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People, I almost stopped breathing when I glanced through the magazine Living Etc and saw this photo. Madre Mia! What is wrong with me? Why has it not occurred to me that there are some really amazing illustrators and photographer behind so many classic vinyl album covers? Those LPs that are sitting in storage with layers of dust on top of them. How could I have ignored them so?!

I will IMMEDIATELY start my scavenger hunt for (to us) really meaningful album covers with amazing artwork. I will take my time to find the perfect ones. I will frame them, love them and save them for the grand kids! (Will they even understand what an LP is?)

Yeah! I can’t wait to start my little collection!

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A Special Table For My Orchids

I have an on-going love affair with white orchids. For a very long time I have been looking for the perfect table to display a cluster of these planted orchids. I had almost given up and was ready to design my own. Now I am thinking that Ikea’s Trollsta Tray Table might just do the trick! What an unexpected contrast with the elegant, simple classic plants on top of this lacquered both modern and gothic looking table.

If I can fit at least 4 planted orchids on the removable steel tray, I will be pretty happy! Now, of course I would have loved to see this table in a gray color but for the price of $99.99, I might just get 2 and try to paint one in that perfect gray myself!

I think the table is perfect for plants with its extra wide edge and high sides. The removable steel tray can handle water spills and the table is easy to fold up and easy to move. Diameter: 22 1/2 “, Height: 17 3/4 “.

I will let you know if this works or not!

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Great Style & Peacock Feathers

This past long and lazy Memorial weekend I lounged on our patio and went through a lot of design magazines and books. That is how I ran into talented prop stylist Christina Wressel. (Don’t ask me why I have missed her work). There are many lovely images in her portfolio but my absolute favorite is this one. What really caught my eye is what’s in the background  – on the credenza. It just made me stare and stare some more.

What a genius idea to put peacock feathers in clear, tall vases and get this great and smart look! (The peacock pattern/blue is such a classic design look, it never goes out of style.) Me like. Me really like! (How fab against a white backdrop). I know what I am doing this afternoon. I am going feather hunting!

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Great Stuff In Seattle

I always appreciate a little quirkiness, that little something unexpected in home design. Super perfect rooms that look like staged show rooms, make me yawn. It is your home, a reflection of who you are. Make it personal, make it unique!

When I decorate I typically start of traditional (with my own Swedish twist), then I mix it up with modern and when the room is almost done, I usually want to rough it up a tad. I will usually bring in 1-2 pieces of something totally unexpected, something that adds some fun and spunk to the room. It may be art, it may be lighting, it may be a wall color, It could be anything, really. I never know in advance. But I don’t force it. I don’t like it contrived.  Better for me to wait for that perfect “thing”.

In Seattle we have a fun store called “Great Stuff“, that really lives up to the name. The owner Kirk H. Albert has an incredible eye for vintage modern furnishings and I always end up leaving his store feeling uplifted and full of great ideas. If you find something you like, you have to be quick. His things are all unique and tend to sell rather quickly.

Here are more fun examples from his store:

The upholstered pink chair is fun. But I am totally in love with that old anchor chain to the very left, that has been welded into a fabulous floor lamp. I wish I had a better image!

Great Stuff is also represented on 1st dibs.

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A Less Is More – Vase

I have a new fave vase that I can’t get enough of. All my fancy brand vases have been pushed aside for this simple, non expensive, versatile, handsome and modern model from Ikea! I use this Blomster vase all the time.

The roomy size (Diameter: 9 ½ “Height: 6 “), the shape and the color are all perfect and the height does not block out people on the other side of the table. Guess what – it is only $9.99! (Give your friend a vase + flowers in it – and you will be extra liked!). Each vase is hand blown and has been shaped by a skilled craftsman.

I particularly like it with a monochromatic flower color scheme. Even your average, less expensive flowers all of a sudden look costly in this handsome vase.

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