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We have a great magazine in Seattle called just that Seattle Magazine. A thick, flashy, must-read, covering local happenings, art & culture, food, fashion & design.

So fun to see our boots as part of a lovely photo shoot with the headline: “Fashion Forecast. Spring runway spoke to our Pacific Rim sensibilities, with Japanese inspired shapes, graphic brights and stripes that nod to the city’s Scandinavian heritage. (Yep that would be us!).

Furthermore: The tall Ilse Jacobsen rain boots are available in a rainbow of colors from local e-tailer Splendid Avenue, for a dose off style and comfort.

A big thank you to Seattle Magazine and its well respected Style Editor Ali Brownrigg, a Seattle Design Mover & Shaker!

Also easy to like the food at the newly opened local Seattle restaurant Tanglewood Surpreme — a tiny, friendly seafood bistro earning great reviews by picky food critics.

Hubby took me there for my birthday last week and OH MAMA the food was A. M.A. Z.I.N.G. Fresh, local seafood with a modern, unique twist. One local food reviewer said he “did not want to share the name of the restaurant to keep it a local secret for the few. But sadly he felt he had to — the food is that good”.

Finally, I have to laugh at a myself. I can get ridiculously giddy happy over the smallest things. Yes the Arco lamp (see previous post) will be nice and the an updated kitchen will make me so happy but yesterday I found a new little bestie — and this one is for my kitchen drawers. A “Forma” stainless “over the cabinet” hook (no screws) to hang kitchen towels, pot holders, etc.

You see, I tend to not like racks for any kinds of towels. I go bananas if towels are not straight. (Yes I know… some issues there….). Hooks are perfect and towels get to freely hang straight (more forgiving in my opinion). And this hook I can move around in the kitchen. Who knew a $3.99 find could put such a grin on my face. Make for great socking stuffers too. Functional design rocks!

Wishing you a delightful week.


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  • sara says:

    Får mig att längta till Seattle
    Och att träffa dig och din familj på plats.

    Grattis till fina reportaget


    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Ja!!!!!! Nu aer det dags att komma oever snart!!!! Fast vi kommer HELA GAENGET i sommar! Kram, Mon.

  • I have the same OCD towel hangup…you are not alone! And i too get excited over little finds…love all the new fashion finds and I have to get to Seattle…I hear more and more about how great it is..a friend just came back to visit her daughter who just moved there/relocated and couldn’t say enough!
    Enjoy your day Mon….

  • I’ve seen this magazine twice now since my best friend lives in Seattle and has sent it to me. I have to laugh at your OCD thing about straight towels I think all women are like that so loving your hook idea. Happy Belated Birthday to you and glad the food made your day that much more special.


  • Tracey says:

    Congrats on the feature!!!!! I have had my eye on those for awhile now, they make me smile every time I see them as the colors are super pretty. They go so well with those beautiful dresses too!!!! I wonder if I wore that ensemble I would look as good as that girl does? Thanks for the tip about Tanglewood Supreme, we always like to go to places we’ve never been to when visiting your beautiful city. Off I go to get one of those fab hooks!!!!!!

  • Franki Parde says:

    That made me smile….in so many ways…good bang on the boots, luv the pants and who knew…hooks!?!?! :) franki p.s. I saw that Arco in my “Veranda!”

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    Grattis! Jag ringer dig idag sa mycket some hander. Love the boots with the bright dresses. They should shoot your lovely home as well! I just gave Coastal Living your blog as my favorite blog read yesterday. xoxo Jill

  • well, in my opinion, those outfits would not be half as cute without those wonderful boots. YES. they are so stylish.

    and, monika, *konk* on the head, why didn’t we come up with that terrific hook idea???

  • great post, Mon! those hooks are a fab idea! love them too! hope you have a wonderful week, darling!

    caroline @ patagonia gifts love knot jewelry

  • leslie says:

    Seattle Mag IS a great magazine and I WILL try this restaurant!! Sounds SO good and I must say that Seattle has some of finest cuisine in the nation. The food is fresh, with emphasis on fresh organic and sustainable farming.. and supporting local farmers. Love that:)

    Congrats on getting the boots featured!

    Happy Monday!

  • leslie says:

    Oh! The OCD towel hang-up is a neat idea! ..very practical and so simple. I’m going to get one!

  • Joe Clarke says:

    I am hooked on the hook and the boots! Lovely fashion spread in S Mag. Fun to see!


  • Monika,

    What a fun magazine, I’ll have to pick up an issue when I’m visiting my friend that lives on Bainbridge Island next time. Love the little towel holder, clever.

  • delightful is right! look at that stunning model in yer boots all 1972 fabulous!!! you know what i’m talkin bout, right? my mama dressed me in gorgeous groovy mini dresses just like that in ’72, only those ilse jacobsens would’ve POPPED and launched me into instant popularity in kindergarten.

    mama and daddy were very ocd about the towels growing up, so no straight ones here for this rebel. you would need xanax if you peeked inside my linen closets. MESSY VON MESSY! but i share your delight in the little details like this hook.

    you are the best. you’re fun. you’re energy is infectious, and your style is chictastic.



  • your energy. YOUR energy.

    will my self-editor ever take a vacation.

    hayyyyyyyuuhhhhhl no.


  • We would get alongs beautifully, Monica. So funny! OCD is my middle name.
    Happy Tuesday.

  • Monica,
    How cute is that model in your boots?!!! Adorable! How fun for you to have a shout out in Seattle magazine! I can not tell you how often I think of Seattle. It is coming at me from all angles and I feel like I have a whole group of creative soul mates there. I don’t know when I will actually get there, but I am sending the universe a big “make it happen” mantra!!!

    So happy you got to enjoy a fab restaurant. Having special experiences is what makes life fun.

    Have a marvelous weekend!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  • Anci says:

    Idag vill jag bara säga en sak – jag gillar verkligen din blogg !!


    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Tack Anci, du är alltid så vansinnigt rar! Happy new week på dig! Mon

  • I’m with you…no towel the simple small hook. So fun seeing your boots in the magazine…I’ll bet your sales are through the roof…and I’m elated for you. Have a great week. Mona

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Hello favorite Mona, Miss you!

    Still blog comment problems – and only on your blog, ny friend. Expect an e-mail as usual (: Hugs, Mon

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