Indoor Plant Tables Are Back In Vogue


… at least in Sweden (and not Grandma style, folks!). You will find them in many chic furnishing shops. (Which means that you will see more of them here soon too, since Swedes are such trend setters, ha!).

I want exactly THIS (copper?) plant table. Timeless and current. And perfect for some stylish low growing green plants.

If anyone of you dares to tell me that you have something similar – you should know that I will get mighty jealous… (And you will of course be ahead of all design trends…!).

Another popular Swedish plant table (by GAD) is this mixed concrete and wood table. Perhaps I shall grab one when going to Sweden next (but I would probably want the legs gray or dark).

Not a plant table per say (I can’t find any functional and pretty ones in the US!), but Crate & Barrel has this side table with a white marble top that could be a good alternative to plants in gray pots.

And how could I not include this image again, which I have shown I don’t know how many times. Now that is one pretty & friendly plant composition!

All I know is that I need a good surface that can handle spills (zinc, stone etc.). So the question to myself now is —  make (like the one in the first image – can I even??) or buy?

Happy rest of the week!

Images 1 +2 via Wrede.
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  • Well who knew! Funny I was with my sister in law a few days ago and she bought a table designated to hold a bunch of potted herbs…little does she know she is a trendsetter, lol. Hope you have a great day Mon, it was so good to hear from you!

  • Franki Parde says:

    That copper table is dazzling! That spot of metal and green plants…hits the spot! franki

  • leslie says:

    I like that Crate & Barrel table! The little topiaries are so cute grouped together. The question for me would be where to put it. I have not the best luck with herbs .. I don’t think I’m giving them enough light (PNW blues!)


    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Hello Ms. Leslie,

    No green thumb here either… But perhaps a pretty plant table will teach me the way! I hope you are enjoying the tropical heat! Wihoooo! Hugs, Mon.

  • i would love to incorporate one into my kitchen space. they’re awesome. can’t stop staring at the first few images…just the whole apartment is dreamy. that bedroom beckons. oh my.

    my only issue growing herbs inside is the little gnats that come with it. right now i have basil in a gorgeous creamware pot with beautiful granite stones i gathered from box canyon in arizona.

    love to you, stylemaker.


  • Joe Clarke says:

    Mon, the whole apartment is TDF! You design savvy Swedes!


  • Tracey says:

    I’m not a huge plant person but I do like that round table with all of those lovely small plants in those fabulous pots!

  • I love a table filled with pots of herbs or succulents..fun ideas here as well. Hope all is well with you, dear friend. I know we will catch up some day. We are crazy busy, and so very thankful for it. Hope you are having a fun Summer with your kids. XO, Mona

  • Lovely pics, I agree the copper table sits beautifully in that room. Side tables, whether for plants or other items can be a great way to complete a room. Sometimes a room just needs that little something and a subtle but stylish side table can be the ideal addition – not to over bearing, but perfect for that empty tucked away space, adding a subtle touch of colour.

  • Debra says:

    I absolutely LOVE that copper plant table! Where did you find this link?
    I tried the link you posted but it doesn’t work.
    Thanks so much!

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Hello Debra,

    Thank you for letting me know that the link is broken (it is now fixed).

    Here is the link again: http://www.wrede.se/objekt/199662?qt-item_tabs=1#qt-item_tabs

    The pictures are from a leading real estate agency in Stockholm. Wish I knew where the plant table is from! I have been looking around on the web but no luck so far.

    Will let you know if I come across it. Want one myself!

    Warmly, Mon

  • I love those tables with herbs! I tried to grow some herbs in my kitchen but they died! :( maybe the heat was too high for them? the last one is my fave. hope you have a great week darling Mon! xo

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