I Go Nuts For

Lots of design things I have been going nutty over lately!

1. Tufted banquette

Most of you know that I am totally tufted (see one of my previous posts) and that I am always lusting for a casual (not contrived) bistro style dining area. I see this tufted sofa embracing the dining table and I just sigh. One day… And I want a pretty lantern too.

2. Tabletop Décor With An Impact

I will now be hunting for an old, gigantic wooden bowl – to place some (naturally shed) antlers in. Simple and pretty.

3. B/W shower curtain

Chic with wide black and white stripes. A bit dramatic.

4. Long vintage table turned desk

Brilliant! I want this as my work space! How pretty the wood is with white and black details. A desk like that can serve so many different purposes over time. (I also like that white upholstered stool underneath the table — to use as extra seating or to put feet or stuff on!).

5. White is always right

So fresh and pretty. A LOT more white is moving into my own home.

Just came across this “white” art piece by Canadian Eleanor Doran. Look closely. Being a city girl at heart (I should really be living in NY) I like tall buildings.

6. Design Chic

A must read blog driven by two wonderfully talented and stylish ladies, friends and design mavens! I have followed them from their very early blog days – their blog is filled to the brim with design inspiration. These gals always deliver.

It is an honor for me to be guest posting over at Design Chic, chatting about how to “Decorate Like A True Swede”. Please, hop over and say hello. And make sure to include their blog as a daily read!

Hop to my guest post — here. I hope you enjoy!

Warm hugs to you all.


Images: No. 1 via Splendid Willow, no. 2-5 via House & Home (scanned Sep. 2012), no. 6 + 7 scanned via Style At Home (100 Designer secrets) .
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  • Albertina says:

    I came over from design chic. I loved your post over there and here too. My blogging partner, Julie, is married to a Swede. Your blog is beautiful.

  • classiq says:

    That last photo is so beautifully styled! And I like that Eleanor Doran art piece. And yes, white is always right. Wishing you a wonderful day, Monika!

  • Delishhh says:

    Just wonderful things!!! I love the black and white shower curtain, I also love all the “white.” Hugs!!

  • I LOVE banquettes! The red table turned desk is fabulous, in fact everything here is, Monica!
    Happy Tuesday.

  • Yes to the tufted banquette and to the large table turned desk! I agree, I should live in NYC too :)

  • Love that long desk especially!!! I’m off to check out your guest post too. :)

  • Joe Clarke says:

    The tufted sofa, the wooden bowl with antlers, the school desk, all splendid! You have the best eye, Monika!


  • somewhere in the distance, carly simon is singing
    ‘you’re so vain, i bet you think this post is about you…’

    and i do. i do!

    tufted or not, i want that banquette in our kitchen. don’t you think? it’s MAGNETIC. and we could sit for hours there.

    and i need antlers for my bowl. and danish dining chairs!

    see you over at DC, mama.


  • Tracey says:

    I’m lovin the tufted thing going on ….. matter of fact I want a headboard for our bed thats tufted. I’m with ya having a big bowl too. I have a crazy amount of bowls, I think it’s an addiction. Although I don’t have a lovely wooden one ….. and the antlers are a nice touch. Stripes are always a favorite of mine too. Heading on over to the links ……

  • designchic says:

    Thank you so much for your fabulous post at Design Chic today!! We LOVE Swedish decor and our readers are completely smitten with you, sweet Mon. Hope you’re having a great week ~

  • I am loving absolutely every single thing that you are nutty for today! And I had just thought earlier “if I could start from scratch it would all be white” (well, off white because with a Golden Retriever all white isn’t happening!)…Thanks for all of the inspiration, Mon. :)

  • Such great ideas, love the table top decor. I’m headed over to visit at The Enchanted Home.

  • Charlotta says:

    Beautiful inspiration darling.
    Hugs from one tufted girl to another.

    xx C

    P.S. Loved the guest post. Totally Swedish all the way. I think Swedes also like quality lamps. There is something about light – in what ever shape and form it comes in.

  • I love everything Mon and even use an antique table as my desk. Anything tufted gets my vote and I’ve been looking for a chair for a few months now but I’ll find one. I just read your post over on Design Chic and love it!


  • Love all the stylish ideas, but especially the goregous tufted banquette….sooo pretty! And what an awesome idea for the table turned desk…great idea for me who always has tons on her desk and theres not a desk that doesn’t seem big enough…..loved your guest post too!

  • pretty pink tulips says:

    I keep trying to figure out how to squeeze a banquette into my home…as I love this look SO much! And, everything else you highlighted. Now, excited to hop over to see what you shared with Beth & Kristy!! :)

    xoxo Elizabeth

  • You did a great job on your post over at Design chic. Love banquettes! Wish I had a place for one. They are so charming…..

  • Such a great list! I’m now nuts about the bowl and that amazing desk, too. And, of course, always nuts for more and more white. Loved your Design Chic post and am so happy to have found you! Xo

  • I’m always nuts for white, more and more each day! never get tired! have a fabulous weekend, darling!

    caroline @ patagonia gifts love knot jewelry

  • Anci says:

    Dina inlägg är så braaaa !! Både i bild och text.

    Ha en skön helg !!


  • Robin Wade says:

    I like how you set up your furniture: a sofa around a dining table. This is really a unique idea. The study desk with a big bowl of antlers is also well-crafted.

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