Inspirational Decor For The Holidays

Since I will be in Stockholm, Sweden during Thanksgiving, my mind has traveled straight to Christmas and all the fun decor for the winter Holidays (great ideas whether you celebrate Christmas or not).

While out cold last week (Thank you for all your well wishes. You are a dear bunch.) I comforted myself with several great magazines and page after was was ripped out.

Here are some of my favorite and most inspirational decor ideas:

1. Advent calendar with ornaments

What a nice idea! Make your own calendar and place small, personal ornaments in a large bowl. Let the kids hang one ornament on the home made calendar per day. Beats candy! (The calendar is made from a gray painted board attached to a vintage window frame. White cup hooks hold manila shipping tags, numbered with stickers).

2. One pretty, over-sized wreath on a mirror

= Immediate holiday impact

3. Cocoa Hot Spot

I have never tried but I might just need to for the kiddos and their friends.

4. Vintage sheet music wreath

Make a personal wreath with vintage sheet music. (Roll sheet music into cones. Hot glue the cones to a wreath form that you make from sturdy cardboard).

5. Black + Silver

Silver looks amazing with candles, greenery, simple pine cones and a plate of satsumas!

6. Guest room decor

Our own guests will be able to admire a pretty Rosemary plant (or  small pine tree) in a burlap sack on their bedside tables.

7.  Restraint is key!

Your eye can’t focus on anything if you decorate too much!

8. Tree loveliness

I so wish this tree was mine. (A mix of old, new and handmade ornaments). So very pretty, pretty. And the settee too!

9. Wool blanket and Pomegranates

Ok, this idea I will copy one day. Layer an old wool blanket under the cross stitched linen table cloth (I have that very same one at home! Bought it 6 years ago).

And again, how pretty is this simple decor idea with red, handsome pomegranates, and a tad of greenery in a glass cookie stand. Will copy this idea too!

10. HGTV Magazine – December 2012

For more terrific Holiday decor, hurry out and buy HGTV Magazine’s December issue (out now) and turn to page 130. My dear friend Marianne welcomes readers into her Christmas decorated home. I know her lovely home well and I run over there frequently! So proud of her!!! 7 P.A.G.E.S of  Holiday Decor Inspiration from this designer maven!!! Go, Marianne, go!!

Hugs to you all!

Images scanned via BHG Christmas Idesa (2012) and Country Home Holiday 2012. Last image via HGTV Magazine Dec. 2012.


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  • Franki Parde says:

    You DO have the BEST eye! franki

    Splendid Willow Reply:


    Thank you! What a nice comment on a rainy & gray Tuesday in Seattle! Hugs Mon

  • Marianne says:

    I just love every one of these ideas! There’s nothing like fresh greenery to make a home come alive for the holidays. Thank you so much for including my magazine feature in your post! You are the best and I adore you to bits! xoxo

  • You know that I am so in the mood for Christmas! I am trying to get ahead so I can take the month of December off, which is a dream I have come to conclude!
    Such a beautiful post, sweet Monica.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Tuesday.

  • Joe Clarke says:

    What a wonderful use for the wool blanket!

    Marianne’s home looks very magazine worthy!



  • the black and silver is stunning, monika, and I really want to do a big wreath over a mirror (I have so many, you know!). but my all time favorite is your holiday “candy shop” in your large antique swedish piece. can’t wait, even if I can only see it via the web!

    have a wonderful and safe trip. love to your family. donna

  • Phyllis says:

    Hi Monika,
    Great ideas – I am also already thinking about Christmas and think it is because we are going to be away from home for Thanksgiving as we’ll. I love the pomegranates and greenery on the cake stands and recently bought a vintage two-tiered white porcelain stand that will be perfect. Like the layered tanlecloths as well. Thanks for sharing!
    All best,

  • Monika,
    How wonderful for you and your family to be in Stockholm for the holidays. I like so many of these ideas, I have to save this post. It really provided some inspiration and I’m eager to get started planning on some decorations for Christmas. It’s always fun to change things a bit each year.
    Happy you are back to your healthy self.

  • I hate to say I love all of these ideas because I think it sounds so generic, but I really do! The cocoa station, guest room rosemary plant, music sheets wreath, advent calendar with ornaments, etc. etc. etc.! So glad to hear you are feeling better sweetie! Have a wonderful trip and looking forward to celebrating with you, and hearing all about your trip, when we both return! :)

  • So many fantastic ideas here, Mon. I don’t think the reality that Thanksgiving is next week (!) has quite hit me, so I’ve barely even thought about decorating for Christmas yet. You’re getting me inspired. Especially love the plaid blanket/needle point table cloth. Would love to try this on our breakfast nook table. Just need the right piece of wool!

    Thanks and enjoy your time in Stockholm! XO

  • Bianca says:

    Love all of those ideas, looking forward to the Christmas Season and trying out some of those ideas. Bianca

  • Holly Irwin says:

    I LOVE your taste in Christmas decorating! So simple and charming…..thanks so much for sharing them. Hope you’re feeling better!


  • Anci says:

    Härligt med julinspiration, även om jag tycker att det är liiite för tidigt !
    Men det är kanske dags att börja nu om det ska bli klart :)


  • so glad you are feeling more human, and these ideas are perfect. the restraint part is easy for me…the black and silver? oh my i love that and must find a place to bring in black for the holidays.

    hopping over to see marianne’s spread–exciting or what? you two and your published homes are too fancy for this blogger.

    love to you.


  • Tracey says:

    I just love the silverware in the black cabinet with the hints of green sprigs. I think I’ll be heading in that direction this year for my decorating. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Love every single image…especially the ones that are shown with pinecones in the decor. Just bought 6 bags of them today for a little project (what was I thinking, fingers crossed it works)! How exciting that you will be in your native country for Thanksgiving. I bet its sooo beautiful this time of year. So excited for Marianne!! Well deserved….whats in the water over that way? Everyone over there has such great taste:)

  • Karena says:

    Monika I love your tips and creative images for the holidays. Sometimes the simple are most noticeable!

    A Giveaway from Scalamandre

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    I bet your house is amazing on Christmas!!! Great simple tips just shared this article on Facebook!

  • leslie says:

    Everything is just lovely. Those santa mugs remind me of some we had growing up.. very sweet :) The wreathes look so pretty in front of mirrors. The black and silver is GORGEOUS!

  • Charlotta says:

    Oj oj så mycket fint! (som alltid)
    Blir sugen att dekorera och style för jul precis nu på en gång!!!

    Bara älskar choklad stationen! Vilken underbar ide! Nästan lika bra som din ‘candy store’ – men inte riktigt! 😉

    Alfabets duken är underbar – en sådan vill jag ha till mitt köksbord. Vart hittar jag en sådan?

    Det svarta skåpen gör mig aldelse knäsvag! Ett sådant vill jag också ha. Kanske ska man måla om sekretären… tempting!

    Puss på sig!

  • Delishhh says:

    Amazing Ideas! I love each one! My favorite one is still your Christmas candy/snack stand that you have each year!!

  • Fashion-isha says:

    I love that music paper wreath! These images are gorgeous!

  • Hello lovely! I hope you are recovered from your flu and doing great! New baby means I’ve been out of blogging action. Even now I am just about managing to type one-handed as baby is in the other, but wanted to say hello and how much I love the ideas you’ve put together here. Hot cocoa station – how lovely! And decorating with juicy red pomegranates – yum!

    Lots of love to you sweet lady!

    Meera xx

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