Oh My – Moooi Gallery + Swedish Antiques

I have no idea why I have missed this design institution in Amsterdam called Moooi Gallery. But I almost feel I want to hop on a plane now. Not only does Moooi Gallery showcase products from some of the best within Dutch design, as well as other recognized designers, but they also contrast their contemporary funishings with sprinkles of beautiful 18th century antiques from – YES!, you guessed it – Sweden! Here you see once again (and you have heard me rant about this since the very beginning of my blog adventure) how beautifully Swedish antiques, with their simple lines and quiet look (especially the pieces with gray patina), work with modern pieces of today. I can go on about this all day long!

I see some antique Swedish beauties in the background.


But this is when I start to hyperventilate…. I have a few lovely antique pieces myself. But there is one piece I have always wanted, and I hope to one day be the lucky owner of. That is a Swedish antique clock cabinet. I almost fainted when I saw this stunning piece over at the Moooi Gallery.

Here are a few clock cabinets for sale, represented by US antique dealers with great reputation.

Images – Swedish antique clock cabinets via:

1) Tone-on-Tone, 2) Eleish Van Breems, 3) Avolli, 4) Watkins Culver/1st Dibs, 5) Tara Shaw Antiques/1st Dibs, 6) A. Tyner Antiques/1st Dibs

If, no when, an antique clock cabinet moves in with us, I will pair it with a really nice and comfy chair and a wonderful painting. That’s it. Nothing else is needed. And I would sit in that chair for hours and purr like a very content cat! Happy Monday, friends!

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Art + Moving Wings

Good new week to you dear blog friends! In five and a half weeks Christmas is here for those of you who are celebrating. I am so behind it is almost funny. The furry rats and shiny pumpkins are still sitting outside my front door, people! And don’t even get me started on Holiday cards, parties thrown at me, a good amount of gifts that soon need to be on Santa’s sleigh on his way to Europe not to mention all the preparations for the holidays at our own home. Is anybody aware of a button that can be pushed that sets you in the right Holiday mood? Nope, still not in the mood.

Instead I would rather sip wine at a fancy art gallery having a fun and relaxing time without any do’s & don’ts messing with my joyous state of mind.

A few months ago my lovely blog friend Di over at Designersblock wrote a post about the artist Paul Villinski. I can’t get his artwork off my mind.

Just look at these butterflies made out of old beer cans! I love these installations and could easily see a butterfly art piece on a large empty wall space where some drama and beauty is needed.

This is what Paul Villinski has to say about his butterflies: “Our grandchildren will laugh in disbelief at the vast resources we squander, manufacturing a plastic bottle for a pint of water, or mining aluminum to surround 12 ounces of beer with metal. One generation’s trash will be another’s treasure. These littered beer cans are humble, but worthy materials, and it’s gratifying to take this “trash” and turn it into something of beauty and meaning.”.

Showing you this artwork is also appropriate since I just found out that my dear Swedish friend Kiki is moving to Sweden with her husband. Kiki is the owner of the store, Swedish Heirlooms in Seattle, a popular destination for people interested in old Swedish furnishings and good antique reproductions. Her lovely store is now up for sale. Sad news for so may of us in Seattle but what do you do when your hubby gets a top job on the the other side of the planet? I am sure talented Kiki will come up with a brilliant business idea that allows her to work with both countries. But I am not sure I am ready to let her go. I just don’t like when good friends move!

For more of Paul Villinkis’ portfolio – go here.

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Attic Bliss In Stockholm

Here is some eye candy for you. This incredible attic apartment in Stockholm is owned by the interior architect and artist Carouschka Streijffert. I am going to keep quiet for a change and let you go through all the details yourself. Take your time.

Okay, just one comment! Let’s talk about books for a second. I do not know of one home in Sweden (unless they are somehow staged) where books are not prominent. Back home we surround ourselves with books and display them with pride. I get totally nervous when I don’t see books in a home. I am so pleased to be reading more and more about how formal living rooms in the US are fading away. People instead are opting for libraries. Yeah! I hope that trend stays!

Images via Skona Hem

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Eye Candy

I can’t stop thinking of this photo by talented Jaime Monfort. I can see this image over sized in a white frame hanging on a white wall above a gray painted Swedish 18th century table or a wide buffet. Nothing more is needed. Talk about drama!

Thank you Automatism for bringing it to my attention!

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Lovely White

Hello blog friends! I am back after a few weeks off filled with pure summer bliss. I am rested and happy and I hope the same goes for you. I have missed you all but was often reminded of your wonderful existence through your lovely and kind e-mails. Thank you!

I live in a big house, with many rooms but no single white wall in sight! How is that even possible? I am a true Swede after all and have cocooned in white rooms most of my life. In my house I have chosen muted colors (and a lot of light gray) that all flow nicely together but I really miss a white atmosphere. Especially after my trip to Sweden.

So my goal for the next few weeks is to do my own guest bedroom makeover with white as the prime shade. Who knows where this exercise will take me. I might just keep on going!

Images above from Sköna Hem

2 last images from Livingetc.

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