I Am Craving Light More Than Ever

How can I look at these stunning rooms from an old Danish home and not feel they should belong to me?! Me, me, me! I am on such a light kick right now. But I am really just going back to my Swedish roots? Or am I mentally preparing for the long dark months ahead? I clearly need something to off-set that mood! Light  — come on in!

(Also heart the light gray walls. And the large contemporary painting with a touch of orange in it).

Even the cats are perfect.

What a beautiful eating area. Imagine it lit with candles for the evening supper. I would never leave the room.

My Mom has always said: “Invest in a good pair of quality silver candlesticks”.

I’ve heard it a zillion times. But she is so right. Timeless beauty. They never go out of style.

Rust you can always trust for a pretty patina.

Love  it all.

Also L.O.V.E this oil painting “Gray Island”.

I purchased it from my dear blog friend-sis Michele’s Etsy store.

I found a recycled barn wood frame at a local framing store that I think works well with the painting. When I put the two pieces together the young sales assistant asked me:

“Did you paint this yourself”? “Nope,  a dear friend of mine did,  I said. “It is so cool!”, he exclaimed. It is more than cool. It is original and beautiful — and very affordable. A most perfect gift.

Hop over to Michele’s store here – and browse her other pretty art pieces.

“Gray Island” would fit right into any of the rooms in that beautiful Danish home. Perhaps above the linen chair to the right with the b/w cat on it. Look at that area again. It screams for just a bit of color and something that “embraces light” just like Michele’s paintings do.

In my next post we are going to talk about white paint colors. I so often get e-mails asking for paint recommendations. I am going to share some. And I hope that you want to share your favorite white shades with us. Yes, salute white!

Hugs to you all.

Images: Image no. 6 via Splendid Willow. All other images via Skona Hem.
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  • Mon, I keep staring at that first image as if I could magically transport myself onto one of those couches if I only look hard enough. Absolutely beautiful. Merci!

  • Delishhh says:

    Just love all the pictures here!!! I think it is in preparation for the darkness coming?!! Also Michele is so talented and the frame you got for the picture is just gorgeous! So true about silver candle sticks!! Especially with white looks stunning!!

  • Greet says:

    As Heather I am staring at those pictures!! Oh I am smitten!
    Timeless beauty that is for sure!
    I also posted about white a few days ago, because to Timothy Corrigan white is the new trend color for the next months! That is what he discovered at Maison & Objet in Paris!
    The painting you found at Michele’s shop is beautiful!

  • Karen T. says:

    This post is right on time1 I want to paint several of my rooms white very soon and don’t know where to begin choosing the right white paint color. I also crave light! Have to have it. Feel somewhat depressed without it.

  • Wow what an absolutely breathtaking home! This could make light convert out of anyone! I am in love too….funny about the cats being perfect, but you are right!

    To me white is always in fashion (just remind the young kids who run around wiht food and crayons this:)

    Michele is soooo talented……love her paintings.

  • I’m running with the crowd because I too love that first room. The dark has been on us for a week now because of fall and rain so like you I’m craving light in the worst way. Michele is a wonderful artist and lucky me I just received an original piece from Michele.


  • Absolutely gorgeous! Not only do I love the color palette, the designs of the upholstered furniture are perfection. I would spend all day on the sofa. Pretty styling in the two photos, and a beautiful painting as well.

  • yes. big yes. white and light is where I am right now, too, monika. (yikes. but also gray!) looking forward to your white picks…donna

  • Gorgeous photos!! What a lovely space and those cats – something very ‘Matrix’ about those two.. Thanks for sharing

  • designchic says:

    I’m such a fan of white and neutral decor – the first image is my heaven!! Happy Wednesday ~

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    Monika you make me homesick!! Yes as the mornings get darker getting up to take Luke to school the whites in the Scandinavian interiors get more appealing. Those cats? Are those for real? Is it copies of the same cat? They are identical!!! lol Will share this on FB.

  • I love traditional furnishings with modern artwork. Perfect.

    I also find I’m loving my interior lighter and lighter. I used to love dark walls and colorful artwork and I’m longing for a brighter and more subtle environment where I can turn off the world.

  • Oh, by the way. One of those cats HAS to be photoshopped onto the other chair. I’ve studied it for a long time and it’s EXACTLY the same in reverse, the tail, the position of the front feet, the markings on the chest. Definitely tried to fool us.

  • Monika,
    Love the image with the silver candlesticks on the fabulous tray with the mercury glass votives. Great images, how did they get the cats to pose like bookends?

  • KATHYSUE says:

    Such lovely images, and I love the way you framed Michele’s artwork. She is such a love and very talented lady with a heart of gold,
    xo Kathysue

  • SST says:

    Thank you , thank you…I think you did this post just for me.

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Ms. Stacey,

    I kind of did! (: Miss you!


  • I love the look of light too! Can’t wait to see your paint pics!

  • blushing blushing blushing. you are so kind to me, mon. i am in love with this post and your very generous commentary. the painting looks amazing in the white frame!

    so here’s the plan. probably upon my return from paris, my head swimming with european love, my heart drowning in wine, i soak up inspiration from the work in that first image (i love it!) and ‘get my white on’ so to speak via a big ol canvas. if we like it, the next time i find myself in seattle, we paint a giant one for your sweet self.

    i am exhausted from preparing the house for guests from montana and a late night band rehearsal (pure pleasure!!!!). thank you for this gift which is re-energizing me and filling me up.

    you are so special, my friend, and i’m so pleased you like the painting.


  • Ivy Lane says:

    Light and lovely!

  • Back to your roots! I love it, although maybe it would seem cold when the dark nights close in?

  • So beautiful…Love Micheles art work.

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