Ivanka Trump And I Have One Thing In Common…

Ivanka’s bedroom, featured in Elle Decor.

A good quality and functional faux fur throw (with the good ones you can hardly tell the difference between real and faux!) on our beds. (Sad to say that our similarities stop there…!).

You can see a bit of a fur throw on my bed/ottoman and another on a bench in our study.

I dragged my first fur throw with me all the way from from Sweden. I don’t know where Ivanka buys hers (but I am certain they come with a hefty price tag!). I have invested in 3 more since. I buy them via ABC Collection in Stockholm. (Pick your pattern and lining and they will have one special made for you).

For our “new” master bedroom I think I would like to try something light in color, like a Lynx or Polar bear. I’m going more and more for that Swedish serene and mellow look & feel with white-gray hardwood floors and lots of white.

I have seen a lot of “not so handsome” faux furs in my days but these are like the real deal. Very, very nice. They are shiny & pretty, incredibly soft, warm, easy to clean and they last for years and years.

A person who should be purring right now, is Cheryl D. You just won our giveaway! (Random.Org randomly picked no. 11). A “For Those I Heart” Sterling Silver necklace by the talented, Swedish jewelry designer Astrid Bjork. Congratulations Cheryl! (You will also be notified via mail). A big Thank You to everyone entering!

Happy weekend friends!



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  • I love faux fur but have never been able to find a good one so thanks for the heads up! And if I get to have a hand in what it’s lined in even better! Thanks for sharing with us Mon and congratulations to Cheryl.


  • Greet says:

    This is wonderful! This throw not only Ivana and you have it in common!!!I have it in common with you both!! Hahaha unbelievable!!!
    Happy weekend my friend!

  • Sherry Hart says:

    Nothing worse than a bad fur throw:). Love the cream one……so rich looking and adds so much texture. Me likey.

  • You and Ivanka have another thing in common – great taste! I have yet to ever feel a fur throw but I can just imagine the sheer luxuriousness it must have, especially on a cold winter night curled up on the sofa!

    Darn, I meant to enter the giveaway and time got away on me! Congrats to the winner!

  • A custom made faux fur throw? Sounds like the perfect Christmas gift! :)

  • Franki Parde says:

    Pure glam and warm, too! Should have had my “kiddos” bring back one (or more) when they were at Stockhom, Skane, and Skagen Denmark recently!! franki

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Franki, did they enjoy my old home country? (Swedes love Americans so I am sure they were treated royally!). Happy weekend! Mon

  • my sis was just raving about ivanka yesterday! now you’ve got me all paranoid. i have two faux fur throws (leopard) in my lounge/studio that are probably not up to par!

    congrats to the winner!

    can’t wait to see what you do with your bedroom. mine is in need of some love so i’ll need your inspiration!

    love to you.


  • Gorgeous – you and Ivanka have terrific taste. I don’t have a fur through, but think a creamy white one would be lovely to snuggle under this winter! Thanks for the ABC Stockholm resource.

  • Monika,
    What a great lead, I wouldn’t have known where to find one of these beauties. I love the idea of a faux fur throw and it’s nice to know these are quality.
    Have a great weekend.

  • No kidding! That faux fur with the plaid lining is quite handsome. I think it made me purr for a minute!

  • Dawn says:

    Beautiful throws! I visited the site but do not see a way to order from ABC or retailers in the US. Advice? Thx!

    Splendid Willow Reply:


    I have ordered via them, because of contacts otherwise you have to go through any of the retailers they list. Let me know if you need any further help!

    Warmly, Mon

  • Congratulations to Cheryl! Great giveaway!
    I love the faux fur, and your throw is gorgeous.
    Headed over to look now :).
    Happy Friday, Monica.

  • Wow some beauties here but the most beautiful thing is the snapshots in your home. These can be so cozy and elegant but I agree quality is MOST important! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Mon.

  • You need to carry these in your shop – I’d be the first to order one, along with those pelts! 😉 I’ve been traveling so I missed your anniversary so belated happy 1 year! Wishing you many more successful years! xo

  • Hi Monika,
    Do you sell these throws? I checked the shop but did not see them.
    Many thanks!

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