Lovely Swedish Home & Lovely NEW Brand In My Store

Did you read the latest issue of Rue? Lots of inspiration, folks! Some time ago Rue’s brilliant Editor In Chief, Crystal reached out looking for a cool home in Sweden to be featured in Rue Magazine. I immediately suggested the home of Ylva Skarp. You might recall that name from before. Yes, she is that ueber talented calligraphist who lives in an old converted school house! I adore her. (Read my previous post here).

Rue sent a wonderful camera team (Woodnote Photography) to the north of Sweden and I think the results are beautiful. (I also want to live in an old, red, Swedish school house!).

Splendid Willow Avenue is the only store in the US to carry Ylva Skarp’s beautiful products with her personal calligraphy writing.

I have just added a new brand to my store — Aspiga. Remember that brand. It just officially arrived it the US and I expect the brand to be as popular here as it already is in Europe. Aspgia is a UK based company selling quality sandals and beachwear — all with a clear and strong commitment to their partners in developing countries. Aspiga’s leather sandals have been featured in Vogue and Marie Clarie as well as many other leading fashion and lifestyle publications.

The founder and owner of Aspiga, Lucy MacNamara, started her business six years ago after spending some time in Kenya and falling in love with the people and their leather craftsmanship. Today she engages local suppliers in Kenya (where the majority of our products are made), who are (not large factories) giving much needed jobs to local men and women in their community.

Aspiga also donates a percentage of their profits to The Brydges centre, a children’s orphanage just outside Nairobi.

I am super happy to now be carrying sandals from Aspiga’s classic collection in my store. Well made and stylish leather sandals. They are all handmade and have a thin non-slip sole. I hope you like them as much as I do. 

For all models and colors go to Splendid Willow Avenue — here.

In a couple of weeks I will announce L.O.T.S of newness to my store.  You will be the first to hear more.

Happy & Long Summer Days!

Images: No. 1, 3-5 via Rue Magazine, no. 2 via Woodnote Photography, no. 6. via Ylva Skarp, no. 7-12 via Aspiga.


  • Charlotta says:

    Happy first to comment on this post today!

    Love everything here Mon!
    The house in the North is a true dream isn’t it! I love the way that she marries old Swedish tradition with modern and unique twists. Those suspended lamps in the living room have me drooling heavily over my keyboard. Do you know what brand they are? I badly want some!
    Will check out the feature in Lonny.

    The sandals are to die for. I strutted my pretty gold Ilse flip flops the other day (and felt very chic!). I now feel I need to stock up on some of these babies too! Love several of the designs!!

    Big hugs from a unexpectedly sunny Sweden
    xx C

  • Charlotta says:

    …OMG.. I wrote ‘Lonny’ when really I meant ‘Rue’..! Sorry..

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    You are on fire girlfriend! Everything works out the way it’s supposed to… I’m feeling the beginning of a big Swedish empire with unbeatable style and items! Love those sandals.

  • I need those starfish sandals!!!!! Too cute…….the home featured looks so pretty and serene and inviting and exudes that wonderful Swedish vibe beautifully! Hope your summer is off to blazing and fun start Mon!

  • Greet says:

    I love the Swedish house too! And the Aspiga sandals are gorgeous! Really! You will have tons of success with them!
    I am on my way to check out RUE!
    Hugs to you sweet friend!

  • Oh. My. Gosh! Sweet Monica, you are on a fabulous roll, friend!
    I love this house, and am so happy you were able to set this up. I see so many unique designs in this home.
    These sandals are gorgeous. I love every single one. You just can’t be stopped. You are a machine!
    Looking forward to more.
    Happy Thursday.

  • Linda in AZ * says:

    *** What a pleasant surprise to see my new “STARFISH” SANDALS here… I got them in the TURQUOISE, & they’re soooo perfect for our upcoming “SUMMER FISH FRY”!!! I love them!!! And, am soooo pleased a portion of the profits go to the orphanage!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  • I love the quality, simplicity and casual nature of the Swedish homes that I see…and this one is no exception! And those sandals…so adorable! I’m off to check out all of the choices in the store…

  • Love the caligraphy. How is it that Swedes got all the style?

    My fave sandles are the bottom ones with the blue. Makes me want to get a pedicure!

  • Sarah Malone says:

    Mon, love the sandals and will be ordering soon,they are darling!
    Also loved that post you did on Ylva Skarps home. I saved a photo of her smokey gray linen slip covered sofa so I could do something similar to a sofa of mine. Happy summer to you!

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Sarah, you need to pick up a loyal customer discount code first! (:

    Happy summer back to you!


  • This Swedish home is wonderful! I’m with you I could live in a school house or factory for that matter love seeing new uses for old buildings. Your shop just keeps getting better and better now to see if you have these beautiful sandals in my size!


  • ylva’s home is sooooooo lovely and cool. you would never know from the outside what lies within–what a sweet surprise.

    i am sure your sandals are going to take off! they have just the right proportion of femininity and edge like you.

    over 100 degrees today and still i will be out in it because i love this season so much. even my citrus tree is flourishing! remember the one that just barely hung on to life all year inside? i think there will be fruit, and i will be sooooooo thrilled. i have strawberries and blueberries this year too, and of course they are the best tasting ever.

    smiles to you.


  • Monika,
    The sandals look great, I love the starfish pair. I will head over to Rue to check out this issue.
    Have a great week leading up to Independence Day!

  • Linda says:

    Pretty sandals!!! Nice choice. I love to get inspired by your creative finds and lovely postings.

  • And just in time for Summer!
    I think I need a pair in turquoise and one in silver…
    Off to shop :)

    Happy weekend.


  • I’m so excited for you. Your store is already fabulous…and so unique…can’t wait to see what is in store…I’ve got to have a pair of those blue turquoise disc sandals…We’ve got to catch up. Mona

  • Sonia says:

    Dear Monika: The sandals are Gorgeous! I have to buy the Starfish and the one with a turquoise button.

    Love Sonia

  • Hi sweetie,

    Oh, I love the new sandals. I’m a sandal kind of girl.. love how cute and yet, elegant they are!

    I just wanted to wish you and the kids a very happy 4th of July. I ADORE you, Mon!

    Wishing you a really blessed week, sweetie!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  • I *love* the pretty pretty Aspiga sandals, Mon, and I love them even more knowing they are made in Kenya, that is where I spent the first two decades of my life!!

    Hugs hugs,
    Meera xx

  • Loi Thai says:

    That is so cool about Rue and your referral. You know how I love everything Swedish, Mon! And, congrats on all your vendor news. Wishing you continued success!!
    Have a Happy 4th!

  • Sherry Hart says:

    A beautiful Swedish home and gorgeous sandals…..the perfect combo:). I love both!

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