Candle Sleeves

Yes, this genius product has received a lot of attention in magazines and on blogs for quite some time but I still think it is worth mentioning because it is current, fun, functional and so brilliant!

I would say that especially here in the US (don’t ask me why), most homes come with a variety of standard electrical candle light fixtures such as chandeliers and sconces. Not only does it feel the same old same old, same old everywhere but the artificial “candles” themselves look so dull.

The Seattle based company, KaarsKoker, came up with a clever solution by designing a whole line of vibrant and sophisticated candle sleeves to be put on top of the existing sockets. Instantly your light fixture has a more personal look that takes it from “so yesterday” to “so today”.

The price for a pair range from $10-$20.

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Spring Time And New Pillows Go Hand In Hand

When our two cats start to shed fur and I begin to crave new pillows – then I know spring has arrived! The season of renewal!

Pillows & Throws always have a great and large selection of lovely pillows – for an easy an instant design fix. Here are just a few that caught my attention. (I have a pair of Thomas Paul’s Coral pillows myself, in an orange/rust shade. I love everything about them and I am tempted to try them in a different color).

First row from the left: Anis Pillow from Bliss Living, 18″x18″, $75, Concentric – Mother and Child – from Jonathan Adler, 16″x16″, $98, Palm Beach Pillow from Jonathan Adler, 16″x16″, $110.

Second row from the left: Broderie Beet from Thomas Paul, 22″x22″, $100, Coral from Thomas Paul, 22″x22″, $100, Greyhound from Thomas Paul, 18″x18″, $94.

Third row from the left: Reef Grass from Thomas Paul, 22″x22″, $100, Seahorse from Thomas Paul, 18″x18″, $100, Duet from Judy Ross, 18″x18″, $190.

Fourth row from the left: Kambuki from Thomas Paul, 22″x22″, $100, Jungle Flower from Sotto Le Lune, 20″x20″, $116, Coptic from Koko Company, 26″x26″, $116.

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Tasteful Porcelain

The Italian designer Paola Navone has created this stunning line of dinnerware in cooperation with the well established German Porcelain maker Reichenbach. The line is called “Taste” and I can’t think of a more suitable name.

Gorgeous and artistic lines and curves combined with a simple crisp, white finish. I think just about anything edible under the sun would taste better on these plates.

The pieces also make for very attractive collectibles to be showcased on walls or in display cabinets. I can easily see these white plates against a dark gray backdrop.

I have contacted the manufacturer who has promised to let me know where this line can be purchased in the US. As soon as I know, I will add the information to this post.

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Artsy & Functional Coat Racks

I have never quite understood why so many lovely American homes, which on average are a lot larger than Swedish homes, have so little closet space in their entryways. I can’t tell you how many times I have been a guest at someone’s home and my coat has ended up in a pile on the bed in the guest room or in the office space! (And believe me, it is not any better at my house!)

I think that the creative Swedes have it all figured out! For years my friends back home have been using  wonderfully designed coat racks that look like true art pieces when not utilized. Splendid I say!

The Swedese Tree, designed by Michael Young and Katrin Petursdottir is already considered a classic. I can kick myself for not having one already. Mine is coming this spring (the white floor version)! See here for resellers worldwide.

A couple of years ago Karl Andersson & Söner (means sons in Swedish) launched its Nest, designed by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom. It is fun and decorative and comes in 8 standard colors. See here for resellers worldwide.

It comes in a handsome wall version as well.

The same company just launched a wall model, called ponoq. It is designed by Nils Gulin. The peg board  cleverly folds up when nothing is hanging on it.

Photo: Dan Gordan

And now Swedish Gärsnäs is launching its botanical version, called LOOP, designed by Nina Jobs.  LOOP is made of ash wood and produced using a bentwood technique. I find its looks very romantic. It is like it could have been from another era. See here for resellers worldwide.

I am happy to see that also Pottery Barn has something new in its coat hanging department – Twig. The coat rack would fit in almost any home – traditional or modern.

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Hanna Werning Adds Color to Rorstrand

Hanna Werning is without a doubt one of the leading designers in Sweden. Whatever that girl touches – whether it is wallpaper, textile or ceramics, it is almost guaranteed to be an instant success.

I worked with Hanna when she was still studying design in London – before she became a major design name in Sweden. She helped me with the corporate graphic design elements for the company I ran marketing for. I remember back then being absolutely blown away by her creativity, talent and professionalism. Today, I so enjoy watching all her design endeavors. I hope she conquers the world!

The Swedish ceramics manufacturer Rorstrand (the company was established in 1726) just launched the latest shade to its ever-popular Hanna ceramic series. The new color pattern is called Hanna lilac.

I love the color and I guess I will have to ask my dear Mom in Stockholm if she would be interested in going on a shopping expedition.

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