I am a design junkie. I have been passionate about design (primarily interior) since early childhood, when I used our local soccer field as my personal sketch board. I remember drawing rooms in the sand with a large stick and decorating them for as long as I could until my older brother and his friends kicked me off the field.

Today, nothing makes me happier than helping clients, friends and family, and myself come up with great design solutions or to find that perfect piece for a lovely & livable home. It never, ever tires me.

I view my style as classic with an edgy, contemporary twist. And being a native of Sweden, I always bring a sense of Swedish to everything I do. I can’t help it, it is part of my DNA.

Splendid Willow is my inspirational journal. This is where I collect thoughts & ideas and report on splendid design I come across all over the world.  What started as an outlet for my own design wanderings has become a truly humbling experience as I meet, learn from, and become friends with so many of the fantastic people who have visited my blog.

Splendid Willow has been featured in many leading design magazines and design blogs such as Elle, Rue Magazine, House of Fifty, Houzz, Apartment Therapy and Desire To Inspire, among others.

I hope you enjoy! (And don’t be shy leaving a comment for a specific post. We all love hearing from you and value what you have to say.).

If you have a moment, visit my on-line boutique where I sell high-end goods with a Scandinavian twist (well of course!). Visit my store here – Splendid Willow Avenue.


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