Minimial Holiday Decor At My Home

Busy season folks! How are you all holding up? Not much new happening at my house (the store is taking all my time) but I managed to get some simple holiday decor up this weekend. Perhaps nothing to write home about. And not too much glitter and glam. I am a simple Swede after all….

Last week I found a gray vintage door that I dragged home (Hubby shook his head…) and leaned against a wall. That is where all the holiday cards are going up! (If I only can get mine out in time…). Note: The lighing is pretty bad in these pictures. Trust me, the door looks better in real.

I am using simple green moss balls (from my store) which I added some silver thread to and placed in our stocking pot holders. It took me a whole 4 minutes to put together…

The tree looks pretty much like last year’s. (Forest/wood themed for this animal loving family).

The Winter village is up again. My kids love this simple Holiday display! The wooden house is vintage.

(Only our traditional “Swedish Candy Store” is left to tackle. I will show you soon).

Before I sign off, I want to send some extra big hugs to these talented ladies, bloggers, designers and friends who all plugged my store, Splendid Avenue. Thank you ladies! What unexpected and lovely treats!

Thank you to my dear & mega talented friend, Greet with Belgian Pearls (everybody’s best friend!). She highligted some of my Swedish finds in her blog post, jam packed with holiday inpiration. Don’t forget to check out her brand new business website. Can we all say Magnificent!

Thank you to the lovely Leslie with Trouver Le Soleil.

Leslie hung some of our Boxwood wreaths in her window.  Your holiday decor looks fabulous, girlie! (Read her entire post).

Thank you to Phyllis with Henhurst Interiors (who we all pin like crazy because she is sooo good!). She also featured a wreath from us in a recent blog post.


Thank you to my dear friend-sis Charlotta (“Hej Lilla Loppan”!) with Space For Inspiration (who I did not get to see in Stockholm this time around. Bohhoo! But this summer you can count on me knocking on your door!).  Charlotta highligted Ylva Skarp’s popular artwork which we are the only US store to carry. Charlotta’s post/blog is jam packed with lots of Scandi-design inspiration.

And finally, Linda Merrill with Surroundings who is a really good and loyal friend and who is mega busy with her high-flying design business. She featured our reindeer candlesticks in her latest issue of Surroundings Holiday Style Guide.

Hop over here and read her magazine here!

Make sure you follow all these ladies. I already do. And you know how picky I am! (:

There you have it. Some Decor & Blog Shout-outs. “Gott och Blandat” as we say in Swedish. Happy & Mixed.

Ta Ta!

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  • Looking good Mon! I love love the gray door idea for your cards, so clever and pretty and so “Mon”! Also your display for Christmas villages does them justice….gorgeous! Oh how I miss when my kids were young and couldn’t wait for me to set it up……when they are young, it makes those things so much fun! Glad things are going well albeit super busy…I hear you! Its officially the crazy time where we are being hit from all ends, deep breaths, occasional bottles oops glasses of wine, and lots of lists are part of my survival kit. Hang in there…love those wreaths!

  • Greet says:

    Your Christmas tree looks gorgeous sweet Mon! You really feel that you have that Swedish touch!!And that winter villa is to die for!
    Thank you so much for linking back to me!

  • Delishhh says:

    Oh just gorgeous! Love the door such a great idea!! When I get home I have speed things up to catch up!!

  • Sherry Hart says:

    Of course it goes without saying your Christmas decor is gorgeous and tasteful! You always manage to nail the presentation:). Merry Christmast.

  • Franki Parde says:

    The first wreath…just love it!! Isn’t this fun?!?!? “Bless us One and All!” franki

  • i must be a simple swede too because things are VERY simple round here as well with a big ol’ ZERO glam unless you’re counting a few mercury glass votives.

    your home looks and feels perfectly and approachably elegant. if i had a grey door, i would put it to good use like you! instead, i have a wall of photos looking rather messy with washi tape.

    there is a lot going on here–so much heartache–and pnemonia for me so how’s that for ho-ho-ho?!? i will call you to catch up when my voice is back.

    love to you, my friend.


  • LoveHolidays says:

    Love your decor!!!

    What are these beautiful vintage looking stockings that are hanging on the knobs below the Winter Village?????? They are adorable!!!!!

    And what about these stockings that are hangin on your mantel? They look very interesting too – are they vintage??

    Appreciate your help :)

  • Hi Mon, Hope you had a great trip – I am eyeing those curly sheepskins! I love the idea of using the salvaged door to display Christmas cards. Every year I wonder wht to do with them. I wish you could see how beautiful the wreaths look im my three dining room windows – and from outside the house. They are perfection!

  • Charlotta says:

    Big sisterly kisses to you darling!
    Loving the door and the fact that you dragged it home! True Viking blood! :)

    I adore the Candy Store and can’t wait to see this year’s execution!!

    Galet galet här. Isabella på sjukhus med astma igen över helgen. Katterna har fått akut flytta. Oscar hjärnskakning och jag hemsk svamp infektion inne i kroppen. Blä och usch, men Herre Gud så bra 2013 ska bli!! Då ska vi bara ha det toppen!!

    Puss puss – vi rings innan jul, visst.


  • You have such a touch for all things perfect, Monica. You home is stunning. I lvoe your new addition!
    Happy Monday.

  • Tracey says:

    Oh my goodness, your home is gorgeous!!! I would give anything to come and photograph it!!! The inspiration for your Christmas decorating is insane. Love love love what you have done. I have taken note for my own home. I had to laugh about your hubby’s reaction to you bringing home an old door, mine would’ve done the same.

  • Monika,
    Simple is sometimes best and your home looks festive and welcoming. Love the “card” door.
    Enjoy the season and I hope your store does a great business this month.

  • Marianne says:

    I always love your holiday decor! So excited you finally found a gray door and I even spy my Christmas card on there :) Hope to get together with you soon! It’s been way too long. xo

  • We keep things minimial too and only use what we bring inside from our forest including our tree….we bring it back alive to plant again. Cookies will be decorating our tree next week. Your home is beautiful Mon and I love your gray door, great find.

    May your Season be bright!

  • Joe Clarke says:

    All very splendid (and inspirational). All very YOU!

    Your home is beautiful and so inviting.


  • leslie says:

    So funny about your husband shaking his head regarding the door! As soon as I WAVE my arm and say.. I envision this.. my husband gives me the eye roll or he says much will this cost? Lol! Anyway.. such a wonderful idea for cards and your adorable small wreaths are perfect there. My husband’s grandfather was born in Sweden so I need to incorporate more of your decor in my home. I have my eye on several items;) My kids college tuition is taking priority over my house project/decor needs…

    Your home is just gorgeous and I appreciate your simple, elegant decor. Love the village! The vintage house is perfect. Where do you find these beautiful things?!

    Enjoy the season!

  • I love your simple wreaths and that sideboard display is just so wonderfully festive and charming! Hugs to you, friend! xo

  • You always have such great style my friend! God Jul!

  • Love the decor Mon and those sneak peaks of your house! I remember your swedish candy store from last year…can’t wait to see that again. Also can’t wait to show you how we’re rockin’ the scandanavian ornaments from your store! They look so great:)! I’ll be posting this week about our Xmas Decor. Thanks for sharing and sending you good cheer:)
    Sarah XO

  • Linda Merrill says:

    All so beautiful Mon! You really have the perfect touch! Thanks for the shout out! xxooL

  • Your home looks so cozy and so ready for the the joy of the holiday season- just lovely!

  • Darling Monika!!!

    Merry merry to you and yours! Everything looks divine. I love your style and now I’m looking for those cool antler candlesticks!!!

    You are beloved by many….always remember that!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  • goes without saying, monika, that I am green with envy over that gray door. I am filing that one under “why didn’t I think of that???” Terrific idea, but the rest of your home looks just as smashing, my stylish friend! love to you! donna

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