Amazing Paper Cut Art

I can’t draw to save my life. I really admire people who can. So, when talented people can create wonderful art with a sharp knife and a pair of scissors I immediately take my hat off. Just look at these amazing pieces, all hand cut.

Lets start with Peter Callesen, Paper Artist Extraordinaire. Peter is from Denmark and has exhibited his paper cuts and paper sculptures at many prestigious galleries worldwide.

Above: “Broken Flower”

Above: Holding on to myself”.

Above: “Nature’s Maze”.

Above: “Human Ruin”. For more of Peter’s amazing portfolio click here.

Here are some other artists and their paper art. I find these pieces personal and fun and they don’t cost a fortune. All genuine and original, I think they make lovely gifts. (Note: make sure they are not machine made).

“All Trees” (on rice paper), from the Toronto based Etsy store, PaperCutDieCut. Measures 21″x 21″ and costs $100 (frame not included).

“Life”, also from PaperCutDieCut, measures 7″x7″ and costs $18 (without frame).

Yet another talented Etsy seller is, Papercuts By Joe. The piece “Branches” measures 2″x6″ mounted to 8″x10″ and costs $35 (black Paper on White Illustration Board).

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My Swedish Secretaire – A Love Story

I am often asked if I have a favorite antique at my home. I always point at this secretaire. It may not be considered a masterpiece and it might not be found on the very fanciest street in Stockholm but I absolutely adore it. It is Swedish mid 18th century and to me, so lovely.

I love it not only because of its beauty but also because it is solid, functional and everything about it  reminds me of my home country. In my opinion antiques should be functional.  They should be used (how boring otherwise) and we sure get a lot of use out of this one (drink table, side table and at Christmas time I hang wreaths on the inside of each door, open the doors and fill the cabinet with lovely treats. It is then referred to as the “candy store”).

I have even given it a name – “Longing Home“. Here I store all nice pieces and objects that remind me of my own Swedish roots. If the house ever catches on fire – this is the one object my husband will have to push out through the front door! It is coming with us everywhere!

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Western Interiors + C. Renea Abbott + Al Held

I really like the cover of the April/May issue of Western Interiors. Featured is the entry hall of a wonderful house in Houston decorated by the talented C. Renea Abbott.

But what really got me hopping is the interesting art piece on the wall. The 1960s artwork by Al Held is in such stark contrast to the antique settee. l like it! Nothing else is needed in that space. Less is clearly more.

Al Held (1928-2005) was an American abstract expressionist painter. He was particularly well known for his large scale hard-edge paintings.

I particularly like his black and white pieces from the late 60s.

Here is a most recent sale at Christie’s of one of his 1960′ pieces. See here: Christie’s.

Until I can find and afford the real deal – well, maybe I just need to be creative and make something along that line myself. I have always loved the 2 frame effect. Lovely!

Photo: Roger Davies

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A Swedish Bench Finds A Lovely Home In Atlanta

I am so glad that a customer – now turned friend – sent me a photo of an antique bench she once purchased from me. It is Swedish, mid 1800-hundreds, and I honestly had a very hard time departing from it. Look at those details!

The carvings are so beautiful and it just goes to show that the old Swedish Gustavian style can, because of its simple and understated lines, be mixed with pretty much any style.

In the end I am very happy that the bench found such a lovely spot in a beautiful home!

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My Love For Swedish Antiques

I love incorporating really old Swedish antiques with contemporary design pieces.

When visiting Sweden you will be hard pressed to find a home without at least one exquisite antique and a contemporary piece of artwork. That is how most Swedes like to decorate – by mixing several hundred year old pieces with modern elements. And it works with Swedish antiques since they are often much toned down in form, design, and color compared to some antiques from other parts of the world – without compromising the craftsmanship and quality.

Below are pieces from my own little collection.

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