Celebrating Mothers (Some Good Ideas)

I don’t know about other Mamas out there but on Mother’s Days and Birthdays the absolutely last thing I want to do is house chores (which I do all other 363 days of the year and then some…). I don’t need to be spoiled, just “helped & extra appreciated” a little. So for any of you still looking for ideas and gifts for the upcoming Mother’s Day (May 12th) here are some of my personal favorites:

1) “Mama Gets To Savor The Day”

Which means NO, nada, zip cooking, dirty dishes, cleaning, laundry and running in 50 directions. No paperwork, no computer (yes, please drag her away from that screen!), and chauffeuring. Instead think|:|Good dining, sightseeing/local adventure, pampering (facials, massage, manipeds etc). Mama should not lift a finger on Mother’s day — that is my firm opinion!

2) Heartfelt cards.

With personal notes. Handwritten people! I’ll take a good card before any flower. (I don’t even want cut flowers, just cards and a jolly good time!).

For me personally gifts are not important (more than to give, which I love!). I have too much stuff and just want less. But I wouldn’t exactly say not to any of the following….

3) “The Gift Of Nothing” (by Patrick McDonnell)

The Gift of Nothing is the most perfect book for any kid, Mama, sister, girlfriend. I have given away many, many. And my kids have always brought them to school for their teachers to read out loud. Sweet and meaningful.

4) Helen Ficalora jewelry

Helen Ficalora is a popular Seattle jewelry designer, who years ago (before everybody else) became well known for her gold charms with initials. I have three 18K charms with my kids initials but I wouldn’t mind getting her gold chain with diamonds to go with them. Simple understated and very pretty. (She does not show it on-line, you have to ask for it).

I am liking the top necklace.

5) Candle

A really good candle. An over-sized, non toxic and pretty one. I like just about anything by Cire Trudon.

6) A small makeup bag

I am a total small accessories snob. This little fellow I will quickly make room for in my purse. (Gucci).

7) Potted Myrtle Tree

Instead of cut flowers give me a Myrtle tree in a pretty pot and I will kiss your paw!

8) Sun Certificate

A gift certificate to pick out a (reeeeally) nice pair of sun glasses in time for summer!  A brilliant idea if I may say so myself.

Now, if I only can get my hubby to read this post…

From my own store, Splendid Avenue, I already know that these products are popular with the ladies (and Moi!):

9) Josef Frank’s notepad cube

Via the prestigious design store, Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm. He made this pattern in the 20’s. I use mine ALL the time. The most perfect desk companion.

 10) Summer Flip-Flops

We have a very hard time keeping Ilse Jacobsen’s new rubber flip-flops on the shelves. Scandinavian stylish and comfortable.

11) Multifunctional bottle

The colored glass bottles are also popular. They are both vases and candle holders. A functional and pretty gift.

12) Pretty Pie Plate

New is also the “Grandma Pie Plate” with a pretty lace pattern at the bottom, as a surprise when the crumbs have left the plate!

Those are some of my Mother’s Day ideas. Do you have any good ideas to share with all of us?

Happy New Week to you all!

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  • sherry hart says:

    There should actually be a Mothers Week instead of day….if you get my drift :)
    All the Mothers I know deserve everything on that list and more……you have the hardest job there is but I also know it is so rewarding…..hope your day is special and they treat you right!

  • Wow, now this is a list for the luckiest Moms! I love everything here, sweet Monica!
    I will be getting a pair of those flip flops for myself this summer. Love the look.
    Happy Monday.

  • Holly Irwin says:

    Wow, I love all of these gifts, and I’m not even a Mom!! You have great taste. I think I may need a little Myrtle tree or two for my window now……

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Hello Ms. Holly,

    Your taste is pretty good too! (:

    Hugs from Seattle.


  • Hi Mon! So good to see you and hear from you. I am going to send you an email to respond soon. I was so happy to hear from you..I know life just gets crazy. I love all your idea, and can attest to how great those sandals are in your shop:)
    Love getting either orchids or a topiary in lieu of cut flowers which only last a few days……and LOVE the idea of a “true day off”….isn’t that the biggest treat of all!! Enjoy your day.

  • Hi Mon!
    Wishing you well these busy, busy days :). I’m crazy about the “Grandma Pie Plate”….and now that I’m a grandma (or Say Say as I’m now known), I’ll need to start dropping some hints. You know how crazy my girlies are for your flip flops…..I didn’t see that you had any black ones yet, are you expecting those sometime soon? I owe my twin girls a black pair for their birthday. All the best to you!
    XO Sarah

  • Franki Parde says:

    Viva Mama!!! franki

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Viva indeed! Hugs to you Ms. Franki.


  • leslie says:

    Hi Mon,

    Great ideas! Your little flip flops are lots of fun and I like the candle holders. We need this weather to warm up so we can get to the nursery! The Potted Myrtle Tree is a great idea. Where to get them this time of year!?? A potted plant is a wonderful alternative to cut flowers:)


  • Tracey says:

    I love these subtle hints :-) I say your hubs should be a part of the gift giving too :-)

  • Delishhh says:

    I totally agree with you!! Great ideas! I like to be spoiled on Mother’s Day, breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked and served!! :) I also love cards!! All I want is a card and I will be happy!

  • Michelle says:

    JUST YUM to all this beauty and inspiration. I think my favorite are the cosmetic Gucci bag and the Helen Ficalora jewelry- simple and stylish for any occasion. thanks Mon!

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Well thank you Ms. Michelle! I had a fun boat ride today and took some great pics of your daughter. She is one happy, pretty and good person – just like her Mama!

    ox, Mon

  • what a gorgeous array of suggestions for mamas. oh my goodness. your taste is just the best, and i trust it so implicitly. i must admit to really milking the whole mother’s day thing around here in recent years. again, i blame menopause. since my sons are grown, on mom’s day i like talking about delivering them, the pain and sorrow and even some gorey details. they hate it, and it just pleases me so much since i am twisted. i have also been known to parade in a tiara. i have no princesses here afterall! in not at all subtle terms, i express what would make my day. never expensive, but i do believe in sparing myself from feigning delight in the new carpet steamer or laptop cooling platform they choose.

    love to you, sis.


  • Suzanne says:

    Monika, I love all of your
    picks for Mom! Those
    necklaces from the Seattle
    designer are really special.
    Off to breeze through your

    Happy Spring!

    xo Suzanne

  • Hey Mon! Getting a rare spare moment here so thought I must visit and say hello! We’ve already had our Mother’s Day in March (my first and I was thoroughly spoiled!). Ooh la la, your wish list is fabulous! I hope you are well and have a very special mama’s day!

    Meera xx

  • Monika!!! What great ideas…I am stealing them for my future birthdays since you have so many. I love the sunglasses one! MAybe cause I want a pair so badly right now??? And I love the book…it’s one of my faves.
    I hope you have a blessed Mother’s Day Mon!

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