Radio Silence + My New 7 Minute Workout

Hello friends. I hope you are enjoying summer to the fullest!

Yes, it has been awfully quiet in my corner. I am happily reclaiming my life and spending more time with my three beautiful kids this summer (enjoying traveling & lots of exploring, good food, horseback riding, canoeing, water fun, and a jam packed social calendar!). 

My 11-year old daughter Frida with good friends. Love this picture. That’s summer!

Frida after some fun horseback riding in water (yes me too!).

We are also working hard on the new store (taking longer than expected but we are getting there!)

Lots of new, lovely things being added to the store, launching soon.

I am most likely (will know soon) getting a really big design challenge for the fall, which will be a whole different animal all together — but a super fun one!

It should also mean an up tic in my blog activity/importance. THANK you to so many of you who continue to follow along and Hello! to all new followers who pop up in my subscription box every day!

To be prepared for this fun & full fall, I am breathing deep this summer, laughing a lot and getting my body stronger.

I found this 7 Minute workout/day program some time ago and I am now addicted. I do it every day — and wow is it helping me tone my body! This 7 minute program equals a long run + weight training, if you do it right.  Experts have studied it well. It is intense but 7 minutes is all it takes. And all you need is a wall and a chair (you can even do this from your summer cabin, folks!).

12 different routines (30 seconds each with 10 seconds rest in between). Total 7 minutes. We can all do it!

Print out the sheet so you have it right under your nose! Practice the 12 routines a few times before you get started, so you really know how to do them right and hard. And you might want to invest in a simple kitchen timer (which I did) that you set for 30 seconds (the length 0f each routine). You only have 10 seconds to get ready for the next routine. Trust me, you have no time to fiddle with watches or complicated timers!

You have to do the 12 routines in the correct order. (I have bad knees from skiing so I have swapped the jumping jacks for fast jump roping instead, which I can control better).

My husband, who is a  fit man, joins me now and then, and we are both sweating hard at the end of the 7 minutes! If you are not in pain, you need to work out harder! 7 minutes – and then it is over!

Learn more about the program here.

There. Nothing design savvy this time, just my secret body weapon to gear up for a busy fall with lots of design at the very core.

Hugs to you all. You are always on my mind. And HAPPY 4th!!!!


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  • You are just one busy lady, Monica! I am happy to learn everything is going well in your world! Keep us posted.
    I have started Pure Barre at home, and it is tough too. We do owe it to ourselves to stay fit and healthy.
    Happy Monday.

  • Franki Parde says:

    You MUST be talking to me!….franki

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Hello Franki,

    Try it! It works! Hope all is well with lovely you.

    Summer hugs, Mon

  • wonderful to see you back my friend. enjoy summer and family…great things are in store for you, I know. donna

  • I’m glad to read you’re enjoying your summer so far Monika, horseriding…lucky you! Dylan dog is my workout along with our property and a little yoga tossed in for balance. But now I’m curious about your 7-minutes and will try it.


  • tinajo says:

    Nice to see you again – and that work out looks interesting! :-)

  • leslie says:

    Good for you! That’s not easy! Horseback riding sounds great too:) love your pics! Have a great 4th! xxleslie

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    Are those pictures from where you live? It’s insanely gorgeous!! I can’t wait to visit soon perhaps I will time it for your store opening? IN Sweden at the moment doing the same thing. Spending time with my family! It’s hard to say no to stuff but it does make you feel really good to have a breather. Definitely testing that workout.
    Kram fran Svergie!

  • Hi Mon! I read about this type of workout HIIT and I was going to start with it when I got flu… but I’ll try this one asap! thanks for sharing! xx You might want to check out my latest post:

    Get the Most out of your White Blazer:

  • Monika,
    You’re a smart woman to be taking some time to stop and enjoy summer…especially since it sounds like you’ll be hitting the pavement of fall in a full run.
    Thanks for this workout regime. I am so impatient that I could use a 7 minute work out. I walk regularly but this would tackle some of the other muscles.

  • Great to hear that you are having a fun Summer so far Mon! I have also been spending a lot less time blogging/online, trying to enjoy my beautiful “babies” as long as they’ll have me. :) Sounds like lots of exciting stuff going on for you too – we need to catch up soon!

  • A seven minute workout..I am totally intrigued!! Now THIS I can handle:) Thank you, I am definitely going to be looking into it. So happy to hear your summer is going well..those pictures are AMAZING!

    I am having a great summer too albeit a very busy one, lots of summer parties, and projects and non stop activity, hope it slows down a bit, looking forward to getting away and doing a whole lot of nothing on Wed! Hope whatever you are up to for July 4th is wonderful and relaxing….good to hear from you Mon!

  • you are my toned and centered wonder woman, sis. i love hearing about all your joys now and to come. exciting! can’t wait to begin working out regularly again. i so miss normalcy and structure and looking human. happy 4th to you and wishing you loads of laughter and moments of wonder.

    love to you.


  • Suzanne says:

    So happy to read that
    you are enjoying lovely
    summer moments with
    your kiddos….It flies by
    and before you know it,
    your eldest is on the way
    to college in the fall. Yes,
    it is happening to me, so
    I can share the wisdom : )

    Hope you can get home to
    your beloved Sweden this
    summer, too?

    Thanks for the workout
    plan ~ will most definitely
    try, as my autumn is going
    to be crazy, too…

    Happy 4th of July!

    xo Suzanne

  • Tracey says:

    Oh my goodness, your daughter is super cute!!! Thanks for the inspiration on the exercise ….. it’s much needed over here, if anything I need to stretch more and take care of these flabby arms of mine. FYI, I want those vases!!!!

  • Classiq says:

    Enjoy summer’s pleasures and time with family, Monika! Those beautiful images capture the essence of summer, the free spirit and casual living.

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