Back From Stockhom With Tons Of Inspiration

Hi friends. I am back from my whirlwind trip to Stockholm equipped with new design inspiration and ideas. (Thank you to so many of you for your kind messages regarding  my Mom. She is doing very well).

In my usual , energize-bunny-hopping way, I went straight from landing at the airport in Stockholm to the Formex Design Exhibition — the largest design meeting place in The Nordic. I had only four hours before they were going to shut the doors on this 4-day event and I had missed an entire night of sleep — but that did not stop me.

During those four hours I came across two FANTASTIC designers that I had teamed up with for my store. I will introduce you to them later in the week.

I also had a really fun chat with this handsome, witty and oh-so creative stylist — Jimmy Schonning. He has become a mega designer household name in Sweden thanks to his popular TV show about interiors and his endless design creativity.

(Yep, this is what I look like after a very long flight and no sleep. And you would have too!).

Jimmy’s happening kitchen.

 At the trade show, Jimmy’s wonderful, oversized bamboo pendants drew a lot of attention. Part of the lamps’ profits goes to an orphanage north of Bangkok for HIV effected children. 

Sweden is jam packed with fabulous design. I am totally blown away, every time I go back.

Hello – even fire extinguishers for the home, now come in great designs! No longer any need to keep it hidden in the closet. (Jimmy Schonning designed one as well).

It is good to be back. I have lots of things to share and I am looking forward to seeing what my many blog friends are up to!

Warm hugs.

Images: No. 1 via Skarp, no. 2, 4, 6 via Jimmy Schonning, no. 3 + 5 via Splendid Willow, no. 7 via Allt Om Bostad

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Busy Times, Busy Blog Friends

How are you all holding up? I am going 100 miles/hour over here. But this image made me stop in my tracks, sigh and stare. So pretty and timeless. Just change the table cloth if you want to adopt a new design trend. Ha! The rest will look perfect 100 years down the road. Just the perfect amount of Winter Holiday decor. (Pay attention to the bulbs in the lanterns).

Hubby knows that my dream house for us is actually a farm style home here in Seattle. Nothing big, small will do just fine, but a very warm and inviting place.

You already know how busy I am with my store – but I have blog friends who are equally busy!

My close friend Jill with Live Like You recently launched her Recessionista look. Here you will get lots of lovely inspiration and find many nice objects for the budget conscious looking for style! Hop over here for more. (Ask her for a special Splendid Willow Discount if you see something you want to buy).

My very good friend Mona, together with her sister over at Providence Ltd. Design just took their on-line store to the next level and here you will find TONS of lovely antiques as well as gifts and art for the home. They have a huge warehouse packed with hand picked, unique and beautiful furnishings but things go rather quickly over there! If you see something you like, you’ll need to be fast on your feet! Access the store here.

I have a serious crush on these old French Farm Documents.

Providence Ltd. is also hosting a lovely giveaway you do not want to miss! You can win this stunning art piece.

Hop over to see what it is and how to enter the giveaway – here!

Speaking of giveaways, my good Willow sis Gina, with Willow Decor, is hosting a fabulous giveaway together with the spectacular 3 Fine Grains Linen. You can win a GORGEOUS burlap tree skirt, valued at $725!! (German, antique grain sacks).

 That is some skirt, people! Hurry over here and enter!

And our stylish blog friend Jessie with Mix And Chic recently started to offer her on-line design services (yeah!) and she is right now hosting a giveaway where TWO lucky winners will receive Jessie’s online design services valued up to $290!

Hop over here to find out more!

This will be the last news alert this year for my own store – many items are now completely sold out! The Scandinavian hand woven blankets came and flew of the shelves. I now only have 2 left! Next shipment will come end of January.

 And I only have 4 adorable Danish reindeer left!

If you want any of those items before Dec. 25th, you need to place your order by the 16th and I will speed up the delivery. On the house of course. (Pick up a 15% discount code from me, if you are interested. US based customers only). The rest of the items, will continue to be stocked. And more NEW things will be added in the new year. Link to my store: Splendid Willow Avenue

Now everyone (or is it just me?) close your eyes and take a deep breath…. Big breath in and a slow big breath out… “And don’t forget to use your sense of humor when the wheels are starting to come off the bus”, as my wonderful Mother-in-Law always reminds me. And she should know. She and her husband raised nine fantastic and well educated kids!

Hop Hop & Hugs!

Design inspiration and image no. 1 via Belle Vivir.

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Madly In Love With Jefferson Hayman

No words needed. Look closely at the NY based artist, Jefferson Hayman’s work.  His stunning photographs are handcrafted silver gelatin & platinum prints that seem  timeless. He pairs his photography with unique frames, mirrors, vintage objects etc. to make beautiful compositions.

Sea life. How stunning.

Willow’s trio.

Mr. Hayman is well known for his beautiful images of his beloved NY. I think this piece is absolutely gorgeous.

Still life group.

I go ABSOLUTELY NUTS for this! An accordian arm behind the art piece so the piece can be enjoyed from different directions. You bet I immediately went to two antiques malls with the mission of coming home with a couple of vintage accordian arms. Brilliant!

Jefferson Hayman’s work can be found in many private and public collections, most notably The Museum of Modern Art , The New York Public Library, President Bill Clinton’s Library, Robert DeNiro’s private collection, The Boston Athenaeum and Ralph Lauren. For more on Hayman’s work, visit his website here.

P.S I am saving up…

Happy New Week!

All images via Jefferson Hayman. Creative inspriation via The New Victorian Ruralist.

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O’verlays, Bemz And Ikea

Did everyone see this, except me? Overlays. Two smart ladies (Cheryle Rhuda and Danika Herrick) came up with the brilliant idea of designing chic overlays which customers can buy by the square foot to give furniture unique custom looks. The idea became a business under the name O’verlays. O’verlays are lightweight, decorative fretwork panels that come in several patterns and sizes. The panels are made of a composite material that allows greater flexibility and less splintering than original wood panels. Just paint and glue them on.

 I think this would be a perfect DIY project for a room where a little bit of glamour is needed (and how perfect for dorm rooms)! The solutions are endless.

Another company which I am sure most of you have heard of is Bemz. Bemz has created a fruitful business around the furniture giant Ikea. Bemz make slipcovers for most of Ikea’s classic upholstered furniture. So now your armchair can also have a very custom look. The slipcovers are now sold and marketed in 35 countries. Impressive business idea, I must say.

Yep, a Bemz slipcover for a basic Ikea sofa.

 Bemz founder and CEO, Lesley Pennington says:

The covers are simply a means to an end. People today want to express their individuality through their lifestyle choices. They want to take a mass-market product like an IKEA sofa and create a unique ”one of a kind” product, which reflects their individuality and personal style.

Bemz has teamed up with several well known fabric designers. You can now get a slipcover for your Ikea headboard in Designers Guild’s colorful and luxurious fabric.

Lovely fabrics my Katarina Wiklund.

I actually ordered some slipcovers for Ikea’s Parson (Henriksdal) chairs a few years. This post reminds me that I should dig them up. They have survived a few washes and they are gray!

Happy New Week.

 Images: no. 1-5 via O’verlays, no. 6-10 via Bemz.

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Must Try, Must Buy

Did everyone see Mr. Genious himself, Eddie Ross’ bulletin board? He used sisal rope and a recycled fiberboard material called Homasote, which makes pinning up memos easy. Click here for instructions. I absolutely love the look (look at the rope around the frame) and I love his color choices (orange against navy walls — how sexy!).

It got me inspired to try something similar to display the family’s winter holiday cards. I see gray linen and rope and little bit of red. I want to make mine quite large. Hmmm… something is already brewing in my head. I must try this. (Give me a nudge if you have not gotten a status report by the time the first snow falls!).

I am so proud of my very good friend Jill with Live Like You who this week is launching her new signature bedding. Hello?! Who can casually claim that???! A signature bedding line! This girl has excellent taste and is so creative and hard working and (+ has a really good heart). I wish her nothing but tremendous success.

Photo credit: Tanya Malott

Her stylish KEY line comes in 4 different colors.

They will go perfectly in my guest room and I am thinking that the navy blue (what else?!) color will be lovely. If you see something you fancy and want to order from her store. Just tell her that you are coming via Splendid Willow and she will graciously offer you a little “That’s Splendid” VIP discount.

Happy rest of the week!


Images: No. 1 via Eddie Ross, no. 3, via Tanya Malott, 2-5 via Live Like You.

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