My Anniversary Is Coming Up (And I Have 2 Gift Ideas)

Valentine’s not so much. My husband knows better than to bring me anything on the official Hearts Day. But our Anniversary is different. That is OUR day. And to me very special. I married a really good, smart and generous man who thinks we should get married again — with our beautiful kids there! His very own words.

Happily married in Stockholm, 12 years ago. (Yikes! Starting to look a little outdated… But what a crazy fun and beautiful day it was!).

My birthday (actually today!) and anniversary will be merged into one royal package this weekend — when it is all about hubby & I. I am quite excited!

For any of you looking for some heartfelt anniversary/love gifts — I think I have found two really good candidates.

1. Enlarging and framing your (or your partner’s) favorite piece of music. Will definitely try. Personal and unique. I like it a lot. (Would also work for a nursery – your favorite nursery rhyme!).

 2. Turning memories into material is also a brilliant idea. Spoonflower lets folks puts anything on fabric — artwork, letters, photos. (For the fabric on the chair a family letter from 1882 was used). Within 10 days you have your personalized fabric at your doorstep! (They also ship internationally). I am thinking I need to try that as well. Perhaps sentimental fabric for an over-sized lamp shade?

Wishing you all a happy rest of the week!

Images: No. 1 via Pinterest, no. 2-3 via Splendid Willow, no. 4 via 1bp blogspot, no. 5 (Scanned via Country Living March 2o12).


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Shall I Try This With My Dad’s Old Stamps?


I came across this in Ethan Allen’s catalog, of all places. Antique stamp prints? Hmmm… I have a whole collection of old stamps all given to me by my Dad (who passed away when I was 14). I have one particular favorite from England (with clear marks), dated 1894. I have always loved it. (Just need to carefully remove the paper).

 Some other pretty ones.

You can’t really admire these stamps to their fullest because they are so riduculously small. But now I am inspired to trot to Kinkos and have one stamp (or several) enlarged on thicker, linen paper and then framed. (I like the simple, antique silver colored frames Ethan Allen uses. But I can also envision all white frames). It has no sentimental value to anybody else but to me it comes with great, long and loving conversations with my dad.

What do you think? Too phony? (I am strong – I can take it!).


P.S The birch pottery for my store I dragged with me all the way from Sweden was all sold out within 2 days! Who knew there would be so many birch lovers out there! Let me know if you want to pre-order. I am getting the next shipment in April. The pots are handmade and they take time to make.
Images: No. 1 Ethan Allen’s catalog. All others via Splendid Willow.

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Snowed In = Coming Up With Ideas For My Brother’s Pad

Seattle is looking more and more like Sweden! Lots of snow here and I expect the kids will be home for the next few days since the school buses won’t run. You will find me outside throwing snow balls with the neighbors!

My Stockholm based brother (Mr. handsome E), e-mailed me regarding my upcoming trip to old homeland and asked for some design tips of his downtown bachelor’s pad. He wants it to look grand. And now he asks his sis. Now that is heart warming! (: Two images have been floating around in my head lately — I thought I would off-load.

Love absolutely everything about this room. The look, the feel, the colors, the book & art and the brick wall (which my brother does not have). Very, very nice. Both masculine and feminine. Do you agree?

Right before Christmas, Steve from An Urban Cottage stopped by (we were both part of a link party). Why I had not paid attention to his fabulous blog is beyond me. He is very creative and has excellent taste. Look what he did with his empty and sad looking closet space in his dining room.




Yep, he turned it into a permanent wet bar! How smart and chic! And what a conversation piece for guests.  Brilliant, Steve!

Before I end for today, some Thank Yous are in order:

Out of the blue, these fabulous ladies/designers/friends gave my shop some very nice kudos (click on the links). Thank you all! What totally unexpected and heart warming treats. You are something extra, I tell ya! Thank you, again.

Isabella & Max Rooms

Postcards from Colorado

Design Addict MomHello Lovely Inc.

Multi-talented & lovely Michele, who I consider a close friend, also shared that she had added a segment (she is a sought-after writer) about me in Chic Mom Magazine

Chic Mom – wait, Moi!!?! Now that made me blush! Thank you dear, but YOU are really the ultra chic Mama who should be featured here and everywhere. You can read her article here.

Ok, off to crank up the heat and line up the snow suits!

Happy, happy to you all.


Image credits: No. 1 via Reasons For Loving Seasons, n0.2 via Two Ellie, no. 3-5 via An Urban Cottage.

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My Friend’s “New” Chandelier = $4

Some of you might remember the Chandelier DIY project I shared a long time ago — here. One savvy lady took her standard, mass produced brass chandelier, gave it a good spray paint and, within minutes, that ugly duck was transformed into a chic, purple beauty!

My close friend Bianca and her husband bought a wonderful property, nestled in the quiet hillsidse east of Seattle. (This is their, not so shabby view! Envision at night. ).

The entire house is going through a complete remodel and new furnishings will be bought once the architect is done with his work. Meanwhile Bianca will have to live with this brass chandelier which came with the house.

 Although the chandelier came down for New Years and we all danced below this happy ball! (Bianca & hubby throw fun parties!).

Anyway, inspired by my post, Bianca recently hung her brass chandelier in a tree in her garden, gave it 2 coats of white paint (her hubby thought she had lost her mind) and now her dining area has a new fresh, fixture to go with the white linen chairs. It is a temporary fix. But I wouldn’t be surprised if this beauty later will move into her daughter’s bedroom.

All it took was this (matte paint) x 2 coats. And 30 minutes later the “new” fixture had moved back in. Cost = $4. And now you can see the lines and details of the chandelier much better!

I am not a big DIY girl (just don’t have the eye) but I think this is a brilliant brass chandelier makeover. Might need to try it myself one day. I see a red chandelier for me… Or an emerald green one in an all white room. (Oh, that would be ultra chic!). Admit that you are a little inspired!

Happy weekend to you all.

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Must Try, Must Buy

Did everyone see Mr. Genious himself, Eddie Ross’ bulletin board? He used sisal rope and a recycled fiberboard material called Homasote, which makes pinning up memos easy. Click here for instructions. I absolutely love the look (look at the rope around the frame) and I love his color choices (orange against navy walls — how sexy!).

It got me inspired to try something similar to display the family’s winter holiday cards. I see gray linen and rope and little bit of red. I want to make mine quite large. Hmmm… something is already brewing in my head. I must try this. (Give me a nudge if you have not gotten a status report by the time the first snow falls!).

I am so proud of my very good friend Jill with Live Like You who this week is launching her new signature bedding. Hello?! Who can casually claim that???! A signature bedding line! This girl has excellent taste and is so creative and hard working and (+ has a really good heart). I wish her nothing but tremendous success.

Photo credit: Tanya Malott

Her stylish KEY line comes in 4 different colors.

They will go perfectly in my guest room and I am thinking that the navy blue (what else?!) color will be lovely. If you see something you fancy and want to order from her store. Just tell her that you are coming via Splendid Willow and she will graciously offer you a little “That’s Splendid” VIP discount.

Happy rest of the week!


Images: No. 1 via Eddie Ross, no. 3, via Tanya Malott, 2-5 via Live Like You.

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