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With tons of brands and white shades out there, it is easy to get lost in white wonderland and never even get paint up on the walls! I have received a few e-mails from readers (yes, you are one of them Mrs. Landi!) asking for a good, safe white wall color.

I can’t say that I have tried them all but I  have tried a few and more will come up in some bedrooms that we will tackle at some point (we were supposed to have started right after summer – ha!). For those of you who remember we are adding a big dose of Swedish to our master bedroom. You know how light deprived the Swedes are (for many months of the year!) Bring in the light!

I personally tend to stick with Benjamin Moore. I feel they have a good selection and they are good at picking up trends. I like their Aura and Natura paints with little or no toxins. Pricier, yes. But it is worth it (especially in kids rooms).

White Dove and Mascarpone are two of Benjamin Moore’s best selling whites. (Mascarpone has way too much yellow for me. But it is warm).

Many designers like Decorator’s white, and I have tried it but I think its gray undertones are too strong.

I have also tried Cloud White and I like that one. It is a fresh, pure white.

If you are looking for a very crisp (almost stark) white – then Chantilly Lace might be a good choice.

Since I have kids and animals running around everywhere I usually pick an egg-shell finish for walls in living areas. (Better durability. Easier too clean). I don’t like too much sheen, but a flat sheen in this household is out of the question!

For trims I think super white is a good choice. (Satin finish or above).

And speaking of white — I found a cute little DIY project that I might involve my kids in. A WHITE book tree! Stuff a terracotta pot with styrofoam. Rip pages from an old book. Rip the pages into squares. Add the squares to a long skewer. Place the skewer in the pot and fill with green moss. Crafty and fun!

So, there. Some safe, white colors & a little project for me you.

Now, do you have a terrific white wall color up your sleeve? Would love to hear!

Hugs to you all.

P.S From White to Orange – Happy Halloween, folks!


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  • Karen T. says:

    Thanks for the advice! I’m looking for a good,safe white. Love the white in that first room. And last, what a cute DIY project.

  • I agree, Mon, Benjamin Moore gets it so right. Excellent advice here, as always. Hugs to you, friend! :) xx

  • Anci says:

    Åh, vad jag älskar det vita ! Men jag är ju svenska förstås :)
    Mitt framtida hem ska vara vitt.

    Trädet gillar jag med. Vill göra !!


  • sara says:

    In the living room, I used Chantilly white for the trim and then tried to pair it with Dove white on the walls, but I don’t like that combo, makes the dove white look to yellow although the sales person said it had gray undertones (still looking for the right white on the living room walls to go with a gray and white striped wall – looking into paper white, pocket watch white and cloud white)

    Chantilly white was too white to go beside white, matte, subway tiles in the bathroom. It instantly paled the beautiful white tiles.
    White Dove in the bathroom and kitchen worked; a room w/ morning sun, no natural light in the afternoon.

    I read in a paint colour magazine that Pratt & Lambert paint combos “Arrowroot” and “Phantom” are good choices to achieve the desirable dutch white minimalist colour palette.

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Sara, thank you for the good input! I am a BM lover but I will look into those P&L paints! Monika.

  • you’ve been reading my mind, mon. promise not to tell, but I think I’m going white in several rooms in my house. I love BM paints, too and you’ve given me a great opportunity to try out a few! thanks for the little push. donna

  • Franki Parde says:

    Those little trees are SO CUTE!! Nice photos, too! franki

  • Delishhh says:

    Great advice! I love our white bedroom – one of my favorite rooms :) Very cuter DIY project!

  • Monika,
    This is very helpful. I love Benjamin Moore paints and have tried to stay with one white for all trim in our house. One paint company discontinued the color of white we used to use, so we switched. Then the state of California outlawed oil based paint so all of our trim and French windows and doors have to be lightly sanded or painted first with a base coat so that the acrylic paint will adhere. Yikes. I love some of the whites you’ve shown, great post.

  • leslie says:

    Gorgeous! I’ve used white dove and linen white.. love them.

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Thank you. Excellent advice Mon.

    Love the book tree project. Stylish funky & fun. Just like you!


  • I think I’d go for mascarpone, simply because of the great name! :) I love that book tree idea – how cute and stylish. I love it when a kids project actually looks great at the end! :)

  • Marianne says:

    Thumbs up on White Dove from BM. One of my favorite colors and had my own kitchen cabinets painted out in it. Love it! xo

  • Tracey says:

    I totally agree with you and will keep this bookmarked for when I need white. Those spaces are amazing …. love love love.

  • Carla says:

    This is crazy!

    I was just thinking about contacting you about the perfect white wall
    color for my new home! Then I find your post in my inbox this morning.

    Enjoyed meeting you at Bianca’s.

    Cheers, Carla (Ambiente)

    P.S. Benjamin Moor’s Mountain Peak White is not bad either.

  • benjamin moore’s white dove has been one of our favs over the years, and now i’m thinking i need to try a new one…maybe this chantilly lace for a guest bedroom which will be painted soon.

    most of our walls are benjamin moore’s white sand, and my friends and family who have used it end up loving it paired with white trim.

    those paper trees are the cutest!

    i’m busier than busy! talk soon.


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