I Caved In To The Flag Trend

20% trends, 80% me — that is my personal home furnishings motto. But the flag trends that has been huge for the last few years – and is still going strong – never really manged to get my attention. Or so I thought, until I saw this…

Nope, not another Union Jack or Stripes and Stars galore but a simple Red Cross flag. I like the look and I like what the Red Cross represents – “Vote for Humanity”.

This is what we all should know about The Red Cross:

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is a private humanitarian institution founded in 1863 in Geneva, Switzerland. It has today approximately 97 million volunteers, members and staff worldwide responsible for protecting human life and health, ensuring respect for all human beings, and preventing and alleviating human suffering, without any discrimination.

And this is what we all should know about the flag:

The Red Cross emblem was officially approved in Geneva in 1863.

The Red Cross flag is often confused with the Flag of Switzerland which is the opposite of it (white cross on red). In 1906, to put an end to the argument of Turkey that the flag took its roots from Christianity, it was decided to promote officially the idea that the Red Cross flag had been formed by reversing the federal colours of Switzerland.


I won this vintage Red Cross flag on Ebay yesterday, for a song.

(The red background is just fabric to better show off the white).

Now I have to figure out where to place the flag and how to display it. Shall I stretch it on a canvas like below?

Or frame it?

Or let it hang “free”?

I am leaning towards letting the flag “float” in a large acrylic frame box (see below — via The Dallas Frame House). It will cost mega bucks (probably 10 time more than the flag!) but I like the flag to be both a symbol and an art piece. The graphic design of the cross is so iconic.

What would you do? Quite curious to hear.

Sorry to my blog friends for my total lack of presence in blog land lately. I have been insanely busy. But I plan to catch up – starting today.

Hugs to everyone!

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  • tinajo says:

    I´m sure you´ll find the right way to display it, will look great! :-)

  • Charlotta says:

    Hej raring!

    Nu börjar jag få mer balans här i hemmet efter Bellas bortgång. Astronomiska räkningar är betalda efter bråk med försäkrings bolaget, urnan är hemhämtad, barnen har slutat gråta varje kväll, jag kan sova skapligt och vi går nu vidare med Bella Busk i våra hjärtan. Vilken pärs.

    Byter till Engelska..

    Love the idea of a meaningful flag, but like you I am not huge on the ‘trend’ of a flag just for the sake of it.
    The Red Cross is worthwhile and filled with so much heritage and goodness. It looks awesome too.
    I must confess to a long lived weakness for red and white flags. The Canadian and Swiss flags top my list. The Danish, in all honour, not so much.. :) Love the Danes though.. ha ha.

    I would go for the floating option – i.e. have it mounted on a backround in a deep frame to allow those uneven edges to shine. I think a stretched flag will bleach and collect smells and dust over time. Not ideal.
    Can’t wait to see it hung.

    Big big sisterly hugs to you from me.

    xoxo C

  • sorry. I covet that, monika. you lucky gal.

    I like the stretched canvas look – it’s a little more casual.

    oh. I may dream of that flag tonight….donna

  • Franki Parde says:

    What IS IT about a flag…it just stirs my emotions! My hubby is a blood doner (21 gallons!) over the years to the Red Cross. Let it flow. franki

  • I love the red cross flag – I would splurge on the ”float” in an acrylic frame. I think the juxtoposition of the vintage flag and the modern box would be fantastic.
    All best,

  • I think the cross and especially a red cross has universal positive associations, how could you not fall for it.

    LOVE IT, Mon!


  • Gina says:

    Love the flag!! Hope you are well my friend. Coming out of hiding myself. Posting this week.
    xx Gina

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    Hej Monika, love how you just defined it 80% you and 20% trends. I always say follow you heart and not trends. But I think that’s a perfect way to put it for a home decor and clothing approach. Even when we “follow our heart” and our own creativity we have to allow ourselves to be influenced by trends. Because If we don’t stay open to new ideas how can we ever let our taste evolve and expand to be who we really are but don’t know yet? Hmm…I guess bottom line is to follow your gut as you allow trends to inspire you, and take from them what feels like you.

  • love the cross. i shall not tire of seeing it ever. trendy or “out,” it is beautiful.

    i sort of like the look of the flag on the wall without a frame, but i know it will elevate its importance with one.

    busy day…smiles to you!


  • Joe Clarke says:

    Mighty jealous over here…. I will be visiting the big E today…

    Happy rest of the week, Mon!


  • Anna says:


    Not to be picky but I think the first flag you show as a red cross flag is a St George’s cross, with other words the English flag! Remember that there is a BIG difference between the people from Nothern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. Just watch rugby with them… Here in our house we have a George cross and a Union Jack! Have a nice day!!

  • designchic says:

    Love your flag, Mon and we’re caving too. Think we are using one in Will’s bedroom at the beach – sometimes they are just the perfect piece!! Happy Thursday ~

  • Hi Monika,
    I would hang it and let it “float”. How fun. I really like the red cross flag, it’s so simple and geometric. Be sure to show us once you’ve hung it.

  • I would place your flag on canvas like in the first picture. Lucky gal to have won this it’s fabulous! I need something like that for above our mantel…time to go look!


  • Marianne says:

    Love that you won a flag on ebay! I vote for the acrylic box frame as well. Fabulous! Can’t wait to see it in person! xoxo

  • Gina Diamond says:

    All the flags are wonderful! Congrats to you for getting one. I am not sure what I would do if I had one, but my intuition tells me I would either choose the acrylic box or framed. Fun post!

  • Good for you! Knowing you and your savvy are going to rock that flag like its never been done before! I love hte idea of it floating in an acrylic box and hope you will share with us how you have chosen to display it, am sure its going to be fabulous, Mon. Have a great weekend…..

  • Sarah Malone says:

    Hi Mon,
    I love your flag and the inspirational photos. They all are so tastefully done. I personally like the stretched canvas look, but can also imagine the floated acrylic box would be fantastic in the right room. You have excellent taste and will do justice to that flag. P.S. I’m with you on the insanely busy and little time for blogging. Spent 10 days in France and so busy with work!
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend:)

  • Congratulations on your win! I can’t think of a better flag to feature if you’re going to feature a flag at all :-) I would be stretching it over canvas, maybe trimmimg with a border colour under the nail head…

  • classiq says:

    I would let it hang free, I wouldn’t like it to look too ‘styled’. Your idea is fabulous, Monika, your own Red Cross flag in your home, I love what it stands for. Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful weekend!

  • Stacey says:

    Besides the meaning behind the flag, I love the graphic and abstract elements of its design. I would probably frame it, nothing extravagant, simple so the attention stays on the flag. However, letting it hang free would be beautiful too. I guess it depends on the type of space it will be placed in. XX

  • This is so personal to me as I have been wondering about the same thing! I am going to be using an upholstered blue and white ticking bed…and I have a vintage American flag…that’s been in the family.
    The red cross is awesome and framing OFTEN costs so much more…but I like the idea of it.

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