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Today you will find me over at Tina’s wonderful blog, The Enchanted Home. That girl makes me so HAPPY! She shares tons of excellent design inspiration (yep she is the lady who lives in that fantastic mansion) and she is one of the most upbeat, generous and thoughtful people around. I am proud to call her a good friend.

My guest post is about things that make me Happy This Summer. (A lot!). There you will  learn about a new fancy creme I have invested in!

Hop over and say hello — here.

For those of you who follow Tina, you already know that she has a thriving on-line boutique packed with lovely things for the home and as gifts. Here are a few of her latest additions:

Adorable salt and pepper shakers!

Link to Tina’s lovely store — here. Be prepared to shop!

There are also a couple of brand new things in my store that I am super happy to share!

Firstly, a wrap cardigan from the wonderful Swedish brand Odd Molly. I have purchased two of these cardigans on visits to Sweden (Do you remember, Charlotta!) — and people always want to steal them off my back. They are that lovely.

And secondly – cool European Birthday shirts! For ages 1 to 5. You will only find them at our store in the US!

The other day my kids and I bumped into at Mom and her daughter at Costco. My son William and her adorable daughter Leah used to be in Pre-K together. We chatted a bit and after we had said our goodbyes my son stopped me and gesticulated wildly “why did you not tell her that I had turned five!?!!!”. Yep, the actual birthday year is important at that stage in life (me on the other hand have totally forgotten all about mine..!).

The tees come in many fun color combinations.

And here my own William gets to model.

If you know anybody who turns 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 (!) this year – please feel free to share this post with their family & friends!

Enter Splendid Avenue — here.

Now hop over and meet me over at Ms. Tina’s blog – here!

Happy, Happy to you all.

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  • Joe Clarke says:

    Two terrific bloggers and entrepreneurs! Perhaps you should do more work together. You seem to compliment each other.

    Those European tees are adorable (and so is William!).

    Welcome back Monika. I missed your posts when you were gone.


  • Delishhh says:

    Lovely post! And William is sooo handsome!

  • Hi Mon! Loved your article over at Tina’s today and those t-shirts are ADORABLE! I’m sad that mine are past that age range but I’ll keep them in mind for gifts. I would love to get together with you and Marianne…tomorrow night or Thurs would work great – perhaps somewhere that has a great beet salad? :)

  • Loi Thai says:

    A guest post….cool! Heading over now to check out…..

  • those shirts are the BEST. and little william…so adorable.

  • will call you back later today–was frolicking with very proper ladies at an equestrian property–TRUE.

    where to begin?

    LOVE the cardigan. would like to see a pic of you in yours. and those t-shirts paired with the tutus. kill me now. if my eggs weren’t so old…

    that handsome young william just lights up this post!

    talk soon.



  • Greet says:

    I was at Tina’s blog a few moments ago! Great great summerday! I would be happy to join you sweetie!
    Mon you see, blog is ok!

  • Greet says:

    I forgot to tell you how wonderful the new shop items are!! And William is a cute boy!! He looks wonderful in his shirt!!

  • Oh, welcome back, Mon!!! I’ve missed you! Breaks are good for the brain and the soul, so I’m thrilled you enjoyed yours!

    I am bowled over by those darling birthday shirts!!! How I wish they went a smidge higher as I have a little fellow just about to turn 8. But, I will gladly spread the word, as I know lots of darling moms with little ones. (What a handsome son you have!!!)

    And, you absolutely must take your children to see the Chihuly near you. Pictures don’t do his work justice!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    I love Odd Molly so exciting you are bringing it here. Vi har nu kommit till LA och jag har fullt upp att underhalla Luke, se vanner och jobba! Ringer imorgon. Kramar!!

  • Could William be any more handsome? I don’t think so! :)

    Hopping over to Tina’s now…

  • Sweet Monica-
    I am headed over to Tina’s when I leave here.
    Oh my gosh, your little boy is adorable, and the shirts are perfect. The jacket is so classic LOVE it!
    Happy Wednesday.

  • Gina says:

    Hi Mon-

    Love the new additions to your site! So thrilled for you. You have really taken it to the next level. I took the summer off and shut off the computer and blogging. A few more days then I will post again. Had a fabulous time in Africa! Really life changing.

    How was your summer, my friend?

    xx Gina

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Hi Mon! I have been through hell with my computer last 24 hours, OMG, I was going bonkers! Not a good week for a corrupted file but think I have it all worked out. Fingers crossed. First have to say Will is sooooooo cute, what a doll!!!! Watch our Ralph Lauren might want to snatch him up for their next ad campaign! The new products are beautiful.
    Second, many thanks for being my wonderful guest yesterday….everyone loves you and with good reason. I loved your post and must say your ideas have me dreaming of a perfect summer day in Sweden!
    PS You MUST share all about the new cream, once you have used it…would love to know if its something we should all have:)

  • Dear Monika,

    I’m happy you’re back in the blog land. Did you enjoy your free days? I’ve been quite busy, you know getting ready with our move, but happy and exited to experience what comes.

    I’m working on something very interesting, at least for me, something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ll be sharing the news soon. I’ll be emailing you soon.

    Best to you my friend


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