Belgian Style

I really admire how the talented interior designer Kay Douglass puts rooms together. And I particularly enjoy her interpretation of Belgian style. (A mix between the simple, quiet Swedish look and the more daring, elegant French style). It’s just a lovely combination. These images from House Beautiful have been posted to the left and the right for quite some time – but they never tire me! 

I love the old looking mirrors with the thick candles – almost a sacred area – bringing warmth and coziness to the dining room.

The red/rust color has always been a favorite accent color in my homes. It blends so well with neutrals.

What a lovely bedroom. Soothing, fresh, crisp, warm, simple and unexpected. Me like! (But personally I would have added some really contemporary bed lights – just to mix it up a little bit).

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Beautiful Rooms

House Beautiful never used to be my favorite design magazine to read but over the last 9 months or so I feel it has gone from stodgy to much more eclectic, incorporating more fun coverage of contemporary design. I now read the magazine from cover to cover and always find some pages that I rip out and save.

Here are some pages with recent “dog ears” from House Beautiful:

Photo: Luca Trovato

What a beautiful and comfy breakfast nook! The designer behind it is the talented J Randall Powers. I love the stone walls, the natural light, the stone floors, and the lantern. And the antique table and… I love it all!

Christina Rottman is another great designer. I love her guest room. I can see myself creating a similar haven for my guests. How chic with sisal on the wall. Yep, me like!

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Klas Fahlen – Fab Illustrator

This man is a genius. His name is Klas Fahlen. We used to go to the same school and, for a while in our rebellious years, play in the same little circle. He was, back in his school days, a terrific artist with a wonderful sense of humor. I am not a bit surprised to have learned that he today is an world known and award winning illustrator.

I found these magazine holders in the museum shop at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, Sweden. My lovely friend Camilla who is a leading figure at the Museum alerted me to them. I traveled back to the US with a bag full of these lovely and practical holders showing a combination of modern and historical buildings in Stockholm.

Klas Fahlen’s graphics for a Swedish Ice Cream Manufacturer are also hilarious. And his illustrations for Soul Food and a Swedish “Pippi” rebel – how can you not love them!

And the wall decal with the classy and well decorated dogs is so quirky and fun.

For more of Klas Fahlen’s fabulous work as well as his portfolio, visit the Art Department.

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