sea salt on.

For receipe go here.

I am really liking my dear friend Ewa’s turkey stuffing. With mushrooms in it. My hubby can fight with the bird — this dish I will own!

For the recipe go here.

These balsamic glazed onions would also add a different flavor to that old turkey.

For recipe go here.

And for the grand final. I am thinking this pumpkin mousse would be a winner. (But I have to fight my hubby over that because he’s an old school pumpkin pie type). I have never tried it but it looks delicious!

Go here for the recipe.

And here is a good & practical thing for your food loving guests! Prepare some pretty food-to-go containers in advance. Smart!

Happy new week to you all!

Images: No. 1, 7, 9, 12, 13, 14 via Country Living, no. 2 via Sweet Paul, no. 3-6 via Splendid Willow, no. 10 via Sunday Suppers, no. 11 via Delishhh.

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