Perfect Gifts For The Kids

You are probably all yawning when I share my gift idea lists with you this week. But I don’t care! This is all therapeutic for me and it gets my own shopping juices flowing. I only list things that I am genuinely interested in getting personally, not just the dreams folks! (Although that is nice too!). So here are few things I am eyeing  for my own children — ages 3, 6 and 8.

“The NY In A Bag” from Muji has been around for a while. But this is the first time I am contemplating getting it. Love it!

A hopscotch rug. Great to keep the young ones busy on rainy days and pretty enough to make it part of the overall house decor!

Adorable windup little birdie that tweets.

Mini workbench.

“Sunday drivers“.  (Haha! Too cute!!!)

Saucer sled and helmet.

Every kid needs a globe. (I grew up with a very similar Illuminated world. And I absolutely loved it).

Wooden Two Tier Treat Tray. (Just because I don’t care for a lot of plastic at our house).

An over the door Basket Ball Hoop.

Fire House Collection. (Wood of course).

Cotton Canvas Teepee. Fun & cozy hang out.

Adorale Tee for a girlie girl.

Mirror tipped ballet flats. So pretty.

I have two more lists to share ith you this week. Perfect gifts for her and perfect gifts for him. I hope you find some inspiration as well.

Hugs to you all!


Image no. 1 via Country Home

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The Perfect Gift – For Me!

Have you started to put together a list for all your holiday shopping yet? We tend to go pretty low key at our house. Just a few gifts are for the kids and the closest family and friends. I am browsing for perfect gift ideas and will share as I go along. Today I am showing you what I would like for myself! Selfish, perhaps. But trust me, I have everything I want and don’t need or wish for more stuff. If anything I want less. But for the first time if my husband asks what I want (and he will!) — I can actually give him an answer!

For a long time I have been talking about getting serious about starting my collection of white pottery. I have a few nice pieces spread over the house but I would like to add to it. And I would also like to have the objects on display in one area. So, this is what I am wishing for:

To kick-start my white pottery collection for real and to, eventually, have it displayed like this.

Oh My! This is so me! (I almost fainted when I first discovered it over at the lovely Marcus Design). The old cabinet with the edgy, unexpected purple backdrop. And a collection of white, sentimental treasures. (A collection should be personal and filled with memories. Each and every piece should have a story to tell).

I have always loved Jonathan Adler’s Dora Maar vase. (It comes in several sizes). And some of you might recall that I used his Dora Maar candle as a giveaway last December. I can’t believe that the very same vase is staring at me from the cabinet. It is a sign! The perfect piece of white pottery to kick-start the collection and also of sentimental value from my wonderful blog days. (Thanks to you all!)

There you have it. I focused on myself for 15 minutes. I am so done with me and now can focus all my energy and attention on everyone else. And that is when the real fun begins!

Happy new week friends!


Image no. 1 via The Craft Pantry.

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Brilliant & Fun Folding Chairs

Hello friends, happy new week to you!

I just came across these cool “Pantone” folding chairs. Love them! A set of six, please! (They come in 7 colors, including a gray…!)

Pantone is the standardized system for the selection and accurate communication of color. Every conceivable color has its own reference number, used globally throughout the design industry.

Finally a chair that I would have no problem mixing with a contemporary chair like this one (when extra seating is needed).

… or with old style chairs like these.

I think they blend in just about anywhere. They add a splash of color and are so fun. Guaranteed conversation pieces! (And so easy to fold and put away).

Friends, I am a little on the busy right now with everything wrapping up before the end of the school season, here in Seattle. Just give me a little bit of time and I will soon catch up with my blog friends and share some some good posts with all my readers. Love to you all!

Inspiration for this blog post via DesignersBlock.  Image 1. via The Holding Company, image 2. via Living Etc, Image 3. via Skona Hem.

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Display (Help!)

Friends, for the longest time I have been searching for a wall display for my treasured handmade cups by Swedish artist Åsa Lindström (tomorrow’s antique  trust me).  I don’t know how many posts I have written about these cups – and yes I am absolutely obsessed with them! (BTW, Camilla at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm who I wrote about in my last “In the Spotlight” post, was the one who kicked off my collection. Thank you, dear!).

As a home for my cups, I envision something vintage with some edge. Maybe something industrial gray. (I don’t want glass, I know that). I see cubbies. I like things organized. And lately I have been googling for everything from vintage mail cubbies to industrial storage, but so far I have come up with zip, nada. (Or do you have any other display ideas up your sleeve?)

And then today I opened the new Pottery Barn catalog and out of a page jumps a brand new product – a cubby organizer. I started to hyper ventilate. Could this be it? I love the look and the dimensions are perfect. I like the hand written numbers. There are 25 cubbies in total. I only have 12 cups which means I need to collect more – and I really like that! The price is very low. But folks really, a mass produced shelf for my collectible cups that I so adore?

Have any of you seen an unique, vintage display cubby organizer similar to this, anywhere? I will give you a nice reward if you find the perfect one! Or should I settle for this??? What do you think? Help!!

I know that we are all pleased that the Holiday season is behind us – for now. But this wall display could also get a different look for next winter holiday. (All the Christmas knick-knacks collected in one spot). I know the kiddos would love it!

Have a lovely rest of the week, friends! You are always on my mind.

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Quotes On Mirrors

We have seen decals on walls for quite a while.  As well as numbers and quotes on just about everything. But what about taking that traditional, gold mirror to the next level, with a written bold statement or quote ? (Can you tell that I had Punk Rock tendencies in my younger days?!). If you don’t want to use your treasured family heirloom piece then there are tons of large, gold mirrors at consignment stores waiting for a new (& fun) home!. I am really fond of the second image!

Images via the lovely Lotta Agaton

All that’s left is to figure out what paint to use (safe on glass without being permanent as well as Windex tolerant, which has alcohol in it) and what the actual quote would be!

I am personally not a super fan of mass produced wall decals but the ones from the French company, Harmonie-Intérieure, are an exception. Their decals are really classy and beautiful and look like they were tailor made and hand painted.

Happy rest of the week, wonderful friends!

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